How To Move Towards a More Merit Based Society

Moving into a merit-based society implies giving more importance to personal merit, instead of traditional ways of power.But what does it mean?

The change in a more merit-based society means a paradigm shift of an organizational system based on a mass industrialized, financially based society, into a more 21st century way of thinking, which got more socially targeted for the self, more productive, information and science whiz.

Just looking at the power of the Internet, for instance. The Internet is an excellent tool for providing means for the education of a society hungry for knowledge. In fact, it is the extreme power that the Internet has on society, that could be the trigger into a more merit-based society approach, instead of a financial reward only paradigm.

A perfect society is what people seek. Even if the concept of perfection is an always a moving target, it is nevertheless the direction humanity will naturally tend to.

So moving into a merit-based society is a step into a more perfect, efficient, fair and harmonized system. And besides being a step, it is, as stated above, the typical future tendency of events, so the question is not if this society paradigm shift will occur,  but when. And to answer the when many factors are at stake, being one the information freedom and the spiritual level of people’s engagement with this issue.

Starting With the Basics

It is a fact that humanity is living on a planet called Earth. It’s also a fact that even though with all the scientific and technological advancements, humanity still needs to find ways to “pay” for their most basic survival needs, even if that means doing something not directly linked with understanding or personal development.

This idea might seem a bit far-fetched, as to the notion of “paying” for necessary sustenance, but think about it this way. It doesn’t mean not working (doing something towards society) and getting a home and food on the table. It implies that society should improve the efficiency of its inhabitants so that each person should find their abilities(area of expertise) to contribute towards the society. And society, being on a large-scale, or by individual effort allows for people’s basic needs in return for their most efficient work. It has nothing to do with communism. It’s a way of allowing each the liberty to use the merit in an open and free environment, instead of an artificial system of speculation, hidden and not so hidden powers.

This fact alone a good indicator of how wrong things really can be on this planet Earth. Why does humanity is still starving in so many places on the globe? Eating, breathing, as well as the shelter is a vital thing everybody needs, and should be entitled to, in a natural and sane society. Even so, here is humanity, with all its hight tech and scientific advancements, but still yet unable to figure out a way to get this simple task solved.

We can put a man on the moon, we can clone a life being, but we can’t find a way to solve our most basic needs like eating? What are we, stupid?

Surely, in a merit-based society, where scientists and people of knowledge are in power to change the way humanity develops itself, there will be a way to solve this problem?

When science can’t solve an extremely basic human problem of sustenance for all, then what for is science?
It doesn’t make much sense that science is making quantum level discoveries about the universe, and can’t guarantee the basic needs of life. All would capitalize over that kind of knowledge.

A Society Killing it Self?

Another thing to think about is war. After all the lessons learned from all past battles, after all, our technological, spiritual, and social advancements, after science proving we’re all originated from the same family, we all have the same cells, the same genome, yet we’re still at war with each other and killing our brothers?
We’re all on the same planet, we should be fighting for the same ideals and objectives, yet we’re still killing ourselves. What are we, stupid?

Why Is This Happening?

It all comes down to this fact. Our society got structured in a way where institutionalization and financial power is at the base of our organizational system. Most people live on this Earth in a daily struggle to find ways to provide for life most basic needs. Instead of living an enjoyable life, advancing spiritually, culturally, and knowledge wise (understanding who and where we are), were in a financial reward rat race.

The economic paradigm had an absolute importance in the development of humanity, but now, the outcome regarding society benefit has already reached its peak. Financial model has been necessary to serve as a scaled abstraction of trade, that in turn spiked up ambition and provided for technological, cultural and social humanity enhancements.

Anyway , in a 21st century society facing the need for a spiritual and self-enhancement, the current financial reward / dogma based paradigm society is becoming a true setback in terms of human evolution.

But what does this mean? Should we erase everything society has built over the years and build things from scratch? Not necessarily, there is only the need to make our global society more human-like, and as stated before that’s the natural way things tend to go.

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