Changing Humanity For The Better (How To)

To change, Humanity needs only one little point of energy to spark the change. It only needs one spark, one thought, one idea, one love. That and acting upon it. That’s it, no more and no less.

Some people say change is difficult, but in fact change is effortless. Change is easy. Life in its essence is change. It’s always changing. So why should change be perceived as a complicated process? If you’re not changing, you’re death, not alive, so you better be changing. Who wake’s up the same way tomorrow, or the day after that?

We complain about the way the world is, the way politics, economy, and things are. But I ask, what are you doing to change it?

The problem is most people keep talking about what’s bad with the world, not realizing that focusing on what we don’t want will bring us more of the same. How can people expect the change to happen if they’re not focused on change, but on what they don’t want?

Focusing on what we want instead of what we don’t want. Rising to change, making things happen. To make things happen first for yourself, your family, close friends, even the whole neighborhood, city, nationwide or even worldwide. But the way must always be from the inside out, not the other way around, so start with yourself first, and be sure that the only limits you see are the ones inside your head.

The video below is all about change. And how a single point of energy (in this case a man), can replace the energy vibration of a whole lot people more (other points of energy) around him. We know, from science facts that power never gets lost, it’s only transformed, so transform the change you want to the word.
This video was filmed at the live Sasquatch event in 2009 while SantiGold was performing her song “Unstoppable”. Some may wonder why this sudden gathering of people happened. My input on it is quite simple, like attracts like, energy is all about vibration, More people started vibrating at a determined frequency, and the sum of all waves made more of the same happen. Hence, the natural people gathering on places around energy, like emotions.
According to the song lyrics, “I got to be unstoppable”, which ultimately was human mental energy saying those exact words. The vibration got so overwhelming and intense that suddenly everybody felt the urge to join that energy source field. Suddenly everybody started speaking with one voice.
Humanity has got to be unstoppable. Welcome to the new spiritual paradigm world and enjoy the video.

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