Author: Sofia Soho

What Happened on 11-11-11 0

What Happened on 11-11-11

November Eleven 2011 (11/11/11) came and went, and many are still wondering -“What happened on that day?” It’s a very honest question. Because for some, it was a day of revelation, while others it...

2012 Validation Date 0

Validation Dates Ending on December 21st 2012

So many things got said, and different scenarios have been brought about regarding 2012, that the question many people are still asking is what will happen? According to the Mayan culture, the end of...

2012 Validation Date 0

Egyptian Freedom Numerology

In what numerology concerns, there are unknown dates and numbers regarding some events related to the Egyptian revolution process. Before we get into the numbers, I guess we can’t deny the importance of the...