How Powerful And Accurate Can Numerology Really Be?

“Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.” St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430)

The study of numerology and the meanings of numbers have long been related to spiritual / mystical representations, and many wonder how powerful and accurate it can be.

In a rather simplistic explanation, numerology deals with symbols and images. This means that a precise numerology reading tends to be accurate on a general (unconscious, spiritual) perspective only.
You should understand numerology readings as a way of knowing a general inclination towards something, but ultimately the energy or your will and action that prevails. It’s what you do and how well you understand the information you get that will determine the accuracy of any numerology reading.

Numerology is precise, and if things don’t add up, you’re probably reading the symbols wrong.. This is because numerology gives you the representation of the spiritual (nonphysical or unconsciously perceived reality), but understanding it is up to you. Also, no matter what, you’re still acting in the physical world, so you’re also a creator / changer of energy.
For instance, let’s say your name destiny is a 1. It means you’re a person who’s inclined to lead, making decisions might come easy to you. For example, you can become too egotistical (one of the traits of number 1 people) and don’t care too much for others. When that happens, you’ll still have a leading personality, but you might not lead towards the right direction. So, you may have one essential trait for success, but that leader misdirection not points you towards what you want.
It’s the classic case of having the ability and not taking advantage of it. It is where numerology can be of service. Now, don’t blame numerology if it’s saying wonders about your leadership potentiality, but you know you’re not doing what you want.

The primary purpose of numerology is understanding what you are and your relation with the environment. It’s the symbology, the spiritual, unconscious knowledge that might do it easier for you to understand it all.

General View

The ancient researched of numerology phenomena by great scholars such as St. Augustine of Hippo or Pythagoras gave numerous practical examples and found relationships in numbers and their influence on philosophy, math, spirituality, life and every field of science. They also firmly believed that everything we see around us has mathematical relationships, being up to the mind to seek and investigate the secrets of these relationships.

The observation of numbers as archetypes, rather than mere numerals is a scientific paradigm of its own. Studies on symbolism, fractal theory or sacred geometry are filled with universal meanings.

The numbers are at the very core of everything and get increasingly intertwined with ancient and new philosophical and spiritual knowledge.

The subconscious mind plays a significant role in making sense of the numbers around us and their meanings. Numerology readings can help us have concrete definitions so we can work with them with our conscious mind, to our advantage and make sense of the vast known and unknown universe.

Numbers can indeed represent universal laws, and each one of them embodies specific meanings. They are, in fact, symbolic and a systematic representation of everything existing now in the Universe. Numbers can be regarded as the closest connection we have to a pure understanding of the spiritual Universal law.

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