Extremely Vivid Dreams Explanation

If you’re unsure that what you had was a lucid dream, chances are you didn’t. When a lucid dream happens, you’ll probably spot some very distinct signs about it. Let’s look into the tale-tell signs indicating you may be having lucid dreams.

First, let me point out that I’m not a medical doctor, nor is my formation medical related, so you should read this text only in the sense of one possible explanation for this phenomenon. Please visit your doctor If you believe you have had a health condition associated with intense dream experiences. Such medical conditions do exist and may be related to infections, vitamin B6 overdosing, diabetes, bipolar disorder, Narcolepsy or others.

Much has been said about lucid dreaming and I don’t think to be an expert on the matter, far from it. I’m just sharing my experience. Maybe everyone’s take on the subject will get us all closer to understanding what a lucid dream is.

From my experience, the person experiencing extremely vivid or lucid dreaming will spot distinct differences in relation to the “normal” dreams.

Signs Pointing out to Vivid or Lucid Dreams Being so Real


  • Extremely Graphic
  • There’s usually no fuzzy or smoggy images going on.

  • Very Detailed
  • It’s common those dreams have very intricate plots, events, machinery or locations. Things going on in them are somehow different and strangely extremely detailed. Sometimes they are even full of revealing truths.

  • Extremely Vivid
  • The sounds, feelings, smells, interactions and events are really well defined.

  • Information Seems to be Coming From Somewhere Outside The Mind
  • When applicable, the information conveyed to us in the dream does not seem to come from our amazing mind’s ability. Certain things in those dreams seem too outlandish for our amazing subconscious mind to think. Somehow, some information seems to be coming from somewhere outside ourselves.

The Difference Between Vivid, Lucid Dreams And The “Normal” Ones

In my case, I’ve had occasional lucid dreams, but I almost absolutely know the difference between a vivid and a “normal” dream. They are two distinct things, and my mind seems to spot the differences during and after the dream.
They are very different on so many levels that it becomes evident to distinguishing them out. In my case, extremely lucid dreams can come and go, but when they do, they happen multiple times in one night or multiple consequent nights. This happens rarely. When I have lucid dreams, they may begin shortly after feeling that groggy, sleepy feeling before falling asleep. Most times when they happen, it’s one dream after another, as if watching several movies in a row during the entire night. Sometimes, there is a whole “story” that run across the different dreams. When having lucid dreams, I typically feel tired in the next day.

The bottom line is, during lucid dreams I feel like going into another dimension, whatever that may mean. I say this because what usually happens is I wake up right after the dream, think about it and find it weird. Then I fall asleep again, and “emerge” into another dream (same “story” or another).
This waking and sleeping process usually repeats itself during that same night. It’s like a dimension shift roller coaster you embark on, from time to time.

One thing I notice is when the dreams are extremely vivid and lucid, the places, events or situations are too out there, too outside our reality, or even too outside what I believe to be the capacity of the mind to think them out in such detail and different paradigms-

In contrast to the “normal” dreams, weird things may happen too, but it’s a different kind of weird. For example, let’s say that kind of dream when you’re walking naked on the streets, that’s a regular kind of strange, something your mind could usually think about.
But when in lucid dreaming, things get into a new strange. It’s stranger than strange when things seem too out there, too outside the way things would usually go. It’s almost as if lucid dreams were too outside of this world.

Some Examples

The walking naked example dream could be related to fear or shame. You don’t expect to start walking naked on the street, but it’s strange you can relate to and inside the realm of what your mind could think. It’s something our subconscious mind can easily be saying to your conscious self during the dream.

In lucid dreaming, important things seem to be revealed to you, the most amazing conversations happen, the most revealing things get discussed, events and happenings seem too real, too graphic, too colorful, too outside the “box.” Plus, all the events and interactions are completely outside the normal perception of the world we’re used to when awake. It’s as if absolutely everything in that dream is surely coming from everywhere, except your mind.

Things like: walking into elevators that turn into some vehicle that’s operated mechanically by its occupants. Things everybody in the “dream” use and you find yourself going like, – OK, I’m not going to freak out over this because apparently this seems normal to everyone else here.

In a lucid dream, it may sometimes happen that you’re in bed watching things roll by in the room. We may talk to or be seeing things. It seems that I’m maybe sleeping with the eyes closed and seeing things through the third eye (Pineal gland) alone. Maybe when the gland is activated, somehow we’re allowed to see things our eyes alone can’t.

It’s my understanding that those dimensions are always there, and not for our dreams only. They’ve their workings, particularities, and events. Possibly, these realities may be open for us to see and participate, but we somehow haven’t found a way to access them outside dreaming. Reality may, in fact, be stranger than fiction.

The multiple dimension theory (Multiverse) and the things outside of this world

The multiverse theory is not new and many scientists seem to support it and finding other supporting confirming theories.
There seem to be multiple universes that hold similar to completely different worlds to our own. In theory, it may be possible to interact with them since they’re all part of the same system. Maybe we just need to find ways of doing so.

Ideas that that point out to parallel dimensions and realities outside this world

  • Physical repercussions resulting from the vivid dreams
  • People often report finding parts of the body aching as if they had been in a fight, working out, running or having intense physical activity. But interesting enough, some people sleep together with their partner and they don’t seem to notice any activity during the vivid dreams. But for the person experiencing it, it seems real and may have physical repercussions on the physical body.
    It may suggest the activity during vivid dreams can happen on some non-Newtonian paradigm or at least the mind is making them real.

  • Lucid dreams seem too real or strange even to our subconscious mind
  • Lucid dreams are too real to be just dreams. People often report the smells, events and people interactions to be a little bit too real. Some people say they don’t believe what happened in the dream to come from the mind alone.
    People often report they don’t know how lucid dreams can create such incredible scenarios and architecture that they have never seen before in movies, real life or wherever. The “scripting” and the emotions of the lucid dreams are always so intricate and so well defined they can’t grasp where all this information’s coming.

Preliminary Conclusion

For me, what happens is once they get aligned with these other dimensions we have access to them (possibly just possible during sleep, because we haven’t found another way yet).
The real revelation to me is all those dimensions, times, worlds exist regardless us dreaming them or not, so they may be happening at the same time we’re living our waking life. We may be in constant interaction with it, even when awake, but we may not be aware of it consciously. We may be blocking that information deliberately for being too outside our perception of reality. Ultimately, it’s up to us to explore and understand it.

For those experiencing vivid dreams, we can’t exclude the possibility of people living a life besides their normal waking life. The fact is they are living a pure Newtonian life during the day and a spiritual/non-Newtonian/other dimensions/remote viewing life during the night. They may both be real, and science is even supportsĩng the notion (Quantum physics, entanglement theory, string theory, etc.) so it’s up to us to try and understand what they are, how to interact with and what they may mean in our lives.

All the possible causes of this phenomena I can think of could include other dimensions, outside Earth intelligence and worlds as well as yet unknown (or poorly understood) energies in other realms like human ancestors, universal wisdom, collective human knowledge, and others.

Science has been studying this phenomenon outside the strict Newtonian “eyes” and each time diving more deeply into the energy / spiritual / non-Newtonian realm. Opening up to new possibilities may allow us to see the bigger picture and get closer to the right questions and answers.

Are lucid / vivid dreams happening to you? I would love to read your explanation and experience regarding them.

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Kiki says:

    Lucid dreams… Quite a number of years ago in the aftermath of some deep traumatic experiences which I was trying to recover from through understanding what took place I got the most amazing poetry coming though at night.
    These poems were all messages for me to decipher. However I found them very difficult to understand at that time.
    I was just awed by what was coming through. I was using colourful words I did not even know the meaning of and I was amazed by my ‘writing ability’.
    It took me decades before I started to understand the messages behind these poems, although I think I was ‘supposed’ to understand and decipher them at the time.
    This happened so much that I kept a pen by my bed and wrote things down while still half asleep.

  2. Avatar blank says:

    I’ve experienced extremely vivid dreams since I was a child. I always wake up exhausted with strange bruises and pains. They aren’t like normal dreams. I feel them. They become real memories to me. I have some places that I see regularly when I have these dreams and sometimes it’s somewhere completely new and different. I’ve even sought medical attention because of them and they always say I’m normal. It’s just ‘stress’. I can’t accept that just yet.

  3. Avatar Jayden (18) says:

    Ever since I was a kid I have had very vivid dreams that have created so many different scenarios, characters, monsters, emotions, physical and mental fear at night. Thinking about dreams and talking about them with people I can think off the top of my head what seems like hundreds of different dreams that I’ve had throughout my life. They are all so vivid and I find it so fascinating that someone can experience these types of dreams, and it saddens me so much I can never really go back and see them all again, because from what I remember from them, they were very adventurous, crazy, and it would just be incredible to experience it all again I think. But I have often questioned if it may even be my spirit astral projecting from when I was a child, and my soul travelling to different places around the world with the subconscious of my mind possibly filling in some details but mostly my soul just envisioning the places it was located. I remember in all my dreams it would seem like either someone didn’t want me there or a lot of the time if I encountered someone they would often question why I was in that certain location at the time, almost as if I was an intruder like my soul didn’t belong there, but I was just a kid and I didn’t know how to control my spiritual side as much. Its a crazy concept but it just seems too crazy that the mind could recreate whole different places with so much detail. I have experienced what you explained with the three different categories with lucid, vivid, and normal and picked up right away almost as if you didn’t need to explain it. That is just my experience with dreams but they intrigue me so much I would love to research them as a job at one point.

  4. Avatar iamdazey says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve always had very vivid dreams, but for the past few months I’ve had the most incredible “dreams”. I’m tired upon waking, and it doesn’t feel like a dream. It feels like I’m experiencing other possibilities of me and my life. The possibility of other dimensions was brought up by a friend, and it made me feel so relieved, because that’s what this kind of “dream” feels like to me. It’s faaaaar beyond any dream interpretation book I’ve ever read. It isn’t upsetting, actually it’s….making me wonder why this is happening. Am I supposed to do something with this? I don’t want the dreams to stop happening, I just want to understand what I’m supposed to do with it, I guess.

  1. May 7, 2016

    […] that the dreams that become valid premonitions are those that seem very real (commonly known as lucid dreams). Those dream usually have many references towards inner wisdom, information that seem to come from […]

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