How to determine the accuracy of Premonitions

It’s usually tough to be sure about any premonition or hunches. There are so many factors involved that the real challenge is distinguishing false alarms from the accurate ones.

The first difficulty when distancing the right hunches from the fake ones is deciding on their source. Mostly, whether the premonition is coming from the conscious or the subconscious mind. From my experience, if the hunch is more a result of thought or past conscious experiences, the probability of that hunch being accurate is very slim. On the other side, if the premonition is more subconsciously based, meaning it comes from feeling, suddenly spawned ideas and physical manifestations, the likelihood of it being accurate is way higher.

Analyzing a hunch is always a multi-factorial situation. Science can’t easily measure them, and they change according to the environment (everything around the event), the person experiencing it and the person’s past life events and others.

For example, paranoid individuals who see danger lurking everywhere might skew the results towards a conclusion. The same goes for the hypochondriac who sense disease everywhere. A person who had a bad experience in a train might feel a “false positive” hunch when entering a train years later. Nevertheless, it’s important never to discard these just because a person might have skewed factors, but they can provide some pointers to the overall analysis of the possible premonition situation.

Analyzing a Premonition

From my experience, an accurate premonition can come in the form of a feeling or a dream.

  • Feeling
  • By feeling, I mean both emotional and bodily feelings. Such include a sense of something being right or wrong, a feeling in every cell of the body, avoiding or getting attracted towards something, a thought coming fast into the conscious mind moments before an event or entering an event location. It’s not easy to differentiate those “higher intelligence” feelings from the usual ones coming from the conscious mind. Some activities such as daily meditation can help the person distinguish them out.

  • Dreams
  • When in a dream, people usually report that the dreams that become accurate premonitions are those that seem very real (commonly known as lucid dreams).
    Those dreams usually have many references towards inner wisdom, information that seem to come from somewhere outside the dreamer’s mind (you’ll understand it when it happens).

Pitfalls to Avoid When Determining the Accuracy of Premonitions

You probably already had a feeling that something wasn’t right or an idea about something about to happen. One big pitfall people having those feelings is not realizing a very significant factor: fear.

If what you’re perceiving comes out of fear, that will negatively skew the accuracy of the hunch. You must analyze everything about a hunch with no fear at all. Once you see things through the filter of fear you reduce your ability to see things for what they are, meaning seeing the truth about a possible premonition.

It means that if the hunch feeling gets based upon a fear based factor, that might mean the hunch is not a real information from the universal knowledge, but resulting in a conscious apprehension.

Steps for Determining the Accuracy of Premonitions

  1. Free yourself from fear, worries and any other thoughts. Get in touch with your inner knowledge.
  2. You should get a sense of how you feel. Is every cell in your body screaming danger? Is there a sense of unease? Listen to your thoughts, but mostly how you and your body feels about it.
  3. If possible, come back later to the same local or event. Does the feeling change from the last time?

Further Factors to Account For

Be wary of whether the feeling spontaneously happens or if it’s the result of several conscious mental processes.

Remember the conscious mind might exaggerate the sense of unease or danger.

To some people, the premonition abilities seem to be highly developed, while others might not be so much in harmony with that side of them. It is normal. Just as some of us can run the marathon, swim in icy water, others don’t.

You can enhance your ability to sense the accuracy of premonitions by meditating. Meditation allows you to calm the mind, see clearly, release fear and get in touch with your inner knowledge that can help you measure the accuracy of hunches.

If you want to help someone understand the accuracy of their premonitions, help them by example. The same way the idea of “monkey see, monkey do” system works, perhaps sharing some of the ideas in this article and your experience on the matter might help the person better understand their phenomena.

Please share with us the thoughts or experiences you may have regarding this fact, so to help us all better understand premonitions and how they work. The more we know about the premonition and precognition abilities, the more people will make it work so to help themselves and others.

If you have a premonition, you can also share it at out hunch report. Maybe your information can help people.

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    Testing before writing my comment

  2. Avatar Geeta says:


    On Saturday 23 July, I woke up very disturbed. I told my husband about this dream which was too vivid to be a dream I said to him: my 3-year old Labrador raised her paw to show me how it had been mutilated, it all seemed so real and she was as if begging to me to do something. Usually on Saturdays or Sundays my husband lets our 7 dogs roam a bit in the big grounds behind our house, these grounds are uninhabited. I said to my husband I was not going to allow that this Saturday as there was some grave, impending danger awaiting the dogs. At least this was the sentiment the dream left me with. My husband agreed not to let the dogs out. My daughter woke up 15 min later to tell us that she had dreamt that somebody had thrown some red powder at Doug, our black 10-year old dog. The dream was very distressing she said. They had poisoned Doug, my daughter said, they did it through the small gate.

    That morning itself we started noticing that something was wrong with the dogs. They had lost their appetite, did not eat this morning and were starting to pant a little although it was winter and there was no reason for them to pant. We took them to the vet. They gradually got very ill and were diagnosed with respiratory failure and acute renal failure, with blood urea as high as 450. In spite of everything that we did, over the 7 days that followed, Doug and another 3 of our dogs died after considerable suffering. We insisted that the vets examine the 3 Labradors, the vets said they were fine, I insisted on them having all blood tests, the diagnosis was moderate renal failure. All the dogs had been poisoned. Treatment was given to the Labradors and today 14 days on, we have been able to save them. Clinically, they were seemingly fine but the premonitory dream made me insist on relevant tests and helped to save our 3 Labradors. We are still suffering from the terrible loss . Our dogs were loved very much and were like our children.

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