Disappearing Objects Phenomenon Explanation


The disappearing objects phenomenon (DOP) is a somewhat known type of event that has been having a significant number of reported cases.
I had no previous knowledge of these type of events, nor regarding the large quantity of people reporting things that mysteriously disappear.
Most times, people tend to forget about DOP events no matter how strange the situation was. They forget about them ever taking place, don’t give it much thought or discarding it as unimportant. It could also be happening because the DOP appears impossible to the person experiencing it. Also, the mind could be trying to justify itself to what it knows, since the mind consistently finds correlations as a means of making sense of the world. People find themselves dwelling over Newtonian (physical) DOP explanations such as being victims of robbery, memory failure or rather prefer not talking about it to avoid being seen as crazy or anything similar.

What happened to me

In my case, it happened when the kitchen knife disappeared while I was preparing lunch. I’ve searched everywhere, all the logical places. Trash cans, kitchen drawers, behind things, also unlike places like under furniture, outside the house and places no one would have remembered. The fact is, even though I thought of and search everywhere, the knife was nowhere to be found.
A few days after the event, I still couldn’t wrap my brain around the strange disappearing knife act. There seems to be no “logical” explanation as to what have had happened. At some point, I thought of search the Internet for any reasonable explanation for it, or to find similar phenomenon experiences.

I searched the Internet for answers and found many interesting things, but no DOP (Disappearing Object Phenomenon) explanation I could resonate.
No matter how accurate (or not) my conclusions and beliefs on the subject may be, I decided to put my thoughts out there to share, but mostly to get others to share their experiences for everyone’s knowledge’s sake and hoping for a glimpse of understanding of this phenomenon.

Six days ago I was preparing lunch, but I wasn’t prepared for what followed. I was using my favorite kitchen knife to cut food. At some point, I went to the fridge to get vegetables, and when I came back, the knife I was using just disappeared. The whole thing took about 30 seconds or less.

Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Why it’s Strange?

Yes, I know by now many of you might think that I or someone else, took the knife elsewhere and can’t remember. Maybe the dog buried it, it’s under the sink, inside the trash can or a group of ants took it away while singing “your knife is ours, now go blog about it.”

Let me tell you a bit about that. Currently, I’m in my holiday house which means I have very few things here, including other knives or similar objects. My furniture’s very minimal, by choice, so things aren’t cluttered with lots of unusual places to “accidentally lose” things.
I had no dog at the time, and no one was visiting me or anything out of the ordinary happened. What happened was going from preparing vegetables with a knife, getting something from the fridge and coming back to a disappeared knife. The whole thing took no more than 30 seconds.
There and then I started a mission to recover the knife but haven’t succeeded thus far. The knife had simply gone missing, with no Newtonian explanation whatsoever to be found.

More than six days went by (as I’m writing this), with no clues to the knife’s whereabouts or any possible reason to explain it.

It could be entirely unrelated, but it might be worth sharing another fact that might make people find other possible relations to help us all make some sense out of DOP.
Before the DOP happened, I was preparing lunch while having thoughts about the fact that we’re merely vessels for ideas. I thought that we’re merely dressing up ideas, but they already exist, and we already know them subconsciously. They just strike a chord (hence they get our “attention”), and we become entangled beyond a merely Newtonian way (more spiritual like). To me, ideas are, in essence, already existing in some energy form, waiting to become mass through us.
It might also explain, on some level, why do ideas come to mind, instead of coming from the mind. Many musicians report this kind of events, where they say great songs came to them out of nowhere. So we could just be borrowing ideas that already exist, and some factors might align us with them to help “transform” them.

But why am I telling you all this? I think the fact that this thought process was happening while the knife disappeared could have some relation, or maybe it doesn’t. But it could be a clue and some people can relate to it on some level to get us all more knowledge about the DOP.

DOP Theories

I don’t think to know what the DOP is, I understand that truth might always be a relative definition, but at least I would like to have a clearer understanding of it.

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event triggers some action that might make objects move or disappear from the physical world, even if only in our heads. Bermuda triangle rings a bell?

Many things got said about the DOP, and some talk about spirits, parallel universes, aliens, spiritual alignment and many other things. For me, they could all be true, but no one can say what it is for sure.
The latest quantum physics theories point out to parallel universes, maybe the DOP is some different universe interaction, making objects shift position or dimensions.

Also, science still needs a better understanding of the inner works of the mind. Its scientific common sense that we may have brain abilities beyond our current understanding. Especially when regarding quantum or other non-Newtonian paradigms. Maybe new spiritual abilities are being born to humankind, and the DOP is the result of that.

It might also be you saying something to yourself subconsciously that triggers these DOP events. The mind could be playing tricks on you. This kind of memory “glitches” got studied in court witness testaments where the mind might “see” what wasn’t there. Maybe these “glitches” might have caused you actually to displace the object, but since you’ve made up a version of reality in your mind, the “real” reality isn’t real to you anymore. It means that somehow you forgot a few steps of what happened, so the thing gone missing doesn’t make sense. Sure, it doesn’t make sense to your version of reality.
Can we fully trust our mind? Maybe subconsciously we’re making ourselves aware of something when experiencing DOP. Perhaps a needed shift in our life direction like new dreams or aspirations or something else that our subconscious mind knows about us or about something about to happen in the environment. Is the DOP a call to action somehow?

Maybe it’s some old family ancestors or spiritual entities trying to make a message across to you. The “truth” is, no one knows what DOP is, at least yet.

My Own Theory on DOP

So what are my conclusions on what the disappearing phenomenon?

First, let me say I have no physical proof, so it’s just my opinion based on my experience and other people’s thoughts, reactions and comments. I think the DOP could be an eye opener, something to widen our perception. In a way, it’s some “not seen” reality event which interacts with the physical world. I believe it might have to do with the yet uncharted mind abilities. We, or our subconscious we, might know more than we think we do consciously and have abilities beyond our understanding.

A few days after my DOP knife disappeared, something important happened to a close relative of mine, and that alone was special in its way. Maybe my subconscious was trying to “communicate” with me, or jolt my awareness into making me aware of something about it before it was too late. I can’t be sure, but the strange coincidences are there nonetheless. I felt strongly about the connection between DOP and something strong enough that our subconscious detects but our conscious doesn’t.

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event triggers some action that might make objects move or disappear in the physical world, or maybe in our heads alone. Bermuda triangle rings a bell? Maybe even the multiverse theory has something connection to DOP. Are material things materializing between universes?

What does it mean for someone who had contact with DOP?

We’re interacting with the universe on many levels, but we’re consciously filtering reality by our five senses alone. Nonetheless, our body, feelings and interactions with the nonphysical are happening still. Just because we can’t see electricity, doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent. The DOP could be a ripple effect giving us signs of something happening in the “background”. We should look it up more for knowledge’s sake.

So the DOP could be a sort of signal of what’s about to happen ahead in the future. It could be good or not so good because nothing has yet pointed towards one side alone. Good and bad are hard to define because they only exist in comparison, they are a relative concept. For example, cold and hot differ a lot when you live in Antarctica or in the Sahara desert. Besides that, bad things can turn out good things in the future too, so you got to keep things in perspective.

DOP could be a way for you to evaluate the “seen” and not “seen” realities and prepare for change or to notice something important in the future.

As a side note, always get suspicious if the thing disappearing is somewhat valuable. The nonphysical event shouldn’t have a monetary agenda. If what disappeared was expensive enough, take the extra time to rule out stealing from the DOP.

Tell us your experience. Did this happen to you? What was going on in your mind or life while the DOP happened? Did something important happen in the subsequent days? Maybe your input can get us all a bit closer to what the DOP is.

Tob Williams
I'm finding out the world as I move forward. It's amazing to understand what life really means.

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372 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    I have been experiencing a lot of odd and unexplainable things this year.More this year than all of the previous 30 years of my life combined. I thought i was going crazy for a little while but thank God for the internet. Now i see there are tons of people going through similar things. My journey started with me seeing a whole lot of undeniable synchronicities occurring in life.Like being completely zoned into work or writing music or whatever it was i was doing,and having the sudden urge to look at the time only to see 9:11,11:11,2:22,3:33,4:44 and ect, every single day for weeks. Or the be thinking that i needed help with something ,and 5 minutes later the person that could best help me knocks on the door unannounced .The odds of these things happening coincidentally for months are zero to zero.

    Recently i have also been having frequent Lucid Dreams.Before i started having them i had no idea what a Lucid Dream was. And before i did my research to figure out what was happening to me I had no idea what a Spiritual Awakening was either.Part of the Spiritual Awakening process involves an opening of your Third Eye,causing a lot of weird things to happen,like having things disappear on you.

    I had the urge to look this topic up today because the DOP thing just happened to me. About an hour ago i was standing outside staring at the sky, deep in thought as I usually do. I started thinking about how it hasn’t been this clear out in a while when i noticed a single bird just flying by itself. I’m not sure how big but it was pretty large, judging by how high up it was. And i thought Wow, what a beautiful sight. I watched it do circles for a little bit.Closed my eyed to say thank you God for this amazing scene,and that was it!Once i reopened them the bird was completely gone! Now mind you there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky,the bird had been doing circle literally less than 2 seconds ago for at least a minute or two straight,and it was flying at the height of about a hot air balloon or a blimp.All these things eliminates the chances of it hiding behind a cloud or landing in a tree. It was so weird i just had to share. All these weird things happening to people is just showing that the physical world we live in is nothing more than a Persistent Illusion like Eisenstein said . I hope this information helped or encouraged someone to explore deeper into these phenomenons.

    • Holly V says:

      I can relate to the numbers 4:44 pm, 12:34, 1:11 etc happens to both my husband and myself since his father died in 2004. Very strange occurences have happened around us, too much to write maybe later. :)My wedding ring disappeared just a few days ago, Christmas eve, took it off to shower and gone. Can’t explain it.

  2. Carol Anderson says:

    I have had two similar things happen but this has involved me twice ordering a pizza and leaving a slice left over in the box to have the next morning. The next day getting up and the slice of pizza disappeared. I cannot explain this as i live by myself no one has come to my home. I have left food over night loads of occasions, but it only seems to happen with a pizza.

  3. Candice Goddard says:

    I’m very grateful to have found this page as I’ve been having objects disappear (or move to impossible places) all of my life and no one seems to believe me or my sister who has also experienced this. There is no positive side to my experience because I know this has occurred and feel sick and frustrated by people insisting that there is somehow an error on my part because they simply refuse to accept that items (and people) can and do disappear completely.

    The incident which brought me to this page was the disappearance of the pen for my graphic tablet. Several years ago I brought myself a graphics tablet and one day the pen or it disappeared whilst I was in the middle of using it. I had put it down for a second and when I went to pick it back up it was gone. I didn’t move. If you an imagine sitting with your computer and perhaps taking your hand off the keyboard for a moment then finding the keyboard missing, that’s what happened. I convinced myself that the pen must have rolled onto the floor so I searched the entire room. It was no where to be found. Since that time the room has been completely cleared and the pen was never discovered. I brought myself a new graphics pen for the same board. Last week it disappeared in the same way when I put it down to search online for new nibs.

    I don’t know how to explain the conflict in my mind. I knew that my original pen had disappeared and I had purchased a new one but at the same time I didn’t want to believe that my original pen had actually disappeared without a trace in a room which has since been completely searched but today when I went on amazon to reorder the pen I was informed of the exact date when I had purchased the previous replacement.

    Other things that have disappeared include for example crochet needles (aka hooks) falling on the floor never to be seen again. They have not fallen into or under furniture, under carpets or through floorboards because I have gotten to the stage where I literally tear up the room whenever this sort of thing happens. These things are simply and completely gone in a split second.

    I have also found things moved from where I put them for example I’ve found my knitwork or other hobbicrafts which takes hours at a time to complete have been found deep in the bottom of garbage bags (with apparent evidence that they have been in there for some time) only minutes after I had them. My family members have found their missing belongings buried in the garden and weathered as if they were there for months or years in apparently undisturbed ground.

    I think the only explanation which is reasonable is some sort of distortion of time and space. Somehow the objects are moving to a future time or dimension. I don’t know how it’s possible but what I know should not be possible is something disappearing from right under a person’s nose. If blacking out is discounted (which it must be since it’s unreasonable to suggest that blackouts only occur when there is the inconvenience of having no witness to prove it) then it can’t be the person who owns the disappearing object that is the cause, it must be the object itself.

    • Gail Lane says:

      In the last three years, a brazeire dissapeared, three prescription antibiotics, last Saturday 3 bottles of salad dressing. It boggles my mind.

    • Glenn says:

      I’m currently missing 2 Wacom pens. Those things are not cheap. I would love for everyone commenting to share their location. I have only had DOP in the last few years living in Santa Clarita, CA 91351. Maybe we can start a map to see if it’s completely random or if there is a pattern. This has happened to several people in my family that live nearby but hasn’t happened to any of us until moving to this area. My aunt who lives across country came for a visit and it actually happened to her while she was here. Let’s make a map and see if there are any hot spots.

      • Mae says:

        Did you get an update? Try creating a FaceBook group

      • That’s a really good idea – kind of a scientific method of sorts – particularly as though I’m a notorious skeptic, I too have had things disappear & reappear without an ounce of logic or sense – much later were they reappeared – in a closet under a pile of old college texts, jammed in a closet door preventing it from closing (despite having toddlers for whom I was hyper-vigilant about keeping dangerous areas off limits).
        I looked this up again as it’s currently happening to my incredibly EVEN MORE skeptical ex-fiance (he’s also my bandmate & FOREVER best friend on Earth).

        I’ve been visiting the past week/two.
        Well, D’s wallet *vanished* 3 days ago from the bedside table he ALWAYS placed it upon – 3 hrs later it turned up in a somewhat difficult to maneuver broken drawer in the otherwise unbroken bureau ¡ACROSS his room!, & 100% beneath his stored winter undergarments (it’s July 9th – we’re in S.Ontario, Canada, BTW – hence no need for those).

        I wasn’t truly amazed as it’s happened 10-13x times to me
        (I’ve kept a diary since I discovered they existed when I was 10 & recorded the events very well & immediately after – without flourishments).

        He WAS AMAZED, slightly nauseous :/ & Verrry BAFFLED, but quickly pushed it from his mind as It WAS found (Relief!!), & its occurrence shook up his once 100% logical world.

        I began writing the his comment as it happened again.
        He was tearing up his bedroom & muttering that this simply CAN’T Occur. He was a wreck. :'(

        I calmly explained that whilst 100% irrational insofar as physics as we know them in 2017, it nonetheless DID happen.
        I felt it Best – mentally – to accept it (for now, anyhow) & then (my BRAINSTORM!) Ww might try to counter the perception of this anomaly of irrationality with another bit of irrationality…

        Perhaps I/We verbally “address” the (Sentient?) *Cause* of the disappearance(s) & request they kindly, “… return the wallet to either the bedside table or ‘*their* drawer’ – cos we require wallets & money to survive in our culture & reality. If you’ve a need to relocate the inanimate however, you’re free to have at expired aluminium foil fridge mysteries (lol)”.
        D heard me recite that aloud (* he rolled his eyes).
        I began writing this 20min.ago.
        And (¡¡Live Action Here!!) –
        D opened the drawer – no wallet…
        I asked that he try the ones next to it (more stored winter wear) – & there it is – beneath all (far left corner like several days ago in the broken drawer).
        I requested that he oblige the irrational a bit longer so to thank whomever replaced it (??? Yes I know it’s crazy-sounding).
        But we both did – such is his relief.

        My tale.
        My locale.
        My quasi solution.

        Sorry – I’m verbose!!

        Ta!! Elektric Skeptic (aka A).

  4. waylen says:

    So I was looking for duct tape in my room, I striped the entire room and did a zig zag to made sure I did not miss any spots (10m x 5m room) I have a shower and when I come out, sure enough the duct take is right in front of me, on the floor

    • Glenn says:

      I’ve had the exact same thing happen. Big roll of packing tape I was using in a very small room. Turned around to grab another piece and it was gone. I scoured the room which was not difficult since it is very small and has 1 bed and 1 small dresser. Nope not to be found. I started searching the rest of the house. Didn’t find it. About an hour later I went back into the room and like some sort of twisted joke it was right in the middle of the floor!

      • Glenn Paris says:

        Same thing exactly happened to me but with my wallet

        Disappearing and Reappearing …

        • Glenn says:

          After a long break of no activity it happened again last night with my favorite Nike hat. I left it on the couch. I got up to take a drive and wanted to wear it. Wasn’t anywhere on the couch. I removed a few pillows and a blanket and still the hat was not to be seen. I gave up looking and let the house. When I came back I picked up one pillow in the center of the couch and the hat was underneath lol again like some kind of interdimensional joke. this has only happened in the last 5 years of my life and around the time I moved into the current house. Maybe it’s geographic? We should all contribute to a map.

        • fred says:

          Okay, my story started out like Tim’s (remarkable changes since the past 7 months) but This (@ Glenn Paris) is my exact ‘issue’–my wallet has disappeared and reappeared, two distinct and unexplainable times, two weeks ago and again yesterday. These are good stories, though I don’t have time to relate them fully now. Suffice it to say that I had the distinct sense of having it (once at a restaurant, where neither I nor my wife ever left the table; it was later ‘found,’ unmolested, in an area of the floor where I’d never been [yes, I know, most folks would see a Newtonian explanation–and I admit that if someone else told me before, I’d have thought the same thing–but the sensation of it disappearing was extraordinary and feels like the only genuine explanation; the second was in some ways stranger: waiting inside a car dealership with my wife, I suddenly sensed my wallet not on me, and felt the empty pockets of my pants and light jacket. I Had been approached by a homeless man on the drive over, and had reached in for a bill to hand him, and set the wallet on the floor of the car. So, no problem, right? I figure it’s in the car. I open the car door, and there’s nothing. I look around briefly (under the seat, behind, etc.) but it’s totally clean. I have the distinct sensation of putting both hands in two sets of empty pockets, again, before approaching the car. I close the car, go back inside and start to say to my wife, “Okay, help me with this one…” and I look down, and my wallet is In my left hand. [I know, by now, I would think that “I” were crazy/really absentminded, if I’d read this… Anyway, in case it’s helpful to others, I believe this is related to ‘leveling up’ in the spiritual dimension. I only recently became acquainted with the work of David Hawkins (I encourage you to check him out on YouTube) and this article is a pretty good intro: http://www.lilianllanos.com/emotions-in-the-hawkins-scale/ I’ve been able to use applied kinesiology for many years, and only just learned how to use it to ‘test’/calibrate vibrations on the Hawkins scale. My bigger external symptom has been crazy-long nosebleeds–this (DOP) stuff is just a side thing–though it is all rather fascinating. And as Tob wrote, there’s a kind of ‘be careful who you share this with’ feeling… [and Glenn — I don’t think geography has anything to do with it! 🙂 ]

    • Sherry says:

      His has been happening to us a lot!

  5. waylen says:

    Also I was going to sleep with my phone beside me and I wake up and my iPhone 4s was gone! Asked my entire family but they had no idea. Now the weird part is when I try find iPhone (app) its says my device is offline even though it was charging. Also my iPhone was charging when this happened and the charger was in the EXACT same spot

    • Sk says:

      This exact same thing happened to me the other night…hence I am on this site…I cannot believe this. THE EXACT same thing, same phone Iphone 4 s. I had it when I went to sleep and when I woke up…gone. I have been tearing apart my room to no avail. Did you have any luck??

  6. Charlie VanAtter says:

    So I was arguing with my dad while holding my new game that I had just opened, and I dropped it on the floor, but when I went to pick it up, it wasn’t therected anymore. I searched every space in the house multiple times, With no luck.

  7. Sm says:

    My spoons for my espresso, TSP and coffee scooper mysteriously disappeared and there was no one else around. I searched everywhere and was not able to find anything, including the garbage. Does anybody know what the significance of a spoon gone missing VA. I would love to know I am perplexed.

    • SW says:

      I am also looking for lost spoons. I was given a set of flatware with 8 complete place settings by my mother. She bought them when I was little and put them away for me until I had my first apartment. I have been using the set almost 20 years. I have been living in my current apartment almost four years. A couple years ago my brother crashed on my couch for a month until he could move into his new place. I felt compelled to count the forks/knives/spoons as I unloaded the dishwasher and put them in the drawer. I only counted 7 spoons. I checked the trash, bowls of leftovers in the fridge, etc. I asked my brother to be on the lookout. I suspected he may have accidentally thrown one away with a to-go box. Or maybe I did, but I am pretty meticulous and rarely lose anything. I did an eBay search and found a replacement spoon in my pattern, ordered it, and felt at ease when I had 8 spoons again. Today I unloaded the dishwasher and counted my flatware as I put it away. I counted only 7 spoons?!?! I did an online search and cannot find a replacement out there. I am really upset about this. I feel I have lost my mind. It has me thinking… My grandmother lost her “favorite fork” in her last year. She liked it because it was smaller and easier to eat with. It strangely went missing. Her sitters and my mother turned the house upside down looking for it. It never turned up. Is there a correlation? Is it my grandfather?

  8. Sameem says:

    Argh! I’m so frustrated! I bought the all new Playstation Virtual Reality, Games, And the motion controllers, i come home, reading the guide, putting things together, and when i have it working, i go and try to get the motion controllers, they were absolutely gone! The scariest part is that when i did this, i looked at the receipt, and it wasn’t there! I asked everyone that was there, none recalled me bringing the Controllers! I could have sworn that i bought it and had it!

  9. Lena says:

    Does anyone experince this often: I look for an item on its place where it should be, but its not there..So I search everywhere but nowhere to find…I look several times at the place where its suppose to be – to be sure i didnt over look. Then i give up and doing something else. And then the item suddeny is back on its right place. I cant help wonder about it. because on time something was lost and came back in a way that REALLY had no explanations..and now this is happening to me over and over again-
    I thougt maybe my brain its joking with me, but today it happened again so I googled and found Im not alone. I´m stil not sure if its me that suddenly have a hard time to see…like my mind is blocking the item out Im searching for or if its really disappeared for I while?

  10. Paulette says:

    I am glad I found this site. We have a history of things disappearing just before we go away on holiday, particularly money exchanged or toiletries bought. Got so paranoid leave passports at parents house now. Then go t engaged and small stone out of cluster fell out. Got money back and replaced it with similar ring but diffreeent manufacturer and two months later stone fell out again. Bought one with solid single diamond and suddenly noticed not on finger three weeks later. So upset never found it. My fiancé bought a cheaper one to replace it a year later as probably thought me being clumsy. An hour befor left my fiancé pre wedding day checked clothes and jewellery for wedding and sat on top of earrings the ring!! Spooky it turned up then!! Married four weeks and wear pandora charm bracelet. It must have fallen off as by my feet whilst watching TV picked it up and charm fiancé bought to go on it for wedding day gone but all others there!, spooked does the ghost in this house not like this man that has moved in and married me!? Thought reconciled when returned ring xx

  11. Cdc says:

    I lost something a long time ago and it was really expensive including what was in it and shortly after my grandpa died and after that a flood and I lost my house and I never found it it was not in my room beside my bed where I left it.

  12. Cdc says:

    I only left for a minute.

  13. Cdc says:

    And that was before all the things events.

  14. Kate says:

    This is really interesting. I decided recently to do a ritual for Imbolc (a Wiccan/pagan holiday) I was gathering all my supplies together and I decided to use one of my Goddess oracle cards that had Brigid on it as a tribute to her in the spell. (She’s typically worshipped on Imbolc) So I gathered up all my supplies to being into the next room and I remember specifically seeing the card in my spell supply box when I brought it to the other room. Next, I leave that room to bring in other supplies I couldn’t carry at once. After I started setting my alter up I realized the card was gone. I searched everywhere for it. I swear I turned my back on it for a few seconds and it disappeared. I swear I remember seeing it in the box. I was home alone. I have three cats but I made sure that they could not get into the room and screw things up. I am freaking out about it in a good way. I know if I just dropped it somewhere I’d have found it by now. Either there was some hiding place I missed or something seriously weird happened to me.

  15. Miranda says:

    This is happening to me. Something is coming.

    • Sherry says:

      Lena this is happening constantly to us now!!! Yesterday we drove right past a driveway three times I was looking for because he big stone that says the name of he Farm WAS
      NOT THERE. All four of
      Us in the car witnessed it!! Then the last drive by there it was!!! We are so used to it we couldn’t even react. The WILD part is when I went past the Farm because the stone wasn’t there, I found three homes on the road I had dreamt of in the past. Never been down into this place before! 22 years ago I ended up moving to a different state because I dreamt of a place I had never been and then a year and a half
      Later I found he EXACT same place and the person in the Dream. I believe we are all going thru a MASSIVE shift spiritually and this is another way to sensitize people. Thanks for sharing!! We do wonder sometimes if we are crazy!

    • Sherry says:

      Miranda you are right!!! We had a WILD thing just happen yesterday that four of us witnessed. A big stone with a Farm name written on it not there three times we pass looking for it then it was there! While looking I found three houses I had Dreamt of
      before. Means I have things to do up here!

  16. Mike says:

    Looked this up today, with the understanding I would find a lot referencing ghosts and other extreme or cliché paranormal phenomenon. However, the telling of change theory or, albeit, all hinting toward a universal phenomenon are rather interesting.

    Someone did, said with as much respect as possible for not knowing a person, die in my current place of residence around 5 years ago. Before I or the previous tenant had moved in. Other than the feeling everyone gets when they’re alone sometimes, I’ve never felt threatened or under attack from anything guest starring on the likes of Ghost Hunters. From what I know, he was a nice old man that passed in his sleep from old age. So my DOP incident, I feel, isn’t paranormal

    I’ve had a very tuned and charged intuition. Usually guessing right the first time, or honestly thinking things that could be wrapped as premonitions.
    There was this one time I had a dream before moving into a new house as a teenager. Weird dream. A man akin the one from I Know What You Did Last Summer or even Carmen San Diego dressing in black was at this house. Through this dream, and him as a manifestation of insidious energy, I unwillingly witnessed the downfall of my family. Hate breeding; back stabbing. With this man present the entire time, but laughing invisibly, I watched my family literally kill each other. As they were slain I close my eyes only to open them to find the walls, once beige, are all dark red.
    *Sidenote* * Wasn’t a great experience* *10/10 Would Not Recommend*

    Thought that was weird? Well, when we finally moved in, I had to stop moving to take a deep breath. I’d never seen this house before, except for room for room vividly in my dream, and it indeed was the same house.
    Always felt uneasy and irritated there. Felt darkness. Delved in depression. More vividly caustic and haunting nightmares. *Pinky Promise* Sworn I’d seen an apparition. Our extended family began to die noticeably quicker in succession. Bankruptcy. Parent’s divorced. Yadda Yadda Yadda. It wasn’t no Nightmare on Elm Street, but you get the picture.

    I see this number everyday on something and it always catches me as an uncanny forced coincidence. Always developed a way to easily patterns.

    Anyway, all of this paramount information has a pinnacle.

    My lucid dreams are becoming unnervingly realistic and encompassing.

    And I am missing 2 glasses. Both of which I remember the last time of use and neither found.
    I searched behind night stands, looked at the bottom of the dishwasher to see if it had broken and just gone unnoticed, etc. Nothing.

    In fact the more and more I think about, the more perplexing this all seems.

    To reference the comment of “the bird” in the sky that seemed to have vanished…

    Lately, yes, far more many moments have caught my intrigue.

    Whether it’s why I always look right when the school bus, for the nearby high school close to me, drives by, or staring at a light in a sky having a seemingly private encounter.

    All accounts I recall have a very “ethereal” momentum and feel to them.
    And the reason it’s fascinating you bring up Non-Newtonian science is because, it all kind of can be compared to that of the movie Donnie Darko.

    I mean just this year scientists were finally able to somewhat render an idea of dark matter, read articles on a growing popular belief of a holographic reality.

    Strange; interesting, but strange.

    *I apologize for the lengthy comment*

  17. Gamal Johnny says:

    Let me share you with this but excuse my English, it was from many years ago, I had not any knowledge of the DOP. I was holding a book in my hand , it was not a big one. I threw it onto a near desk with some shelves. unfortunately it seems I threw it by more force than it needed. I watched it falling down behind the desk. I saw it falling down and got sorry I thought it was being torn down.
    But I noticed something , the book was vanishing , I am speak literally , it seems as if it was tearing apart to small pieces and these pieces gradually vanishing one by one but fast.
    I saw that but I still thought I would go and lift it from the ground, I did not thought it vanish, I thought I might did not see it well.
    When I searched for it under the desk, it was not there, I tried to find it in the whole room but I did not find it and then after about a week or a month I do not remember now I found it in another place which is my home library.
    After many years I thought I could find something similar on the web and I found that the phenomenon is known for many people. Hope that was helpful.

    • Sherry says:

      Yes! It makes me think of Star Trek where they are able to transport even people thru space by destructing and the constructing! It sounds like you were actually watching that happen!!

  18. Debbie says:

    So i’m not going going crazy after all? For months I have the strong urge to look at a digital clock and it always shows double numbers like…12:12 14:14 16:16 23:23 I have got used to this but what I cannot used to is my missing possessions! Scarves, jewellery, shoes. I have found some of my things in silly places that I just would not put there! Just 48hours ago 2 silver rings gone missing! I am in tears while typing this as the rings do not belong to me. I have been entrusted to look after these rings and they went missing within a few hours of them being handed over to me! I am completely distraught and do not know how to explain to the owner of the rings. I’ve had my own jewellery go missing within days of each other and some have reappeared while others gone forever! Many years ago I actually was a shop thief and wonder if I am being punished by some power beyond us? Why is this happening to me, I haven’t stolen in years because I decided to change my ways! Is it letting me know how it feels to have things taken? I am in a real mess over this, I truly am!!

    • Sherry says:

      Debbie!!! Ask that the rings be put back. If that doesn’t work, COMMAND COMMAND COMMAND that they be put back!!
      I have witnessed many miracles

      • Trish says:

        This works for me! I was missing my house key an extra one that I had made I 1st grumbled at myself saying I always loose things then I said no give it back! As I was bent over digging in my purse in my bedroom the key fell on the floor two feet from me. As it fell from the ceiling . I was alone . Spooky, then tonight my iPad was missing I commanded that it be given back ,,,, at 2am I go to let the dogs out and luckily had my phone light on the iPad was on the stairs, case open glass up with the power off, I said thank you lol, checked it no one had used it ,,,,, few more things missing I’m going to command they come back too!

  19. Hunter says:

    someone stole my pants. two of my pants went missing. Please be on the look out they are all black jeans.

  20. Phil says:

    It’s happened to me too, a lot of times. I don’t believe in anything yet, but so far I always had a suspicion someone I can’t see is messing with me.

    I always “lose” a lot of things. I wish I could say I misplaced them, but I don’t think losing your favorite pillow in your car is me deliberately getting it lost; numerous ballpens (that I really love) do the DOP thing. It gets quite annoying sometimes.

    However, today something different happened. Literally, as I was removing things from the coffee table, I put my book, paper and pen on the floor. I fixed my things and see- no ballpen. It was weird, so I stood up and moved the things that could’ve been blocking my view of the ballpen. Maybe the little chair? Maybe the little towel. Nothing. I tried searching with a flashlight, orderly searching for my pen. I stood up and asked the people around me if they saw my ballpen. My sister said “You haven’t moved there, why not search there?”

    But nothing. I’m sure it was a DOP.

    So I go around, go to places that might have it…but I know myself I didn’t move from my place that time, not at all. So I ask my mom, who was sleeping. She just looked at me and said “you lost your pen again?”

    I laughed, shining my flashlight on the floor. “It’s so annoying, it disappeared in front of-” and then my flashlight SUDDENLY reflects on a ballpen. My ballpen. I couldn’t understand how.

  21. janyamz says:

    I just came here because my friend’s mechanical pencil fell under the bed and I can’t find it lol

  22. John says:

    So, what is the solution to all these mysterious disappearance of personal belonging???

    • Sherry says:

      COMMAND COMMAND COMMAND that they be returned!! I am serious. Too much to go into here but I have lots of experience with this and have learned some things for sure!!!

  23. Sherry says:

    Yesterday we came to visit my Daughter on the Farm she lives at. There is a big stone sign out front. We drove by the drive THREE TIMES looking for the stone and it was not there! Because I kept driving I found three houses I have Dreamt of before! When we can back the last time down the road, there was the big stone sign!!!! We all couldn’t believe it! I know I am supposed to be here and Great Things are going to happen.
    And we should ALL be ready for the Press that is coming. A Spiritual Press. Changing Kingdoms. I think the disappearing object thing may have something to do with us being able to move in and out of dimensions (Heaven) for those who are legally allowed! Wooo Hoooo!!

  24. Mels says:

    So my roommates and i have ‘lost’ several things over the last months. We were always joking around, because we do not believe in stuff that isn’t scientifically proven. So we thought the only logical solution was for one of us to sleep walk. The things that disappeared are: the measuring cup of our egg cooker, a really expensive make up brush the souvenir chocolates that i bought in London for my brothers birthday gift (and that being gone really bugged me) and Monday morning our shoehorn was gone.

    We haven’t had chance to prove the sleep-walking-theory. But i asked my roommate to look for the stuff in every hidden corner of our flat and she couldn’t find anything. Also there was nothing in the trash cans. I usually wake up when somebody comes into the flat, so she couldn’t have left and threw it away outside. Throwing the stuff out of the window is also not possible.

    Problem is we already asked our ‘ghost-or-whatever’ to give the stuff back but it didn’t happen.
    Also I start getting annoyed, because i need daily things like a IKEA shoehorn to put on my shoes.

    Btw I often look at my watch when it’s 22.22 or 1.11 but I think this has nothing to do with anykind of paranormal phenomenon….I just happen to look at my watch often when I should go to bed.

    It’s interesting though that a lot of this stuff is happening recently so i decided to post here.


  25. Maazen says:

    Hi all, i came across this story because im passing through an unusual dop experience for three days which is affecting the temper of my wife against me in a sense that i believe the dop r happening maybe for that reason, to make her upset with me or maybe relating to our move into a new house. In the last 4 days i lost the remote of the new house garage gate, aftwr alot of search in the car house etc. My wife searched again and found it in the car. The next day yesterday, it vaniched again with no trace this time, which made my wife very upset because she blames me and since we’re recovering from past problems. Listen to this Tob, today i lost a chain full of keys which is very hard to lose. To me, they just dissappeared because i know that i put them next to me on the car seat or in my jackets’ big safe pockets. Anyway i searched everywhere with no trace. The keys incident was almost unbelievable after yesterday’s remote loss for the second day in a row not to be found again. There is a clear chain of insisting coincidences that have caused clear damage to our relationship. Now im working on maintaining a peaceful attitude whatever happens. I was always alone when the stuff disappeared. I am the type that doesn’t lose stuff easily and v careful. It is nice to hear about your experiences to relate to. I spoke with my overseas brother and his good advice is to take it lightly and not give it thought bcz at the end i will not b able to know what why how.. and keep it simple with my wife without discussing it too much with her or react to her neg attitude.. stay calm and sweet and sorry, and go like i don’t know what happened and where i lost them, i will go see the doctor for any signs of dementia, because ladies it makes them happy when we go see have a checkup at the doctor. Thank u for any feedback or support.. enjoy and peace

  26. Plocs says:

    I just removed my memory card from my computer and left in front of me on my bed, it was for like 5 min, I thought it would be ok and even thought that could vanish in a funny way, ok, I went to the wardrobe to take something and when I went back thr card was gone, I couldn’t find after 30 min, I’m thinking if My idea of this card “could vanish” was really applied in reality

  27. john says:

    So i spent all day today making a ring, I made it out brass buffed and painted a black line on the center all around the exterior and afterwards carved the words “Fortes fortuna adiuvat” on the outside which is latin meaning: Fortune favors the bold. I also carved “in omnia paratus” on the inside which means: ready for anything. All proud of it i went and showed it to my sister in the next room, the moment she gave it back, i put it on my finger and walked towards my room not 3 seconds later i feel that i don”t feel the ring on my finger anymore so i look at my hand to realize the damn thing is not there anymore (it wasn’t loose enough to slip off my finger but for the sake of not making anything up lets suppose it was). I did not hear any sound of it falling on the hardwood floor or rolling somewhere. I have literally looked EVERYWHERE, all the rooms nearby, looked under all the furniture, moved virtually all objects in the two rooms and the other one next to our two rooms. My sister is also witness of me wearing it, the whole thing took 5 seconds to happen and has left me speechless. I don’t believe in ghosts or any religion or superstition or any paranormal phenomenon to justify my laziness not to search enough. But this inexplicable, so it has my mind thinking if some of the things i don’t believe might be real and its kinda scary. The latin words? Quantum entaglement? paralel dimensions?

  28. Marie says:

    I recently had a DOP and have been having them for quite a while before even knowing that they were actually happening. This article has really opened my eyes and help me understand what’s going on.
    The most recent one being, I live abroad and I went on holiday back home recently and bought a few things, including 2 eyelash mascaras. I clearly remember wrapping them both very carefully and putting them in my suitcase. Upon coming back home abroad everything I put in the suitcase was there except for 1 of the 2 mascaras. I searched everywhere in the bag, all of my other bags, everywhere in my apartment, called my mom to ask if she could find it in her home and she couldn’t find anything. No trace of the thing. And I am quite sure no one would steal just 1 of the 2 cheap mascaras from my suitcase at any airport and miss all of the other valuable goods I had in my bag.
    Months before this, a blouse and skirt I wore for work went missing in my apartment and I’ve never seen them again. They were on top of a chest of drawers in my spare room and one day, gone. I looked everywhere I could. Then one of my t-shirts disappeared in the same manner. I find it odd that it’s always only my stuff that goes missing and none of my partner’s who lives with me. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something?
    In another occasion, maybe not DOP but the rather a ‘misplacement’ of an item, I had a bag of clothes filled and closed ready to take to charity that day. Before getting ready to leave I started looking for my iPhone and I couldn’t find. I looked absolutely everywhere, no sign! At this point I was getting very irritated with my poor boyfriend who I thought had misplaced the damn phone because I couldn’t recall using it all day. After getting all flustered trying to find the phone, my boyfriend calls my number and we found it ringing in the bag full of charity clothes! I still cannot explain or understand how in the world the phone got into that bag! Neither of us had even touched it at all, but somehow it managed to get in a bag that was in a corner of my apartment, all tied up.
    All of the stories shared here are so interesting, and maybe a sign that the DOP really is a constant thing going on right now in the world and we should definitely believe it to be true? Quite shocking!

  29. June June says:

    This is the time where i actually said ive had enough. I cant believe it. In my other houses ive lived in ive lost my ear gauges while sleeping. Waking up to only one gauge. My gauges were 3/4 of an inch so pretty noticeable. Striped bed and room never found. Moved from house. Room completely empty and still nothing. Current house i live in i lost another gauge. Didnt think anything of it until one day i went to take a shower and saw it there in the tub. I take showers day and night and i live alone so i dont know how. But to make things more unusual heres what ticked me off. Im on hormones transitioning MTF and a couple days ago i dropped a small blue pill on my carpet. Broad daylight with a flashlight. Couldnt find a thing. Moved my bed everything. Even thought of it rolling else where so i checked everywhere. Didnt let it get to me so i bought 1 more pill. Now earlier today. Leaving my house a bit early so i take my pills to go. As im pouring one into my hand i feel it rolling off my hand but didnt see anything on the floor. I dont have much in my room so it should of been easy to find. This pill was bigger and bright yellow. Running late i left home and came back a couple hours later. Recounted my pills to make sure i wasnt losing my head. 1 less pill. So i do the same thing i did the other day. Strip my whole room for one pill. Seems crazy but i have carpet. Bark blue carpet. It should be easy to find. No where in sight. Spent hours on the floor thinking like a pill. Im certain that there is no black hole on my floor but it seems like its something of that nature. I do see things. Dark figures. Blue thunder like slashes, and dream vividly every night. Why. Why. Why?

    • Jen says:

      Because, while being transvestite is no problem for God and the Heavenly bodies, changing gender is. Gays are not a problem for God, but your body is created the way it is, for a reason! Even if you’re not happy about it, you should think long and hard before you go trying to change who you are! There is no problem at all, with you living as a woman, but BECOMING one, is a problem! You have been programmed to think that there is something wrong with you! There is nothing wrong with you, but there is something wrong with any mind that believes it’s OK to change gender! Try dowsing to get answers. I believe one of your deceased loved ones is hiding them, so you won’t take them.

  30. Lori says:

    I just feel like I need to share because my husband thinks I’m crazy or losing my memory, and I’m not – I am, however, becoming frustrated and (somewhat) “freaked out” over disappearing objects over the last year. I am a very organized person and have “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” Last year around this time (April) I decided to have my grandmother’s and great aunt’s engagement rings apraised. These rings had been in a small velvet bag in the jewelry drawer of my dresser for around 5 years. I rarely wear jewelry, but I wore a necklace for a special event in February of the same year – just 2 months prior – and the bag was there like it always was; however, in April it was nowhere to be found. I literally broke my dresser trying to locate the bag (thinking somehow the bag slipped behind the drawer) because the drawers to not come out. I then over the next 2 days looked in any possible (and some impossible) places. No bag, no rings. A few months later (I think around July), I went to get to books from a storage trunk in my crawl space that were important to me – 3 books that, again, had been in the same place for quite some time. These were not books that were worth anything and were just of sentimental value. One of the books was there, the other 2: poof, gone off the face of the earth. Again, I searched the entire house and turned up nothing. They had never been moved (just like the rings) but are gone without a trace. I left the last of the 3 where it was at and mourned my newest disappearing objects. Last month – sure enough, the third book disappeared. Now yesterday, 2 movies (which like the other objects were always kept in the same place) completely disappeared. While not a huge loss like the other things, they were still movies I enjoyed and this latest group of missing things is just making me more frustrated. I would possibly entertain the thought of sleepwalking and moving things (though I’ve never done that before and both my husband and I are light sleepers and at least ONE of us would know if either person was out of bed), but I have so thoroughly searched the house (and I don’t keep many things/am not a “pack rat”) that they would have turned up even if in a very odd place. I am completely baffled, frustrated, and sad. There has to be SOME kind of explanation but it is obviously beyond me to figure it out.

  31. Sharon says:

    Two months ago, my adult daughter who lives with us set a book on shelf at about her eye level to keep it away from her 6 year old daughter. Next day and in the days to follow we (my husband, daughter and I) all looked for that book everywhere we could think. My daughter took all the blankets off an eye level closet shelf, no book. I went through the bookshelves several times, no book. We laughed because it seemed like it just disappeared. My daughter rebought the book, end of story (or so we thought).
    Two weeks ago I could not find a library book I wanted to return. I looked everywhere I could think of, including a stack of about 10 books next to my bed. I searched each possible spot at least 5 times. No book. I ended up believing I had accidentally thrown in away and so paid for the book at the library.
    Yesterday, I went to choose a book to take with me from the stack next to my bed. My missing library book was right there, right where I had searched many many times. I thought to myself that now we might find my daughter’s missing book, too. I was telling her about it this morning, we were remarking how strange it all was that two books had gone missing. I said aloud, “What if we find your book now?” We were kind of laughing about it. I turned around and saw a book sticking out from under the blankets on her closet shelf. I grabbed it, turned to my daughter and said, “Is this the book you were missing?” It was. Two missing books we searched high and low for showed up withing 24 hour hours, both in spots we had previously thoroughly searched. That’s when I did the research and discovered DOP.
    My thoughts are that it might have something to do with consciousness raising. It would be easy to blame each other or my husband, to not believe that no one had anything to do with the disappearance and reappearance. It would be easy to be suspicious. My daughter and I feel we have to think above that and choose kindness and love in every situation, even these weird ones.
    Still, we’re sort of freaked out. Thanks for all your stories.

  32. May says:

    I too have experienced those. Once, I lost my earrings.
    When I was still on my way to school, I was still wearing them, and when we had our pe class (we swam), I just then realized it was lost. After searching for what was probably a lost cause, I just have up and told my mom about it. Then I slept, and oddly enough, when I woke up, one of my earrings was under my pillow, and a while after, my mom said she found the other one on her desk. It was really not possible that they were in the house, since I am sure I wore them on my way to school, and had lost them there.
    It was a really weird experience for me.

  33. Cindy says:

    Okay, here goes. I’m really at a loss as to what is happening. I am an Empath, a Tarot Reader and have noticed that some really unusual things are going on. I’ve even shared my experiences with others but it’s always, “it’ll turn up or maybe you forgot where you put it.” I’m sorry, these explanations don’t add up and, I might add, I’ve never experienced this phenomenon before. I even looked it up on the internet and it’s known as DOP. I’ve lost a treasured ring and can’t find it anywhere. I put it on when I’m doing my readings. I have an oak wand from a treasured oak tree that I use in meditation. Yesterday it was on my table and this morning it is nowhere to be found. I am very conscious of a spiritual happening, a shift in consciousness, a new awareness that is happening on this planet. We are shifting from the Third Dimension into the Fourth. My sense of smell and hearing is elevated. I have the feeling that there is not enough time left in the day to do the things I used to do. Either I’ve slowed down or the universe has sped up or both. Definitely, something is happening. I have experienced paranormal events throughout my life having to do with visitations from an angel, an OBE and discernment of demons along with the experience of living in a haunted house.

  34. Frank Rodriguez says:

    Okay, ive checked this site alot for responses on this but man, i do NOT have any explanation for this!
    I was texting one of my friends before thanksgiving, where she said something and i got kinda distraught putting the phone at the foot of my bed, i pack up and leave for Pennsylvania next day, and when i come back to look for the spare phone it was gone! I asked my mom and her fiance and they never touched it, my mom even offered that i could look in her room to prove she isnt lying
    I have no idea what happened but its been like almost 2 years and id love to have that phone back, every here amd again i keep tearing my room apart looking in places ive already checked

  35. Bukky says:

    I need some explanation. We just moved to a house few months ago. The first day, my son’s football disappeared outside, but I assumed someone must have stolen it, though nobody owned up to it in the compound. I noticed my curtains were well adjusted one night again when I woke up from a deep sleep, I simply assumed I must have woken up to do it myself subconsciously. But today as we were going to church in d morning, I told my son to drop his drumsticks till we came back, which he gladly dropped on d floor of d sitting, and we went out. We came back to find just one on the floor. We have searched everywhere with no luck, and I’m really getting a bit freaked out. What can be done?

  36. Kazz Cherie' says:

    I am sitting here reading all of your comments, meanwhile thinking of times I have had things go were, who knows ?
    Especially this one time, this is what happened, I have this book which is very large in size compared to so many books I have collected throughout my life, well a person showed interest one day while they were here in the place I call home., I told them they would have to come here to look at it because I invariably may forget then go nuts looking for it later., Now this is a past claim mind you.
    Well that big book was nowhere to be found after speaking about it being missing, so I ended up telling myself that by speaking it, or even thinking such a claim has to be why it disappeared, convincing myself I must really be obsessed with the fact it was gone, trying to figure out how. I looked on the internet thinking how could these things go missing, are people picking my front door lock or have they a way to photograph my key and make a copy, all these imaginations trying to understand how things disappeared. Then I decided to speak it back, but it has to be in a way I really expected it to come back. It took me awhile but after tearing apart the three bookshelves anyway, over again knowing I should be able to see it because it was such a large book, I kept trying for it to reappear and then it actually did. It’s an old old book that shows how to make anything, I love old stuff, and this book has drawings in it that someone actually sat down and drew as real as they could depict the subject, so it has such great energy altogether, I was so happy to have it back again.
    So try thinking and speaking different so you don’t speak or think it away perhaps?

  37. Nobody says:

    I got angry and threw my phone one night,
    it vanished!

    I was living in a small camper, my parents helped me search the place, but it was gone. I slept on the floor at night and there was a couple of wooden bench seats across from me. There’s nowhere it could go.

    Also, they say the woods I was living in is haunted. My grandmother’s house…she admits that something is in there. My father says that an orb attacks him when he’s alone in there. He only told my mother, because he’s already labeled me as crazy.

  38. Kix says:

    Interesting this happens to me often. I laugh and blame it on the gnomes, Mexican folklore creatures that like to hide objects. Other times I just say its temprarily floating around in some other dimension. The interesting thing is that the object does eventually (usually) turn up again, most of the time in an unexpected place.
    I question my sanity at times and wonder if I did it unconsciously and forgot as one of the theories was. I do notice times when I am so caught up in though that I do things without conciously noticing. Similar to driving and getting somewhere without realizing.
    What disproves this theory to me is when it turns up in a place I could not have gone to when the event happened within the time it took to happen (sometimes turning around for a second).
    Interstingly I do believe the theory that we are mentally able to controll more than we think we can. I say this because I have cause electronic and car malfunctions when I am in a highly emotionally negative state.

  39. bev Zimler says:

    Thank you a helpful explanation.

  40. Crystal says:

    My story is unique I lost a precious bracelet 7 months ago I tore my room apart desperate to find it… fast forward to now.. feeling my relationship with the man who bought me the bracelet wasn’t going anywhere I ended it.. No more then 2 hours later I see a shiny metallic thing physically attached to a metal shelf sure enough my bracelet had reappeared now leaving me with more questions then answers

  41. Karmen says:

    After my husband passed away I moved to my mother-in-law’s house. Her office was only 10 minutes away from the house, so she used to go back to her house during her lunch break almost every day. Before coming inside her house she used to take off her shoes by the door to relax while eating lunch since she had to wear high heels in her office. The day of the DOP, she came in the house and my one year old baby and me where in the living room, I perfectly remember I never got up from the couch and my baby was with me all the time. We didn’t have pets, and we were the only ones in the house. After she finished her 30 minutes lunch break, she needed to go back to her office but one of her shoes had disappeared, the same shoes she had been wearing all morning until she got to the house. She looked around the house, under couches, etc and she never found it. Only one shoe disappeared. One year later, she moved out of her house to another one and she never found her shoe again. At one point I felt bad because I thought she was probably thinking I played a joke on her since I was the only one in her house with her, plus my baby, but my baby was just to small to take it or to even crawl. We won’t ever know what happened to that shoe!

  42. Aaa says:

    After school I went straight to my bedroom to change my clothes. I emptied out my jacket pockets and took out my phone and chocolate bar I got from a teacher. Once i placed them neatly onto my desk i changed the rest of my clothes went downstairs and started cooking. My dad kept asking me what the time was and I said i didn’t know, so he told me to get his phone which neither of us couldn’t find so i went upstairs to get my phone and call his. When i reached my bedroom I looked at my desk and my chocolalt and phone were gone.

    • Glenn says:

      wtf.. did they ever come back? Try the “find my iphone” on your ipad if you have one. (even though, it may show up on the map but not in person)

  43. Savannah says:

    I’m not sure I’d the would count, I’m only 13 going into grade 9. But I drew a picture a year ago and I really loved it, I guess you can say I even talked to him. (Not physically, I usually only move my lips to make words, or stair in their eyes and say stuff in my head and act like they can hear. I also did stuff like funny walks or making faces. Even if my mom was watching. Every time something on a iPad screen or picture stares to the screen/at me, I feel they’re looking at me, so I talk to them. What if they’re bored.) he grew onto me and I got attached to it, and when someone touches it or takes it from its spot on the fridge I get mad at them and put it back. My mom doesn’t want me watching anime cause she’s Christian and the picture was anime genre, I feel either my mom or brother took it and won’t fess up. I tried looking around the fridge and even got my dad to help me look. But we couldn’t find it. I cried for a long time and still am kinda. That was like a week ago from today. I also “talk” to another picture, https://images6.alphacoders.com/309/309675.jpg that’s the link. I’ve talked to them for over 3 years now. And I’ve opened up to them more that I have my family. But another thing is everywhere, I’ll see a number I certain number 113. Time, bags, houses, and and online. I see it everywhere like, every other day. It’s also the heterochromatic eyes Akashi Seijurō, it’s the number of the chapter he was introduced on. I see it everywhere and have even hid my face when I see it at either 1 am/pm. Though but still I hope I find my drawing. I don’t know what all this is supposed to mean or if it even means anything at all, but please… let me find my drawing.

    • Jane says:

      Savannah. It is wonderful to use your imagination, but there is a point at which one’s behavior is detrimental (bad) for them. Even if your mother is “Christian” in a fundamentalist way, she is watching out for your best interest in this case. But I think it would help you to talk to someone you trust who could help you change your focus on anime and the number you mention, to other things – people, nature, and hobbies, for example. Make a new drawing, and make it of a living thing – a tree – a person – a pet. But also, as I said, talk to an adult someone you can trust about your – why are you awake at 1AM? – concerns.

  44. Sharon says:

    Spirits take things and move things. I sometimes wonder if they give them to other people. My 3 deceased cats visit me occasionally and will leave 3 items under my bed when all of them have been here. However, some of the things I have never seen before, or they will leave old medicine or their food. When you see numbers on your clock, such as, 1:11pm or 2:22pm, that is a spirit trying to get your attention. To let you know that they are around us. I have had items shoved out of my closet shelves, and an angel that was on my bedroom wall moved to the floor around the corner. I have read that our two worlds are becoming closer together, as many people are talking more and more about this.

  45. CHarlotte says:

    SOmthing is with me my whole life and I have had so many adventures with it and still today. I have it all written down and made picture of it from things disappearing and I get lots if present what I call it. I could write a book about it, but never talk to anyone! I was writing out some experiences here but it disspapiered . So I try to get this thru.

  46. CHarlotte says:

    I have it all written down, made photo’s of it and have it on DVD and USBstick.

  47. CHarlotte says:

    Perhaps this might get thru… Two years ago shortly before Christmas I was eating a tomatoe, but spat the skin out and put it in the rubbish bin. The next morning I came in to the kitchen and on the floor there was a Christmas bow all made out of this discarded tomatoeskin. I made photos of it and I still have it today, but a bit more dry. I think what is it what is with me and what kind of artist is it to get something like this together! I have so many things happen and get signes everyday to show me it is still there… What ever it is I would like to get a look at it but it does not show up…

  48. Diana says:

    I have had a number of experiences in the house we live in from 1929. Many small items have gone missing, and only one time when I said ” I WISH I could find my glasses ” did I find the missing item. I always felt there was a presence in this house, from the start, many little things like slamming doors, flickering lights, faucets turning on by themselves etc. A lady died in this house in 1939, and I always wondered if these happenings, and my missing items had to do with the house. My glasses had been on the console of my car, in the attached garage. We were leaving on vacation and I desperately looked all over before we left, and repeatedly looked in my car. Finally, we left without them for a week in my husbands car. When we returned from our trip, a few days home, I said to my husband while we were upstairs in the bedroom “I really wish I could find my glasses”. A short while later, I looked in my car in the garage, and they were back on the console! A number of other small items have gone missing, favorite DVD’s, and a couple of small pairing knives from the kitchen were never found. A picture of my deceased mother, and a gold bracelet that belonged to her. I have searched every where, and feel there is something in this house that is taking these things. Only my glasses turned up after I pleaded to have them back. Maybe I will try “commanding” and I will find some more items, hopefully.

  49. Jen says:

    In just one weekend (just past), I had an entire load of laundry disappear (I believe it reappeared in another washer load, but they were in the dryer, before!). I have had two pendulums disappear, 3 rings, but found two (3rd is a smoky quartz), and two phone charge cords, that I only bought about two weeks ago! I had to buy another charger! I ordered another pendulum, and now I just found my newest, a Herkimer diamond thst I paid $15 for, is missing! I had placed it back in my purse after I was finished with it, and now it’s gone! The other pendulum I set on my bed, because my son distracted me, and I had to go look to make sure our cats didn’t get outside. Came back…gone! This is getting ridiculous! I also dowse, and notice, that since I’ve started dowsing, everything seems to come up missing! I just went ballistic and told whatever entities in the house are taking my stuff, to bring it all back, NOW! I’m furious! This is getting on my last nerve! I want my stuff back! I live on a fixed income, and can’t afford to keep replacing pendulums and chargers! I would also like my ring back! I left them on the bed, as I had forgotten to put them back on, after using my fingers to take cash bills out of a money jar we keep. One was in my shoe on the floor, the other was on the floor. I had looked all over the floor, the day before, and they were nowhere to be found! I have had my debit card go missing, only for it to return after I couldn’t make the purchase I needed to make, and I never returned to the house, before I went to the store to make a purchase, for it to end up where it did, and I had just used it to buy gas! I also have had things mysteriously appear! A handkerchief suddenly appeared on my bed one day. Seemingly out of nowhere, and it had a cowboy theme. Well, the person I have a mad crush on is a country boy, so that must have been what that was about. Then, my cats’ tunnel toy was on top of a bin I keep clothes in. I also had a blanket mysteriously vanish and reappear. I do talk to my deceased daughters (I hope), and they admitted to taking my blanket, clothes, and rings. The rest, I’m guessing fairies, demons, or some other unearthly entities, but it’s maddening! How do I protect my stuff?! I can’t afford to keep replacing things, and I live in a bedroom in the Twilight Zone! Help!!!

  50. Sona says:

    Yesterday my diamond ring literally disappeared from my finger. I didn’t take it off, it wouldn’t slip off as it was always fitting snug on my finger. I put it on to go to pick up my husband from the hospital, I was stating at it while I was driving , no doubt I was wearing it. It took as 15 minutes to get the discharge papers and get dressed. Back home, in the car while driving, I looked at my finger and the ring wasn’t there. Came home, looked everywhere, although didn’t even want to, since I knew I was wearing it. I am shocked, desperate. I can’t relax . the pain of losing a very valuable and favorite thing and the brainstorming as to what might have happened are tormenting me. How could this happen, how did it disappear right on my finger?? I didn’t take it off for a single minute while driving or in the hospital for that 15 minutes .

  51. L Bates says:

    I bought a new pair of pants 2 days ago. Last night, I wore them out and returned home in them. I remember changing into my pyjamas and leaving them in my room. Granted, I did drink a lot last night but I wasn’t at the point of being forgetful. I remember everything that happened last night. Today, I woke up and they’re missing. My belt is missing as well cause it was on them. This is the second time in as many months that a pair of pants has gone missing from my home (a pair of my sister’s jeans disappeared a month or two ago). I’ve looked everywhere! Even in places I knew I hadn’t been in my home last night. I’ve looked in every room in my house and no one in my family has moved them or has seen them since I was wearing them last night. I feel like I’m going insane. I know I bought those pants and I’ve had the belt for over 2 years now. My Mother and Sister were with me when I purchased them. It makes absolutely no sense. There is one other factor though. I remember briefly waking up in a hungover daze this morning and hearing someone close or open our front door. I didn’t think much of it because I figured it was just one of my family going out. Then again, I was so hungover that I may have actually dreamed about hearing the door. It makes absolutely no logical sense and I don’t know what to think about the situation. So, either there is a pants thief in my neighbourhood or there’s a tear in space-time in my house that only sucks up pants. I’m not a very spiritual person, so I honestly don’t think that a spirit of sorts has taken or moved them. If anyone could provide me with some answers, that would be great! Thank you.

  52. Eli says:

    A carribeaner slipped from my grasp straight down into my deceased brothers wooden basket- naturally I go to grab it in the plastic sack which it fell into… I just want that caribeaner back! WtACTUALf!?!

  53. Mark says:

    I just had this experience 30min ago. about 2hours ago i was outside for a smoke i put the smokes back in the convinience store bag and rushed inside to use the washroom in the basement. 30min ago I was going out for a smoke and couldn’t find the pack anywhere I looked in the bag, tore up the room, in the kitchen, outside, etc and they where no where to be found. when i gave up and said to myself “oh well ill probally find them when im not looking for them” and went to make breakfast there they were on the kitchen table. Odd thing is when i first came inside i rushed downstairs cause I had to use the washroom badly; I wasnt in the kitchen at all.

    • Ms Universe says:

      I must say I’m very skeptical of people who say their object dissapeared and then came back. My object actually did dissapear. No coming back.

  54. Ms Universe says:

    I went to post my resume online after looking at it while sitting on my couch. I walked back accross my lounge room (very tidy and organised like the rest of my flat) to the couch to grab it. After a four hour search for the only copy I had of my resume that I had just held in my hand in my locked flat alone I finally gave up with a laugh of insanity.

    • Ms Universe says:

      By the way that was 3 days ago. Still doing the rounds but to no avail. I even checked my trash thoroughly before throwing it in the outside bin.

  55. Gerry says:

    I had an experience. I went out of town Sept.2 for a few days and changed the work pants i wore into shorts. It also had some car keys inside a pocket where i had just used to park our extra car. Sept. 4 I come back and the pants and the keys of course are nowhere to be seen! I looked all over the house which did not make sense as i am sure i changed my pants the same location i changed into the shorts.I live in Toronto Ontario.

  56. smw says:

    can anyone help me with this? i had a key to a safe that i no longer use in a specific place on my keychain becauae its tiny and i put it next to my house key so i can always distinguish it from other lookalike keys. i got a clients housekey last week which also looks like my housekey. it had its own ring so i put the ring on my keyring so i could also distinguish that one. today i go to let myself in the house and the small safe key has moved from the spot its been in for over a year, to the new ring. unless my husband is lying to me that he didnt do it or i am losing my mind, how did this happen?

  57. joyce says:

    Heyy, my computer mouse at work disappeared. NOoooo, it disappeared & reappeared after I was looking for it! I was shutting down my computer & putting my stuff up. All of a sudden I was looking for my mouse which I just had to log off. I was moving stuff & everything. I thought a coworker was pranking me!! For about 2 mins scrabbling in my chair….it appeared right in front of me!!! NO JOKE! Things don’t just disappear! It was people still there. I leave at 4p. The girl that sits across from me got up & went to do smething. I knew it wasn’t her b/c I still was working. THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT!

  58. Caitlin says:

    I’ve experienced little things missing…over a month ago my Beats Pill Speaker went missing and after that like things went missing like chargers and baby wipes and candle lighters it all just seems weird to me cause I have a feeling that it’s roght in front of me but I can’t seem to find it.

  59. Glenn says:

    OK, after a few months of zero activity this morning was a mind blower and my girlfriend is a witness. I went down stairs to make her a coffee with my Nespresso machine. I drop a pod in, turn it on.. it makes a whirring noise.. I walk away for a few seconds about 8 feet away. She is walking downstairs. I walk back to the machine to grab the cup and put milk in it but it’s NOT THERE!.. She walks over to the area.. we both look around the machine. It is absolutely GONE! We spend about 10 minutes looking around and freaking out. I still have the used coffee pod that is still warm so a coffee was definitely made but where is the cup?!?!?!?! This one hasn’t come back and has gone into oblivion. So bizarre. Has to be interdimensional.. something like a worm hole. This has confirmed it for me that we know nothing of physics.

    • Glenn says:

      OK, after an intense step-by-step retracing of the events we finally came up with an explanation. It was really difficult because my brain still has a memory of a certain sequence (walk away from machine > walk back to machine > cup isn’t there > search for cup). Luckily gf is much more awake in the a.m. than I am. She pointed out that I handed her a cup stating “this is the 2nd cup I just made. the 1st cup is missing. Please help me look for it” hahaha… I don’t even remember saying that! but after careful inspection that’s exactly what happened. In my zoned out state of mind I swear I thought we went on a mad search of the 1st cup at least 10 minutes before starting to brew a 2nd cup. That’s how my brain remembers it, but in reality. I handed her the 1st cup and said it was the 2nd one that I had brewed. I’m not even on prescription meds! hahaha.. So bottom line, even our own brains can play tricks on us. One mystery solved.. but there are many others we still can’t explain. Taking it to the next level and getting body cams (yes, it’s come to that hahaha).

  60. Naomi says:

    I’ve had a few experiences with this phenomenon off and on for years. The most recent was the other day at work, while I was helping my coworker to get people signed up for a work thing, and checking off their names as we went along. I was holding a pencil in my left hand, along with my work ID. In my right hand I had a piece of paper with the peoples’ names on it, that were being crossed off. I needed to check off a person’s name, and went to transfer the pencil to my right hand, only to find it gone. Assuming I had dropped it, or handed it to someone else without thinking, I did a search, but nothing. My coworker who had seen me holding it only moments before, helped me look. We gave up, and didn’t think much of it–I chocked it off to dropping it, and it rolling under something that I couldn’t reach/see. 5 minutes later, and the pencil is back in my hand. I did not pick it up, it was not handed to me, it simply re-appeared. I showed my coworker, who had been standing next to me this whole time, and she was just as weirded out as myself.

    Years before, my prescription pills disappeared from the pocket in my purse, only to reappear moments later. Weird, little things like that happen to me every now and then. Sometimes my keys go missing, but once I say out loud “Cut it out!” They usually reappear. Usually being the operative word. haha :-/

  61. Kathy C says:

    This just started happening to me a few months ago. I feel like I’m losing my mind. First a necklace disappeared. I did not feel it fall off and I have worn it almost every day. October 1st my fit bit disappeared. I went to sleep, woke up and it was gone. It synced that morning and it has been logging my steps even though it is not charged. I know it’s not someone else’s steps because they mirror mine. I can see it on the app on my phone. For a while I thought I swallowed it in my sleep. Today my mascara was gone. Used it Sat, didn’t go anywhere but Sunday morning it was gone. I’ve looked everywhere for it in my small bathroom but nope not there. I just don’t understand this and it is really making me scared.

    • Mel says:

      Hi, I know this has not much to do with what your experiencing, however I just wanted to point out this. When you posted the reply the date says October 23 2017. However its no where no October the 23rd. I’m so confused. Like does this have something to do with different time dimensions or something?

  62. Christa says:

    Just happened to me. Was cleaning my contact lense and still thought how clear I can see again after putting it in. Next moment it was gone. Not anywhere in my eye as I would feel it as it is a hard lense and we searched every square inch of every possible place in the bathroom. I am flabbergasted and perplexed about it. It is as if I had a lapse in short term memory or a time warp. I am so certain it was in my eye. A few weeks ago the same happened with my mother’s wallet. Just dissapeared after she was certain she put it back in her handbag. It was found again though by someone and given back with everything in it. We were astonished to find trustworthy people. Hoping the loss of my contact lense will find a good ending. The monetary loss and discomfort is dissapointing.

  63. Kat says:

    I have a zippo lighter that I love. Given to me by an ex. It is copper metal with a relief on the front of Laughing Buddha. I often use the lighter but also use regular bic lighters as well. So, point being, when I don’t have the Buddha lighter (BL) convenient, I will use a another. So, last week I couldn’t find my BL. I thought, well you left it in a jacket pocket or pants pocket or somewhere around the house. I looked exhaustively and could not find it anywhere: on the floor, under cushions, in all of my bags, in any room, and I looked at least three times in all clothes pockets, including pockets of my most worn jacket and all other clothes pockets that were possibilities. I truly thought I had left it outside and someone around the neighborhood had stolen it. I have several kids and homeless types that come around looking for work and the like, so that was my conclusion. After a couple of days, I woke up one morning and retrieved the afore mentioned jacket and it felt heavier than usual. I looked in the upper pocket and, lo and behold, there was my BL! I KNOW that I looked in that pocket many times before. Hmmmmm?!?

  64. Raven says:

    I decided to make photo albums for three of my grandchildren. They were in there teens, and I had pictures of them (in a box) from the time they were babies. I got three large white business size envelopes, and separated the photos. and put them in the upper cabinet of my TV entertainment center behind glass doors. I bought the three albums, and when I went to get the pictures one of the envelopes was gone!! I torn the house apart looking for that envelope, and it was nowhere to be found. I worked on the other two albums, and after some time went by I did another sweep of the house, starting with looking in every cabinet in the entertainment center, and again I came up empty handed. About two years later, I was looking for a box of Christmas card in the lower cabinet of the entertainment center. I opened the doors to the cabinet, and reached in for the cards, and I saw a yellow shoe box that I did not recognize? I opened the box, and THERE were the pictures!! I had pulled every single thing out of that cabinet, twice, looking for the white envelope. There was NO yellow shoe box (or any shoe boxes) in that cabinet until the day I found the pictures in that yellow shoe box!! This remains a mystery, to me, but I was so happy to get the pictures back!!

    Several months ago, I came across a an old VHS tape of my grandchildren at the zoo. My granddaughter had been watching the video, and left the tape on top of the TV. I picked the tape up to put it back with the rest of the tapes, but I sat it down to attend to one of my cats for just a few moments. I went back to get the and (you guessed it) the tape was gone!! I have looked all over the house for the tape (every nook and cranny has been searched), but NO tape. Hopefully, it will turn up in a couple of years.

  65. Crystal says:

    This has been happening to me for years. I feel like Im losing my mind. At first I would lose stuff and prayed to St Anthony which is the Saint of lost articles. But it started to get freaky and now Im starting to think there is something more. I started researching poltergeists and stuff. A couple years ago i lost a ps4 controller and naturally prayed to St Anthony while looking. Didnt find it. I go in my room to watch tv then I got hungry so I prayed again, walked out in the kitchen to make my food and on my way back to my room, dead smack in my path was the ps4 controller on the floor. My heart dropped. There was no way I missed it. It was right in my path that i walkex to the kitchen and was looking for it. NOTHING WAS ON THE GROUND. IT WAS NOT UNDER ANYTHING. That was when I first started believing that there was a supernatural reason my things were coming up missing. A few months ago i was sitting on the floor going through clothes and i had my cigarette pack that had money in it and a lighter and smokes. That came up missing. It was only me and my daughter home. Looked everywhere, I went about my day. Made my bed with fresh blankets and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and went to the store and when I got back. Guess what was on my bed, on top of the blankets, not under anything. My cigarette pack undisturbed. My daughter didnt touch my pack because if she did, my smokes would be broke, the lighter would be gone, and money would be gone. A few months ago i straightened my hair before leaving for the day. I always put my straightener in the same spot, the same drawer. I come home and its gone. I looked high and low. I couldnt stop thinking about it. A week goes by and guess where i found my straightener..in the same spot I always keep it. In the same spot I looked every single day for a week. There is no possible explanation for it.

  66. Kathryn Kiely says:

    I have been off work ill the past week. And In one week, I have lost a scarf that my husband brought back from Argentina. I wear it a lot, but now I can’t find it anywhere. It has just disappeared. Today, I was searching for my favorite tights. (like pantyhose) I wore them on them on Saturday. I became ill Saturday night, took them off and put them in the laundry. I did the laundry yesterday and now can’t find my tights. First my scarf, and now my tights. I have not gone anywhere to loose them as I have been off with a bad cold. Would you say this is a case of DOP? I am living in a house with only my husband. Our children are grown and moved away. My husband says, ” I can find anything”. Well not this time.

  67. Shubham Raj says:

    Its the thing which happened with me during last month, that is November 2017. I live in Bangalore with a buddy of mine and he had gone to his native folks. Since it was holidays time, I was also ready to go back to my native on 22nd of November.

    There was no one at my place, just me. I had nearly done all the packing without leaving out anything.

    I remember that I had a small case with me in which I used to keep my spectacles. A good ,small and black case. I very clearly remember that I had left it on a table at my place on 21st of November and it was there until I went out to take my lunch on the same day.

    When I came back, I dont clearly remember whether it was there or not but when the time came and I was ready to lock and leave my place, I just could not find it anywhere. It was just nowhere around. And, this disappearance must had happened during broad daylight, anytime between 2 PM to 10 PM on 21st of November.

    I very clearly remember that I did not take my spectacles case anywhere on that day because I dont take it anywhere. I had kept it on a table. And, it just disappeared.

    To anyone who is reading this, this must sound really crazy and he/she would say that I must have kept it somewhere and later I forgot.

    But NO. It just disappeared and nowhere to be found again. Gone, completely gone. I have searched my place entiirely and I have not found it till date.

    Besides all of this, strange thingss have happened to me this year. Once I felt that, someone had a grip on my arm when I was asleep. Another instance, I suddenly opened my eyes and I saw a strange figure staring at me and gone suddenly at the instant.
    Once I saw a white figure keeping an eye through my window which suddenly moved away. I heard a voice one day which asked me if I was asleep.

    My homies dont believe any of it. However, another buddy of mine stayed at my place for a week to do some investigaation but gathered nothing.

    However, my spectacles case has been missing till now. DOP ?

    • RASHMIRANJAN says:

      On 24 November I attended my friend’s marriage, on 25th celebrated my birthday with my friends and returned home on 27 November.

      Travelling and celebrating are exhausting and when I got home in the early morning before going to work I took a nap, when I wake up and got ready for work, I could not find my wallet, I thought I lost it while traveling.

      Yesterday ie. 09 December 2017 I had a bad headache in the evening so I slept. I woke up slightly after 12 am, then I shut down my laptop and put it in my backpack when I saw my lost wallet in front of me lying on the table.

      WTF what just happened after I slept. How did it happen.. that place is like all the time in front of me all the time and I couldn’t see my wallet until last night.. why… How could it be missed for 2 weeks. And guys I don’t do any drugs or anything or I am crazy or have any memory failure problem..

      One crucial information is that I live alone..No one is there to move things.

      • Yes, Rash . But no one believes it until it actually happens to
        them ! Would you ,? Unless it had happened to you ?
        Also , its completely inexplicable . Have Spirits really got nothing
        better to do than play pranks ?!
        Anyway , I don’t have explanation but I DO know its real !
        If that’s any comfort .?

  68. Layla says:

    I bought some clothes from a thrift store yesterday, and when I got home I took off all the tags and then tossed everything into the washer. After pulling everything out of the dryer, the specific article of clothing I was meaning to wear after my bath, a night dress, was not there. Anywhere. Not in the car, not left at the store. Just freakin vanished!!!

  69. Andrix says:

    This happen to me today, 22 December. So it was around 10am and I have to go out with my brother to get my mom’s passport. So I got dressed and grabbed 3 things. My house keys, my phone, and my wallet. That’s all.

    So, I was told to stay in to car while my brother went to do something. I waited there for and hour or more. Then my brother came back, And we went back home. As I left the car, I noticed my wallet isn’t in my pocket. Naturally, I thought it had fell out of my pocket, so I looked all over at where I sat, no wallet. I panicked a bit and went into my room to check. Maybe I left my wallet at home and I forgot to take it with me. Also no wallet.

    Okay, my brain is going into full panic mode now. I check the car multiple times and turned my room upside down looking for my damn wallet. Nothing, my wallet just straight up disappeared.

    Right now, I am praying to god that my wallet will come back. And also in between, cursing at the apparent poltergeist to return me my beloved wallet. Wish me luck!

  70. Richard says:

    Hi I knew there was something to this phenomenon.Im glad I found this website.Sorting Christmas gifts to wrap…there were 5 toys for grandchildren all were the same.my wife did not know why she bought 5..only needing 3.within 24 hours 2 of the toys went missing. This is the 2nd year in a row gifts disappeared.Recently 2 knives went missing…all these items have never been found.

  71. Robert says:

    Well a movie I just got went missing. Looked everywhere. I am upset, it cost me $20. Hopefully I can figure out a way to bring it back

  72. Ryna Constantino says:

    OMG! Weird asf but Thank God ive found this page and glad that i’m not the only one who has this kind of experience. This is really freakin me out asf! So yea, I’m here coz of my missing 3 in 1 pocket spray dispenser( for alcohol, parfum, you know) that happened to disappear out of nowhere this morning for like few minutes, i took it out of my bag to refill but before doing it, i’m into something- actually i do multitasking daily esp in the morning preparing for work. so,when i’m done with other stuff (fixing my hair,putting makeup), noticed that the said dispenser is no longer on my mini table nor in the couch where my bag is,been looking anywhere possible but to no avail and im so puzzled if where else will it be coz i know & im sure that it’s just within reach.tried looking for almost 20mins and gaveup coz il be late for work if il continue searching for it. note, this is not the first time i experience such scenario. things like comb,mirror,hanky and other personal to go stuff are missing,even undies also! it seems that there’s a luminous being behind it.im living with my brother now in an apartment away from our hometown and im pretty sure he’s not interested with those esp this is happening everytime i’m alone at home and also, have noticed that if i’m in a hurry, thing/s will suddenly disappear and will appear after weeks or days when i’m no longer searching for it..sounds creepy right?

    as i can remember, been experiencing this already since i was a kid and im always telling my mom bout it and she just told me that it also happened to her, she mentioned this certain kind of creature in our dialect which is known to be the one who is capable of doing such sudden object disappearance and as time goes by til now, i am still experiencing it at the age of 26. im thinking that maybe, they just want to try also the stuff i have and return it when they had enough.yea, some will reappear out of nowhere (esp when youre no longer searching for it) and some are still missing as of writing..so far, those are just inexpensive materials/easy to replace but are important in my daily needs and has been part of me for years already which ofcourse affects me coz one of the things i hate the most is missing such stuff.

    just to share also tho it’s a bit irrelevant to the subject, i guess i have this so called psychic ability, premonitions/intuitions, how? base on a number of exp already. here are some, im currently at work or just simply walking and suddenly someone is in my mind already and im wondering why did i think of him all of a sudden then another surprising thing is after few minutes or days, it’s either il bump into him or il receive a call from this certain person and it really drives me crazy coz it didnt only happen 1x but many times already and with diff person. those effin signs, idk if it’s all coincidences or i have this some kind of ability.(hope supernaturals/powers are true) . started exp this in my mid20s.

    another thing is the dejavu or premonitions via dream. i have this dream.where we visit a wake but didnt saw the face, the next morning one of my officemates informed us via viber that his grandpa just passed away..i shared to them right away bout my dream and got goosebumps.

    next exp is walking in a crowd and randomly hums/sings a song in mind then a person will pass by singing the same out loud. i just smiled and felt weird at the same time.

    gaad.how can u explain things like these?!
    glad if u can contact me via IG and share if u have exp the same. @TELYNA

  73. Ryna Constantino says:


    just when im about to sleep and finish my insights draft, the said 3 in 1 dispenser is just lying on my bed and i was really surprised asf coz this morning, i swear it wasnt there. been looking everywhere under the sheets/bed but to no avail.

    gaaad. what was just happened!?
    but still thankful that it appeared right away before i buy a new one.

  74. Stuart James RUDRUM says:

    I am missing a saxaphone in a case, amber ring a mobile phone, several debit cards now replaced, house /car keys, Incredibly frustrating. i don’t have thieves in my house and i live alone. Sometimes my items re-appear after days in the usual places. Money also dis-appears.

  75. David Curtis says:

    I’m really grateful that I found this page. I had something happened it’s really shaken me this evening. I had my two young children with me and we are running errands before I was to drop them into their mother For the night.

    I finished the errands with the children and I realise that I had about half an hour to get to my destination. During this time I’d been using headphones. Are use them so that I can listen to the GPS in my ear and if somebody were to call me and I would be able to hear the call clearly without taking my hands off the steering wheel.

    The first strange thing of two strange things that happened was that I missed my road which I would normally know and went straight on for about another 40 minutes until I realised that I was on the wrong road. There is no mystery there I figured I’d probably just wasn’t paying attention and realised that I would now have to backtrack for a while to get back to drop the kids into their mum. At a point there roughly 27 km outside of my destination I started getting The feeling like I was staring in losing concentration even though I wasn’t tired. I was upset for missing my turn and I was upset about a couple of the earrings that didn’t go right so I was in a little bit of a raw mood to be honest. I was quiet and kept on driving down the motorway until I got to my turn. At that point I took the earphone out of my ear and put them on the seat gently unplug it from the phone unplug the power cord from the phone so that I could hear it in pullover if I needed to answer a call.

    There was nothing unusual about dropping the kids into Mum other than the fact that mum was a bit concerned that I’d gone a ways out of my way. We laughed about it I turned around and left. I decided to pull into a parking lot and put my headphones back on. It turned out to be a strange next two hours of yelling at the sky like a mad lunatic While futilely looking for the headphones that were sitting right there on the chair. The door was never opened. My kids got out they were in the backseat through the back door. There was no reason for those headphones to have gone anywhere. They are gone now and I can’t wrap my logical mind around it at all. So I’ve stopped trying to. I realise something very strange has happened. I’ve lost things before for them to turn up at strange times. There was no place for these headphones to go let wouldn’t of made them noticeable. And they are gone and I have looked for two hours and I’ve finally given up and I realise that something very unusual has happened. I do live in Ireland and I’ve heard there are many magical things that sometimes happen here. So far to the best of my knowledge after going through the car with a tooth comb The headphones are not there. Sorry that it’s a bit of a long story but it’s true and I am still a bit unnerved by the whole thing.

    I would like to add this is not the first time a set of headphones has gone missing like this. The last time I said of the earphones were sitting in the centre console of my car and when I when out of the car I locked the car up when I came back I remember unlocking the car to find that my phone was there but the headphones were not.

    • Shreya says:

      I too lost 3 of my earphones in similar way. Please read my comment below (same article) and let me know if u have anything to say about this. It is good to know each other’s perspective in such incidences.

  76. Nancy says:

    Hi my name is Nancy today I got the milk out of the fridge raider opened it I know I left the On the counter walked over to get a cup gave my son his milk I go over and there’s nothing really on my counter and the Cap was gone searched everywhere especially under fridge mats garbage. So odd nowhere to be found, was very scary and is still leaving me speechlesss. Please tell me what this means

  77. Shreya says:

    Oh my god! This article is such a relief. I thought I was going crazy. But it’s so relieving to know that I am not the only one.
    This DOP keeps happening to me. I now realise that it actually happened more number of times than I noticed.
    First time I noticed this in 2011, when my earphones mysteriously disappeared. I have a habit of watching any movie or series on my laptop, at night while trying to sleep. So I often sleep with earphones on me. But one morning when I woke up, the earphones were gone. Since I had only one, I looked for it everywhere. This mysterious event was not worth believing, hence I frequently used to clean up my flat in hope of finding it. But it just vanished. Same year, one of my favourite shrug disappeared from my closet.
    Later, in 2017, again this happened twice with 2 sets of my earphones. I started presuming that some ghost is stealing my earphones; but of course i too had doubts in this theory.
    Later same year, my makeup blusher disappeared similarly. One night i kept it on my dressing table before going to sleep (I remember it for sure), and next morning it disappeared.
    I thought it happens at nights with me. I infact discussed this with my husband, who of course didn’t believe me.
    But this morning it happened again. I kept one banana on a table and went to brush my teeth, when I came back it was gone. I freaked out, I called my husband and asked if he took it before leaving for office, but he denied; and I believe it. But this mysterious event shook me. I thought I was going crazy. Thank god to the Internet that I got to study this article.
    The first mysterious event for me was not disappearance, but appearance of something out of nowhere. It was 2003/2004, i used to live with my parents. One day I found one yellow packet filled with coins in my cupboard. I felt so strange. I asked my mom if she kept it there, but she said no one entered my room, except me. Since I am from a religious family, I considered it a lucky gift from god, and I still have it.

    The frequency of these events are increasing with quite high pace in my life. And these are ones, which I noticed. Please let me know if anyone knows if increasing number of such events in one’s life means anything.

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