Life Path 5 – Constructive Freedom

A 5 life path person must learn the exhilaration of the constructive use of freedom. There can be much variety, change, unusual happenings, unforeseen adventure. The 5 will feel that he’s capable at almost any task, that he’s talented in a number of directions. 5s must learn how to pick and choose, how to seek experiences which will be of benefit, how to discard those activities that aren’t working and how to profit from every experience. 5s must learn not to waste his time or scatter forces.

Positive Characteristics

  • Versatile and active. Can do almost anything. Can do many things with superior talent. Always involved with something new, different or progressive.
  • Clever. An inborn ability to accomplish what he wants. Usually a quick thinker and a good ability to analyze. This ability isn‘t always used to further his best interests.
  • Restless and impatient. May have difficulty sticking to a task. May give up an experience because of a desire to try something new, not because of completion of the first experience.
  • Occasionally, becomes quite erratic.
  • Loves change. Wants to travel. to see unusual places, unusual people, have exciting adventures. Usually, has difficulty and is unhappy with routine tasks.
  • Delightful companion. Can inspire and delight with his enthusiasm (as long as others are not put off by the sudden changes in direction.)
    ‘ Enthusiastic. Tackles each new experience with renewed enthusiasm.
  • The eternal youth. The excitement of life keeps him forever young.

Negative Expression

A 5 can occasionally be overwhelmed by his opportunities. A 5 can move from thing to thing with maddening speed. It can change direction at the speed of light. It can get lost in overindulgence with little sense of the negative effects. The 5 can be so erratic that people around him get frustrated trying to keep up. Usually, the 5 is frustrated with himself, but the excitement of each new adventure keeps him going. A very occasional 5 is hesitant about using his freedom. He will retreat into a safe (for him) type of situation. A corporate job, a stable family and keeping up with old friends. The changes and uncertainties that follow a 5 will still be there, but he will not handle or be at ease with dealing with them. He will be frustrated with his safety, annoyed at the changes and uncertainty, but not willing to risk to learn about freedom.

General thoughts

5s often enjoy freedom with little understanding of the constructive use of freedom. The vast amount of opportunities from which to choose makes it difficult to be concerned about the constructive or non-constructive use of freedom. When the 5 changes to a more positive expression of change, uncertainty and opportunity, the growth of the person with 5 life-path can be a joy to behold.



3-Joy of Life

4 Order, Service

5 Constructive Freedom

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