Life Path 8 – Material Satisfaction

A person with life-path 8 must learn the peace of satisfaction of the material world and the power which comes with its mastery, He will be involved in practical down-to-earth work. There will be little of dreams or visions. The individual will want to use his ambitions, his organizational ability, his efficient approach to carve a satisfying niche for himself. He will be concerned and involved with money, learning the power that comes with its proper manipulation. He’ll be concerned with material things, desirous, of obtaining the best and most comfortable for himself. He’ll be concerned with status – his own status measured against the status of others. With growth and development, the subject will learn to achieve the power he desires.

Positive characteristics

– Ambitious and self-confident.
– Efficient and energetic. Capable of organizing and administrating.
– Executive ability. Capable of taking charge and giving direction, even inspiring others.
– Dependable.
– Good at judging character. Aware of others and their relation to himself and his goals.
– Realistic and practical. Doesn‘t fool himself with daydreams or fantasies.
– Tendency to rigidity or stubbornness. Because he is often strongly goal-oriented and so aware of reality, it is sometimes difficult for the 8 to see that there are other approaches beside his own. If he is aware of his rigidity (and most 8’s are not), it will still take much work to overcome.

Negative expression

The negative 8 may pursue his goals of money, status and power with such intensity and singlemindedness that, although he may achieve his ends, he will find little pleasure in the journey or the attainment. He may misuse power, become intolerant of others, be faced with much resentment and hostility.

Sometimes, the negative 8, although desirous of money and achievement, will be afraid to take the risks involved in asserting himself. He will feel limited and dissatisfied, but will have to achieve a higher level of self-confidence before he can comfortably make his prfience known.

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