What Are Coincidences?

“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein

“A coincidence is what you have left over when you apply a bad theory.” Percy Williams Bridgman (American physicist and winner of the 1946 Nobel Prize in Physics)

A coincidence might easily get defined as something that happens and “appears” to be related to something else. It’s easy for people to call many things a coincidence, and probably sometimes it is one, and sometimes it’s not. When coincidences have an actual cause, they are often misinterpreted as mere coincidences, and that’s when we fail to see it for what it is. Let me try to explain it further, the best I can.

For instance, the mere fact of you being “attracted” to this particular article might have an underlying reason in itself. Too far fetched?

In a wider “view” of the universe, or on a broader perspective, everything is moving towards balance. All nature, cosmos and everything we know or see, keeps adjusting itself.
The fact I’m providing this text, and you’re reading it, might be proof that the universe is balancing itself, on some level, right now. Don’t let your conscious mind mislead you, along with your strict rational reasoning, by telling you landed here by chance, Yes, I know Google brought you here, but leave the Newtonian paradigm for a bit and indulge me for a bit if you can.

On this exact page, I’m providing answers (I’m not saying they are correct), which are no more than conscious points of perception to something you’re looking. Is it a chance? Am I answering because you made the question at some point? Is the question yours. Have you picked it up some Newtonian or non-Newtonian way? Maybe I’m just answering something, and you’re asking another, but somehow your question and my answer meet correctly at some level of understanding, bringing you closer to understanding something.

The entanglement theory can predict the behavior of a particle by the behavior of the other. And that happens just the same when particles are next to each other, or light years apart. Since all life must get entangled at some level, coincidences might just be the result of that. They are coincidences, only if we’re not having access to all information. Almost everything is a coincidence to the fool.
Did you know humanity naturally balances the birth of male and female babies, so the species doesn’t die? There’s no chance, and that’s just a mere interpretation of the conscious mind. That happens whether you’re aware of it or not.

So maybe this is the reason why you’re reading these lines and why I have written them. Maybe humankind needs this information out. Someone giving it away and someone receiving it, so conscious points of knowledge can permit the perpetuation of the human species. Isn’t how we go to where we are today?

It is the same reason why chaos might only be apparent, and order might have an underlying purpose. In fact, chaos has an order to it too, check this crowd science study. Isn’t the apparently chaotic and decentralized organization of an open source community another example of a very efficient system too?

The ones who can better understand where the line between a coincidence and a fact is, might be the ones able to use, develop and spread intuitive or points of consciousness that benefit all humankind. They may be relying on their subconscious mĩnd more strongly, being able to access a wider range of information to understand coincidences better and make others understand them better too.

Ever heard about the butterfly flapping its wings, resulting in a hurricane on the other side of the world? It’s the same principle, someone experiencing the storm isn’t aware of the butterfly, but it exists nevertheless. And it’s not a coincidence. Or is it?

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