Calling On Your Inner Healer

“I have great beauty and light inside of me right now. I tap into all of the knowledge of the Universe.” –Doreen Virtue

Sadness, fear, doubt. Pain, discomfort, struggle. As we move through life, all of these are inevitable. At some point, to some degree, we all will experience the heartache and turmoil of our emotional and physical bodies. You may wonder why that is, why these feelings can’t be avoided. For simplicity’s sake, it can be due to the polar nature of this three-dimensional world.

Every quality here on this planet has a duality; from the densest to the subtle. This is seen our bodies as it is reflected in nature. The earth is hard, static, and solid while the air around it is soft, mobile, and gaseous. There would be no need to say something is hot if it didn’t also have the option to be cold. These opposites are within us, even to the subtlest of emotions.

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow… The greater our capacity to experience happiness may also be our capacity to feel great sadness. Our ability to act bold and courageous also inhabits the same energy to be reserved and afraid. One is not separate from the other but simply expressed or experienced by choice.

Now is when we call on our inner healer – in the time of choice. As we experience our great sufferings and sadness we know through meditation where these might be coming from. Where the root cause of this tinge of pain is triggered and its reasons. So now we have the awareness, but we keep choosing to live in the suffering. Why? Because it’s familiar.

Fear propels so much of our internal pain, but it is also what keeps us living in it even when we know there are other options. It is the simple, primitive cognition that says “the unknown could hold danger”, “how do I trust it.” So as we tend to experience physical and emotional pain, it becomes familiar. And what is now unfamiliar is the feelings of ease, joy, and peace. These now become the feared unknowns that we try to reach for but fail. And it’s simply that – try, reach.

It is in our surrendering that we stop trying to avoid our pain, and we stop reaching and chasing pleasure and joy. Our inner healer wants us to become one. To stop running away from both the failure and the success. We want to avoid failing, but we are also too afraid to succeed because it is too unfamiliar, too unknown, too frightening to live in all our divine potential. But there’s nothing to be afraid of, we are already our divine potential…

In the deepest essence of our truth, we are healed. We are infinite spirits inhabiting a physical body having a human experience. We witness ourselves day in and day out dance the same dance, walk the same walk. We have the ability to observe ourselves and deeply understand that our choices every moment affect our well being. Not many other creatures on this planet have that ability and hindsight.

Yes, we are ego, we are the 5 senses like every other creature, only separated by our identified, autonomous bodies. But as observers, as spirits, as healers of ourselves, we can navigate these senses and steer them where we wish. With complete control, we can say ‘I’ll take a salad over a hotdog’ or ‘I’ll take a cab rather than a dark alley’. We know already what is good for us. And that’s just it – we already know.

When we call on that inner healer, that universal compass to steer us out of the storm, we are involved in the act of remembering. It is divinely written inside every cell and essence of our bodies to heal ourselves. Every part of our being works for us and wants us to live in complete health and harmony. But we are also autonomous which means we must choose this. At some point, the ice cream, the cigarettes, the rollercoaster relationship; they all become wildly less interesting and our well being becomes of the highest appeal.

To choose wellness over sickness and joy over sadness is a full-time job. It is the act of balancing and knowing oneself deeply. But eventually, your inner healer becomes less strained with such effort to act and balance, and becomes habitually intuitive. We just have to remember.

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