Spiritual Shift, Numerology and Repeating Numbers

The repeating numbers phenomena can get defined as people seeing repeated numbers more frequently than usual. Most reported sightings refer to seeing repeating patterns of numbers on digital clocks, license plates, ads, billboards, TV or anywhere else.

The study of numbers (numerology) is an ancient science with an already decent set of non-Newtonian research, allowing for an easy way of finding and understanding their hidden meanings. The relations between numbers and their meanings might serve as a communication tool for new awareness processes of the links between the physical and the spiritual world.

The numbers of followers or experiences of this so-called spiritual shift or spiritual awareness related to numerology keep increasing every day. Some fringe scientists are relating the repeating numbers phenomena to a stronger global consciousness process that seems to be fast wide-spreading all over the world. People report interesting coincidences, identifying subconscious connections to numbers that appear at a determined place and time and with feelings and gut emotions that seem to sync the messages the numbers seem to give.

This phenomenon seems to make people question the established paradigms, making them look for answers that make sense for them. The repeated numbers events are seen, to the ones experiencing it, a suggesting tool of sorts, helping in the personal development process or spiritual enlightenment.

On a higher perspective, the study of numerology and the seemingly higher consciousness global awareness is creating new knowledge points of perception that appear to help people make wiser or more intuitive decisions. This evolution is rising fast and is a cumulative process that seems to raise more general awareness.

The Repeating Numbers Phenomena Paradox

“Are people finding hidden meanings in the repeating numbers phenomena expecting a consciousness evolution? Or is it the global consciousness evolution, making people see more meanings in numbers?”

Tob Williams

It might be a question we’re not yet able to fully answer, and only one thing is sure so far. People are getting increasingly interested in the repeating numbers phenomena.

The repeating numbers phenomena sightings seem to surpass what would normally be considered an average probability rate of seeing repeated patterns in numbers. Even influenced by a usual tendency to see more repeated numbers due to a higher self-awareness of the fact (Reticular Activating System), other factors such as the precision, intention and the relation of this phenomena seem to suggest something else might be at stake.
For example, seeing repeating numbers on digital clocks for a whole day might seem strange to anyone. Especially when they happen at the exact time people look at the clock. When someone looks at a digital clock that shows 2:22 or 5:55 for example, and that happens many times a day things start seeming a bit odd. Of course, there is always the possibility of those events being a case of chance. But when that happens several times per day, on various days and the numbers meanings seem to reflect a relatable story, the theory of chance seems to fade away quickly.

Another way to look at it is the subconscious mind dominating the conscious mind (which it usually does), making us look at clocks or wherever the number may be, and curiously enough in the case of watches, it has the power to be minutely precise. Even though it’s understandable that people might draw their attention to things they are focusing on (it’s called the reticular activation system), where do we draw the line between our mind playing tricks on us, or we are tapping into a mental power we don’t yet fully know we have. Until this day, I haven’t been able to answer this wholly or found anyone with the answer.

The most common reported repeated numbers are usually 1111, 222, 333, 555, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and many others.

The Skeptics

The theories surrounding the repeating numbers phenomena don’t gather total support from the more skeptic regarding this theory. They usually point out to the fact that it’s normal to see more of what we’re expecting to see. Under the influence of the reticular activating system, emerging patterns get picked by our brain, which is the natural way our brain works by trying to identify patterns and relations. Our brain functions in a relational, rather than a linear way, which seems to be the way nature found to process the vast information available efficiently.


As always, opinions change. Some point out to the fact there are no coincidences, or as Einstein would put it, “God doesn’t play with dice”. It may mean that the numbers, or anything else for that matter, has some structure that defines and rules the whole universe.
The repeating numbers phenomena might be coming from that point exactly. We may be tapping into a consciousness-specific-awareness state, maybe related to people quantum entanglement which is allowing for number to serve as snapshots of the universe interactions.

The ones seeing duplicated numbers everywhere can’t be “blamed” for sensing those phenomena so vividly. There should be, at least, a probability study of sorts so that the repeating numbers phenomena can be more precisely determined; patterns found and a deeper understanding of this phenomena.

Even disregarding the fact that this phenomenon could, or not, be energetically / spiritually caused, the various reported cases should be looked upon more closely.
It’s a bit difficult to completely prove something outside the Newtonian paradigm, but not impossible.

The repeating numbers phenomena still raise a lot of questions, and more will surely come, and only questioning will we find the answer.

We are trying to find some answers too, and this is what we’ve built to do exactly that:

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14 Responses

  1. G’Day! Spiritualparadigm,
    Very interesting, Many of us into metaphysics are frequently called upon by our “non-New Age” friends and acquaintances to explain ourselves and our metaphysical orientation to them. “What is metaphysics” “What is the ‘New Age?'” “What do you believe in?” “What makes your spirituality different?”
    Nice One!

    • Avatar Tob Williams says:

      I get that sometimes too Expandir Conciencia. The way I see it, sometimes people only become truly aware of the phenomenon once they experience it. For example, can you explain the taste of grapes to someone who have never tried them before? Any description will never be good enough. Until that person really eats some grapes there’s no way of explaining it. Only experience will.
      Explaining meditation or metaphysics belief can sometimes be like that too, in my opinion.

  2. Hey There Spiritualparadigm,
    Very interesting, The Law Of Attraction states simply that what you focus on, is what you get. When you focus on the more spiritual dimensions of human personality development, you tend to exude an uncanny magnetic attraction. Could this attractiveness be derived from an unmotivated state where you do not come across as too needy? A state of independence, then, becomes a sound avenue for self improvement.

    • Avatar Tob Williams says:

      You got an interesting point there. My view on that is: if we’re needing something you’re not in resonance with it, rather in a position of less. If you can become resonant with what you desire, instead of desiring it, you’ll be in much similar resonance with the “object” of desire.

      In my opinion, “healthy independence” can play a huge part in the process of creating that uncanny magnetic attraction in people.

  3. Avatar Anna says:

    This article has been stored like a favorite :), I like your site!

  4. Avatar @blakelund says:

    Could 4 be considered 1111?

    • Avatar Tob Williams says:

      That’s a good question blakelund.

      In my opinion, 1111 and 4 have the same essential numerology meaning but are not the same.

      4 is about order, system, dependability or discipline. Although 1111 is in essence like a 4, it’s also all the higher state aspects of 4 such as the cosmic structure for example. 4 is more at our level, 1111 is more at the “god” or universal intelligence level.

  5. Avatar Bubble Shooter says:

    Hi, thanks for revealing your thinking in Spiritual Shift, Numerology and Repeating Numbers. This is really a very nice blog.

  6. Avatar Giraud says:

    je voudrais trouver des significations cachées dans les phénomènes numéros répétitifs qui s’attendent à une conscience soulever? 3 foi le 18 date de N. PUIS
    UN deuxième,le 8 . et encore un autre le 15. puis le 14; toujours en trois foi?????????

  7. Avatar Joseph says:

    I have been noticing repeated numbers frequently since 2009. The frequency is increasing. There is not a doubt in my mind that it is no coincidence. I feel like I am being communicated with or being sent a message of some kind from the other side or by a divine entity. I am definitely tuned in to something special and looking forward to becoming more aware of any thoughts , feelings and emotions accompanying these events. Cool blog, I will be back .

  8. Avatar Hana says:

    Mine has always been 11:11 either PM or AM, but usually AM. Recently, I’ve seen 3:33 PM – clocks! I always notice or look at my clock at that time.

  9. this is an awesome site

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