Life Path 2 – Cooperation

You’re a person with Life Path 2 which means you need to learn the rewards of contributing your capabilities as an organizer and facilitator in group situations. Even though your contribution is seen, it might not get full acknowledgment and be sometimes better spread by others with more dynamism. You can be the most important person behind the throne, the hidden mind behind the power. Being comfortable with others getting credits for your ideas might be part of the lesson. Developing your sensitivity and skill when working with others. The world will be a better place because of your presence and you can glow quietly with the inner satisfaction of a job well done.

Positive Characteristics

  • Ability to become very sensitive to the feelings of others,
  • Cooperative in nature, You’re capable of working patiently and with a focus to detail, if necessary.
  • Highly considerative of others.
  • Good and loyal friend, easily expresses love.
  • Not overly concerned with status, or material needs. Usually, can deny himself for the benefit of others.

Negative Expression You might sometimes refuse to play along with your number 2 role and feel you should be the leader instead of belonging to a group. You can lead adequately, but rarely dynamically. In a lead role, sometimes you’ll add confusion rather than harmony. That might cause you to blame others instead of yourself. The number 2 energy might cause you to be overly sensitive, shy, and contributes little in group situations. You may need to protect your delicate self by appearing indifferent or apathetic.

General thoughts Real development in number 2s involves balancing and controlling their own sensitivity. You need to fine tune and find a way where your feelings aren’t constantly hurt by others. Your sensitivity to others must be so finely attuned that you can be a friend, lover or diplomat in the highest sense. You must learn how to deal with other’s insensitivities without being overwhelmed by them. Once you allow the right channel experiences you’ll be the recipient of great life pleasures and much love and affection from others.



3-Joy of Life

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