What is Spiritual Computing and How it’s Being Massified

Spiritual computing is a technology that enhances the spiritual experience of digital users.

For the ones with an ideal way of thinking, spiritual computing can also be defined as a digital spiritual consciousness. The digital spiritual knowledge is the result of a higher conscious state, mostly in the form of digital information about human emotions, needs, choices and inner feelings. That information is widely shared within the digital world (machines) to provide an exponential increase of a new paradigm of digital knowledge, otherwise exclusively human.

According to Illah Norubakhsh, an associate professor of robotics at the Carnegie Mellon University, “Web 3.0 is robotics”. So Web 3.0 harbors the perfect developing conditions where spiritual computing will play at it’s best, possibly being a significant developing milestone to the robotics and spiritual computing technology alike, to a level never before experienced by humankind.

The human-machine interaction is growing before our own eyes, and 2011 harbors the beginning conditions for “Spiritual Computing” to develop and thrive in the digital world.

The new paradigm of spiritual computing is grounding it’s rooted more firmly, partly due to factors like the recent “explosion” of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which can give significant contributions to the study of human behavior. Technological advances in Artificial Intelligence and the fast developing social media platforms are increasing the demand for new spiritual solutions. All these factors will help bridge the digital with the real world to please human needs better.

In spiritual computing, the word spiritual mostly refers to the cultivation of information, wisdom, compassion, feelings awareness, and a consciousness state in the form of a new paradigm where the line dividing the thought and technology is getting dimmer by the day.

The long-term cultivated ethical questions and answers provided by all the spiritual disciplines around the world got us used to a religious sense of the spiritual definition. But in this new reborn spiritual sense, the “new age” spiritual awareness phenomena tries to unite humans and machines into a mutual “spiritual growth” providing new chances for both to thrive.

Timothy Leary once said “Consciousness is energy received by structure,” so we may, in fact, be witnessing the development of digital knowledge. The digital consciousness gets driven by the increased “structure” given by a new larger experience (more consciousness) resulting from the union between human spirituality and spiritual computing. A symbiosis, 2 becoming one.
It might as well be the missing link computer science needs, to form the next big step of machine evolution, and the explosion to a more human artificial intelligence.

Probably, spiritual computing will emerge as a key design principle in software, affecting all the fields in our society: industry, entertainment, games, computer searches, home technologies, education, social platforms, literally anything you can think. The “spiritual” sky is the limit.

Spiritual Computing might also become a changing factor in religions, governments, and society in general. There is a sense that spiritual computing can have a transforming effect on ideologies, or at least be used as a transformation tool in ways we’re not even anticipating as possible. (or forms of control)

The birth and development of a spiritual paradigm shift got impelled by the interaction between the spiritual computing and it’s interaction with humans. It may have a catalyzing effect on a humankind evolutionary consciousness and spiritual shift and can be enhanced, and developed in entirely new ways with the help of the spiritual computing process

The Dangers of Spiritual Computing

Humanity developing path along with spiritual computing technology can have the opposite effect by allowing a wider, but heavily controlled information exchange process, that can also cause the dumbing down of its users. This technology has the power of influencing a more pervasive interaction with its users, and that will more quickly provide worthless or biased information, rather than multicultural, multi-ideology, scientific based, meaningful information.

Only time will tell what will happen, but nevertheless, the melting of human spirituality with and spiritual computing seems to be the natural way to go in the long run, so any different scenario might not be possible.

One thing seems logic, though, the development of the machine consciousness will eventually lead to machines being smarter than man at some point. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, but some fringe scientist points out to 2025 as the year where technology could be able to outsmart humans.

Ideology – What can Spiritual Computing do for You

In a general way, the religion associations with spirituality should be disregarded when addressing spiritual computing. It is because the spiritual computing technology can be a Pandora box for a “new age” meaningful experience, where the human interactions on a physical and spiritual level might be placed on top a new renaissance spiritual paradigm.
Your spiritual quest can, in fact, be enhanced by spiritual computing, allowing a geometrical growth in the spiritual conscious, as a result of the spiritual computing technology.

Certainly inspiring software applications to a spiritually hungry world are on the way. The ability of “Connecting” to your meditation group, or with users sharing the experience of Ramadan on-line, or listening to Dalai Lama’s last thoughts in real-time on your smartphone, augmented reality, etc…

Being able to connect spiritually with other humans more interactively,  and more machine tuned, might develop a more human awareness that humanity ever did in the past, and we might be closer than you think.

Augmented reality can be personalized by factors like your mood, time of the month, nearby friends location, awareness, or whatever definitions you set or allow, or other factors that you may, or may not, be aware off.

The possibilities are endless, and we’re just catching up a glimpse of the available possibilities to us all in a near future.

Craig Warren Smith ads a piece to the pie of Spiritual Computing

Craig Warren Smith adds a piece to the pie of Spiritual Computing

Have I seen this before?

Buddhism is a good comparison example when addressing the spiritual computing technology. Buddhism have developed enormous expertise on the matter of how to enhance the quality of its users experience.
The spiritual computing technology challenges itself to do just that, by enhancing the quality of the user’s experience in a more articulated digital world, will allow a new range of possibilities that will potentially develop the human awareness and information relations.

Spiritual computing, according to a former Harvard professor Craig Warren Smith, is “an enhanced human freedom”. Only time will tell, but apparently both machines and humans are more than up and ready for it.

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