Egyptian Freedom Numerology

In what numerology concerns, there are unknown dates and numbers regarding some events related to the Egyptian revolution process.
Before we get into the numbers, I guess we can’t deny the importance of the Egyptian overthrown movement. It suggests a stepping stone in the 2011 geopolitical and economic arena, and above all, it seems to be setting the pace of other freedom movements spawning all over the world, especially in the middle east and the African continent.

When speaking about Numerology, certain coincidences seem to “scream,” check this out.” So let’s start with the interesting numerology facts.
The date Mubarak announced that would be the day that he would step down from the government was February 11, 2011. This is interesting enough, for the following reasons:

  • the date 2/11/2011 can be written 2112011, removing the zero it reads 211211. This shows up as a nice pattern of two’s and one’s, which can be interesting due to the fact that we’re in the year 2011 (211 again if we take the zero out). But that’s not all…
  • Hosni Mubarak has been ruling Egypt for 29 years. According to numerology: 2+9=11.
  • Hosni Mubarak was born on 5-4-1928. So it’s birth date is 5+4+1+9+2+8=29 2+9=11.
  • In the European date format, the date 11/02/2011 is a Palindrome, which is read the same backwards or forwards.

It’s quite interesting to see all this 11 and 2 pattern repeating itself all over again. And of course, let’s not forget that an 11 is also a 2 in numerology, 1+1= 2.

It’s related numerology facts can mean nothing, and could be considered pure speculation. But are always exciting to watch. It’s also interesting that people are taking notice on such relations between numbers and important world events,
The connection between events and numerology gets a lot of “reports” where people usually discuss them all over, including social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). It seems many other factors play a vital role in the conscious or subconscious level and act as a catalyst for changes and event realization.
This connection between the spiritual arena, in this case, related to numerology, and the subsequent physical events seem to go along the idea of a spiritual shift/awareness period that many fringe scientists appear to suggest. And in fact, it’s expected that during a spiritual / awareness time. Are we witnessing this phenomenon with our own eyes?

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