Meaning of the number 888

Universal Abundance, Infinite Energy, Magnifying Energy

The number 888 resonates with universal abundance energy, a natural flow of wealth or love. It’s also related to the sense of being a magnifier of energy for both the incredibly big and small.

Seeing the number 888 repeatedly means you’re in resonance with the energy of abundance and that your thoughts and actions may be aligned to achieve objectives. Keeping your thoughts and actions aligned and an overall balanced life (moderation, meditation, lacking of fear, etc.) will allow you to understand the energy flow of 888 and take advantage of its momentum.

The universal intelligence is stronger and flowing more quickly through you during the 888 power. It may be easier to manifest and create in the physical world right now. The number 888 energy is like a river connected to the universal, continuous energy, so if you allow yourself to understand it and are in a balanced state, you’ll be riding that wave to success in whatever you do.

Seeing the number 888 is a go-ahead sign. But remember it’s also related to magnify energy, which means it will expand your energy wherever it may be going. During the power of the 888, you should “go ahead” only when you feel entirely comfortable or “in the state.” If you’re not there yet, take advantage of the clairvoyance and free flowing energies of the 888 to dust away imperfections or prepare for better alternative options.

Cosmic Numbers Numerology Meaning


Perfect entanglement, cosmic communication gateway, ideas manifested


Needed balance and peace, reinforced faith state, patience


Eternity Resonance


Take Notice of Signs


New Energies of Change


High level energy of creation


Listen to Your Inner Strength


Universal abundance, infinite energy


New cycle of cosmic energy, crossing point

Meaning of Elemental and Master numbers.

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