World Spiritual University

Where can we find a World Spiritual University, and why is a World Spiritual University needed?

Most of us reading this lines are sensing some awareness shift. And we’re possibly feeling this because we’re expecting to wake up. Or is it because we’re going to wake up that we’re sensing it? I guess it’s the old question of what comes first, the chicken or the egg.  However we may look at this from different angles, but some answers we’re getting are that people are allowing themselves to make the questions that need answering, exactly because they are expecting to wake up. It may seem like a short and easy answer, but that consciousness awakening can be exactly in the direction we need to face to discover what’s to come, and be constantly evolving into a higher, wiser and original state of being.

What is the first knowledge base for the World Spiritual University?

Meditation might be a good way to start, by meditating we’re allowed to develop and raise our consciousness, especially if we do it as a group. It’s about Consciousness awakening of the self, one needs to practice discernment, one needs to search the answers inside because we’re all is precious beyond our imaginations, being left to us the possibility of uncovering our real value.

Are you coming to the University?

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