Meaning of the number 999

Renewal, Level Changer, Point for Both Ending and Beginning, Crossing Stage

The number 999 resonates with the energy of completion, changing times(in the sense of perfect closure) and usually marks the exact point where a cycle ends restarting again renewed. It’s related to a point of no return because what was there is no more and the new is already moving forward. It’s similar to the crossing point of no return of a newborn baby or when matter crosses to the other side of a black hole. Under the sign of the 999 energy, there are still parts of the “old” together with a renewed full-range of expanding energy that’s quickly rising. 999 could also mean that something is still needed for completion.

Make sure you have a balanced life (moderation, meditation, lacking fear) if you want to “fully” grasp the power and “teachings” of the both end and beginning paradigm energy of the 999.

The 999 power may be related to a change in your life, a change or upgrade on your purpose, soul energy or environment. The change could be physical, spiritual or both, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a total change. The change could even seem subtle now, yet reveal itself important later on. To your day to day life or the people around you, the change could even not be noticeable at all.

You should seek your gut feeling for hints on what that change or crossing point is. It could be something that needs closure, some tasks that may need to get done, lessons that need to be learned or some part that’s missing to achieve or complete something.

If you’re lost in regards to the real meaning of the 999 at a certain point in your life, you should ask yourself for the needs that need to be prioritized to achieve the goals and what the next steps should be. Maybe you need to simplify something in your life or make it more complicated. It could be something in your work, house, tasks, projects, creations, friends or family, but ultimately, it’s up to you to find that point of change that will be the end of a cycle, a point of no return for the better.

Also, the 999 energy might not necessarily be about putting a stop to the old and get on with the new, but possibly incorporating the old into a new beginning.

Cosmic Numbers Numerology Meaning


Perfect entanglement, cosmic communication gateway, ideas manifested


Needed balance and peace, reinforced faith state, patience


Eternity Resonance


Take Notice of Signs


New Energies of Change


High level energy of creation


Listen to Your Inner Strength


Universal abundance, infinite energy


New cycle of cosmic energy, crossing point

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