The Truth about Mantras

Words spoken can have a strong impact on our consciousness. If somebody speaks harsh words to you, it is disturbing. It creates a psychological reaction in you and affects your state of mind. Similarly, mantras, when chanted, affect our mind and consciousness on a very subtle level. It is unscientific to believe that chanting of mantras does not influence our body and mind.

A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can influence the weather conditions on another continent, and this phenomenon, scientists have termed as the “butterfly effect”. Spiritual practices and mantra chanting bring positive vibrations not only within us but also in the atmosphere; it brings about a shift from a negative state of mind towards a more positive one. Darkness turns to light!

How did the mantras come to be? Mantras were revealed to the ancient rishis (saints) as they sat in meditation; they have originated from an intuitive space, and have been passed on to us through the ages. The mantra “OM” is the sound that resonates throughout the universe. It is the seed and the sound of creation; it is called the sound of “one hand clapping”.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist has done a fascinating research on how different words when spoken alter the arrangement of water molecules. Dr. Emoto realized that water has memory and went on to photograph (and see with the physical eye) how frozen water crystals when exposed to different sounds, take different shapes.

It was found that water blessed with chants or exposed to classical music like that of Mozart’s formed beautiful, immaculate snowflake-like shapes, and the same water crystals when addressed with words like “I hate you” or exposed to angry heavy-metal music, took distorted shapes.

Dr. Masaru Emoto research with water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto research with water.

Our body is 70 percent water and our planet too is mostly water, and it is quite obvious that chanting of mantras deeply impacts our thoughts, for a thought is nothing but an impulse of energy.

The way a mantra works can be explained very scientifically and it is a misconceived notion that chanting is just a ritual and it is only for religiously inclined people. Any person can take part in chanting and benefit from it.

To sum it up, I would say a mantra is a vehicle to achieve a meditative state of mind, a state of centeredness and stillness. It is from such a pure state of consciousness that love and gratitude dawns, a much-needed transformation that can cure the world of its stress, violence, and conflict.

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