What is the SupraConsciousness

We shouldn’t mix concepts when talking about the old school Freud’s concept of conscious and subconscious mind.

Finding the root of the word subconscious, “sub” is a prefix derived from Latin meaning: “under”, “below”, “less than” or “beneath”. So the word subconscious makes sense since our present brain evolved from our reptilian ancestors, hence its name, the reptilian brain. That’s the part responsible for our subconscious mind tasks like breathing or keeping our organs and other systems working.

Following the root of the word supra-conscious, supra, is a Latin prefix added to the start of a word indicating “above” or “beyond.”

The 3 evolutionary stages of the brain - Reptilian, Limbic and Neocortex

The 3 evolutionary stages of the brain – Reptilian, Limbic and Neocortex

You may be wondering what’s the confusion regarding these definitions. The fact is that talking about conscious and subconscious mind could have made sense in Freud’s time, according to the perceptions of the matter back then.

Today, however, and taking into notice quantum scientific discoveries, the Newtonian view of the way the mind works might be an overly simplistic and outdated paradigm. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about the subconscious mind when referring to the whole unconscious process because it might be actually 2 parts, the “sub-conscious” and the “supra-conscious” mind.


  1. Subconscious – It’s our reptilian brain, which is believed to make, for example, the blood flow, the muscles contract and work accordingly to needs, or when driving while talking or thinking, or all the other processes that occur without us being conscious of them happening.
  2. Supra-conscious– It’s believed to exist outside our own mind. It has been referred as “master mind theory”, humanity global conscious or universal consciousness. That may be part of what makes ants work as a whole, what makes telepathy, remote viewing or hunches work among humans. It’s my belief that the supra-conscious is, on an essential level, being one with our Higher Self, which might be the same as saying to the universe. It works as some sort of non-physical communicating system between consciousness, sort of what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”.

One of the latest books on the subject is “The Supraconscience of Humanity” by Eduard Hugo Strauch. It’s a very interesting book and Eduard’s thoughts are very enlightening.

“Humankind evolved through three psychological stages – sub-conscience, conscience, and supra-conscience.
Ritual and myth, cosmology and theism marked phases of psychic integration, initiating our supra-conscience evolution.”

Eduard’s book is great, but I have some doubts about one little aspect of it. The reference to the supra-conscious appears as a physical evolution from the subconscious up to the conscious brain. And even though I could be wrong, I believe that the nonphysical or spiritual aspect of the supra-conscious mind has always been with us, long before the “Ritual and myth, cosmology and theism” parts of our society?
Also, the overly humanized version of the supra-conscious concept might miss lead us from the way it works. Isn’t the supra-conscious related to all conscious beings, human or not? I believe it does.
I don’t think we’re initiating our supra-consciousness recently in human evolution, and It has always been there. Maybe we’re now just gaining more awareness of it.

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  1. Avatar Maggie says:

    I like what this had to say.
    I think its true for the most part but I have this also to say..
    I think there is 3 parts
    First part being the Conscious are awake mind. that learns and allows us to be who we are.
    Second part being the Sub-Conscious. The mind that tells us the opposite of what we think or is the mind that is connected to the person you are meant to be with..
    & the Supra Consciousness is the blending of the First & Second Part of Minds & you get this by learning to meditate & opening this part of the mind to you & then all is possible.
    I also think that the sleep mind, dream mind is only a consciousness that you can only get to by falling a sleep & I believe for safety reason that you would not look like you in a dream…
    Then for the future we will be able to get artifice consciousness threw a brain implant,, I call this implant The Dulce Brain Implant.
    Read this message to know…//www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/blueplanetproject/blueplanetproject.htm
    Ill stop there
    I might be on to something or I’m just crazy…

  2. Avatar P.Govindarajan says:

    I read subconscious and supra conscious in Life Divine by Bhagvan SriArabindo it reveal beyond human mind

  3. Avatar Bruce says:

    I find it most intriguing the way the same people who wont only debunk all ‘religion’ find a way to create their own version of it when faced with evidence of a spiritual reality .

  4. Avatar Brij says:

    The problem in in the supraconscious mind. So even if you have tried remedies it wouldnt work.
    Its the deepest level of our mind

    Anxiety issues and sleeping issues are there also hard work and obstacles sre there in life. A lot of heat is there in the brain. Also on the supraconscious level energy is blocked and disbalanced. So unknown fear and health issues sre also there.

    Can anybody explain what it means and how do I go about rectifying it?

  5. Avatar Seeker says:

    Our left brain hemisphere is portal to Supra-consciousness and Right brain hemisphere to Subconscious.

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