The 3 Laws of the Subconscious Mind and How to Use Them

It’s the subconscious mind that seems to be running the show. According to Ph.D. Bruce Lipton, it turns out that our life is about 99% controlled by the subconscious mind.
Scientists now agree that we’re not in full control of our life, though it may appear differently to our conscious self. This fact might not be such a bad thing because the subconscious mind has lots more processing power than our conscious mind. Ultimately, it’s a matter of knowing how to use the vast subconscious mind powers to unleash abilities we might not know we have.

The Conscious Mind Illusion

Most times, we believe that perceptions get molded only by the conscious mind, but the fact is the subconscious plays a critical role in that. Our conscious perceptions might be somewhat of an illusion made out of the constructions that only exist inside our mind, and reality might be something entirely different. That is why “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”-Anais Nin.
Knowing this fact alone might make us think of what reality might be and our role in it. Maybe this kind of knowledge may come in handy if we’re trying to find the next big business idea, a solution for humankind, or just help ourselves evolve or surpass difficulties.

Sometimes, answers aren’t found, or the right questions don’t emerge because we’re only looking for answers inside our conscious mind, instead of reaching our subconscious mind to “aim higher” up to collective subconscious or whatever is out there to get found.
One of the strategies for achieving something with the subconscious mind is knowing how to program it.

How To Program the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind can, and is in fact, re-programmed throughout our entire life. All the events, feelings and experiences allow a constant subconscious and conscious mind reprogramming. The importance of these “programs” is that unless we can reprogram the right programs into the subconscious mind, our experiences, awareness, successes, needs, and duties may never reach its full potential.

Successful and happy people do that exactly, they re-program the subconscious the “right way”, even if they are not aware that they’re doing exactly that. Some people may well be re-programming the subconscious mind correctly, and perceiving their success as a conscious mind effect, when in fact, the conscious part is playing a minimal role in the process.
People that seem to use this awareness factor in a successful manner are in fact allowing the free flow of information between their conscious and unconscious minds, to their own advantage.

Our life, decisions, believes, mistakes, achievements, patterns, addictions and thoughts are the result of “programs”, and those “programs” are the structure that shapes what we are right now.

The Inner Workings of the Subconscious Mind

In order to be able to program the subconscious mind, it’s important to have in mind the inner-works of the consciousness system, right from thought to action:

Universe Subconscious–>Subconscious mind–>conscious mind–>action

Universe Subconscious is what can be called the divine, the spiritual, the “grand strategy”, the source, the fractal geometry representation of everything that exists, the reason why we’re all here, the reason why things are the way they are, some even call it god, etc…

The subconscious and the conscious mind are the result of structure energy.

Action is the manifestation of thought.

The 3 laws of the subconscious mind presented next, are laws because they are always working, no matter you’re being aware of them or not.

The 3 Laws of the subconscious mind

i) The subconscious is an always working wireless system. It connects to other subconscious systems for information sharing. Information is more easily shared between similar leveled atomic vibratory states subconscious minds.*

ii) The subconscious is the direct link between the Universe Subconscious and the conscious mind. It acts as a, possibly unique, communicating system between both.

iii) The subconscious mind is an always working recording system. It is re-programmed when information gets encapsulated with feeling or overly repeated over time.

* The atomic connection between similar vibrational state particles can be observed in the entanglement theory.


String Theory Entangled

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  1. November 20, 2014

    […] Consciousness is evolving rapidly and widely as humanity perceptions about Quantum science phenomena are becoming mainstream. Since more people are getting familiarized with quantum and spiritual phenomena, more people will be able to see its effects, because we’re no islands and we all influence each other more than we imagine, specially if we’re referring to spiritual or quantum aspects. Spiritual and quantum ideas spread out more easily than words because they are tied up with subconscious thinking , so they spread out with the help of global consciousness (subconscious mind communication). […]

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