Life Path 1 – Independence

You’re a person with Life Path 1 which means you need to learn the benefits of independence. You need to learn how to stand on your own and not be dependent on others in order to become a leader or creator. Others can usually sense your independent abilities, but only when you accept them and use your talents will you be able to grasp meaningful opportunities (material or otherwise).

Positive Characteristics

  • You have much inner strength
  • Leadership capability
  • Executive and administrative capability (always obvious but sometimes latent in the application.
  • Self-sufficiency, strong desires and needs, focus and the feeling of following its own convictions.
  • Often latent, there is the potential for executive and administrative capabilities and financial reward.
  • Ability to spend the time necessary to satisfy material needs.
  • Self-centered. The One will be very aware of the self-centeredness, even if it’s not outwardly apparent.

Negative Expression
The ones with Life Path 1 need to avoid becoming too self-centered. You must not confuse independence with self-centeredness or get overly surprised at others resistance to own strong convictions. 1s tend to be so egotistical to the point of lacking balance, being impatient, unable to listen and benefit from others opinions. Some 1s lack the sense of balance may be so dominating and egoistical as to be their own enemies. Sometimes overconfidence makes 1s impatient with other’s advice and makes it hard to benefit from other’s opinions.

General thoughts 1s tend to take most of their lives shaking off their dependent side. 1s in the early stages of their life, often find themselves in situations where it’s easy to be dependent and difficult to be independent. There is much potential for accomplishment, achievement, and creativity for the growing 1. Praises, good financial compensations, satisfying power positions or status will be in line for the 1s who can develop their own way to independence.

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