How to Meditate – The Easy Way

Meditating is in its essence effortless, it’s a joy, and soon enough you might find it’s something you’ll be looking forward and will want to do, whenever you find the time.

Nevertheless, and if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re still finding that genuine feeling that comes with meditation. I was there too. As with all great things, the ones worthwhile, they don’t come easy. I’m here to help you with this process. The beginning is not easy, but once you figure it out, the path to enlightenment starts to take shape, and from then on you’ll understand what I mean.

If you’re completely new to meditation, fear not, this will be a very pleasant ride, and since I believe in the KISS principle, I’ll summarize the process in a simple, but not a simplistic way, to help you reach your enlightenment.

How to Meditate

  • Meditate at least 10 minutes Daily

I started with this part because I believe this is the most important step for anyone willing to find what meditation is. The focus here is on the word daily. Even if you start with only 3 minutes daily, or meditate for 15 minutes in one day and two on the other, the important part is that you make it daily.Nevertheless, if you’re starting on meditation, 10 minutes is, in fact, the least recommended period so you can begin starting to enter a meditative state.

Do this every day, even if you feel stupid while doing it. When that happens(it happened to me), that’s a sign that you don’t get it yet, but if you keep on doing it, you’ll get it.

Feel free to increase this period, as you feel for it and your enjoyment. Especially on those occasions where you feel you’re entering a calmer state and that meditating is feeling good to you.

  • Prepare your Meditation
Pillow Position for a Comfortable Lotus Position

Pillow Position for a Comfortable Lotus Position

To meditate always wear comfortable clothes and seat yourself in a quiet place. Always seat yourself with your back completely straight, but in a natural, relaxed way. It is not to get yourself wrong body position during your meditation process. You can start on a chair, or in any comfortable position. You can try the lotus or half lotus position to enhance the flow of your body energies during meditation.

To be very comfortable in the lotus position, you should place a pillow in a way that your feet are not on top of the pad. It will give your legs some leverage that allows you to stay in a lotus position for a very long time if you wish so.

  • Start to Meditate

For the ones new to meditation the best technique is Buddha’s Vipassana technique, which consists only on focusing on your breathing. The word Vipassana means watching. Pashya means to see, and Passana means to see very carefully. Vipassana is about seeing accurately, but without thinking. You are just there, sitting silently, doing nothing.

So start breathing slowly but naturally. Don’t get too tense with the breathing process, soon enough you’ll find that you’ll stabilize your breathing. The breathing should always be slow and exactly periodic in time. The slower you breathe the more you’re entering into a meditative state.

While meditating, you’ll notice your mind will wander off with spontaneous thoughts. Let those thoughts arise and go on their own. Do not force yourself into not having those thoughts, and don’t judge yourself, just go back to your breathing and your breathing only.  If the ideas keep coming, one of the things I found helpful in the beginning was to think to myself “breathe in … breathe out” while meditating. Of course, this should be a little tricky, but don’t get used to it, to meditate is also about not to talk and not to think.
The importance of the breathing is that if you can watch your breath, then it will be easy for you to watch your thoughts.

Meditate with your eyes closed, half-open, or completely open. Do what suits you better. For me, I find it easier to meditate with my eyes closed or half closed, though I do recommend you do it with your eyes half closed. Also, I found it harder to meditate with my eyes wide open, but it provided me a much more rewarding aspect which was taking the advantages of the meditative state on daily situations (when we’re with the eyes open).

  • Continue to Meditate

You can find lots of resources on the Internet about the meditative effects. I will not go into it in this article, but I’ll tell you the following. No one can tell you about the effects of meditation. Someone explaining to you what the meditative effects will bring to your life is like explaining sour or sweet to someone who never tasted it. Meditation is about the experience. Unless you “taste” it and experience its effects, you’ll never know. No words would be enough to explain meditation to you unless you tried it out.

When you reach higher in your meditation technique, you will not need to focus on your breathing anymore, the reflection will come naturally to you, even when you’re not meditating. At that time, your meditation was about nothingness. While meditating, your ego will disappear, your thoughts will not come up unrequested, you’ll understand no locality, and you’ll experience “nothingness of being,” which is where all pure essence is, and all the benefits that come with it.

I’m sure there’s plenty more to meditate to this, but I’m still on that path to joy. I hope I helped you use and understand meditation for you a little bit more, and I wish you happy and rewarding meditations.

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  1. Avatar Kudil says:

    Just was wondering if you have ever used a program like binaural beats, or Holosync. These are meditation programs that help you take things to a whole new level by bringing your mind to a certain state,by using sound.I am a massive Bill Romanowski fan since your days in Denver. I have never seen some one with such complete dedication and devotion to both family and life its self. Your book is incredible and if I ever have a child it will be a required reading. Thank you for being a good, hard working driven human being. I have run into you before in person and you are very caring and centered. A huge pleasure to see you in person.I will keep my eye on this site and look forward to seeing what else is on your plate.Take care and stay healthy.Damon

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