Life Path 7 – Analysis, Understanding

A life path 7 person must learn the peace of mind that comes with knowing himself. A life path 7 has a good mind and a fine intuition. He must study and contemplate, learn not to judge from appearances. The individual’s life should be devoted to analyzing the world about him, learning to trust his intuition, developing until he reaches the highest levels of wisdom. He must not emphasize material things in his life, but rather must become aware of the non-material forces. He must be able to spend time by himself without feeling isolated. The subject must learn to wait for opportunities which work to his advantage rather than actively. seeking opportunities. Amid the hurly-burly of the world, his development depends on his ability to retire into himself to find faith and peace.


  • “Different”
  • Operates on a different wavelength than others with access to unique solutions and approaches. He is often difficult for others to understand. Sometimes he has difficulty understanding himself.

  • Difficult to get to know.
  • Although he is often unaware of it, he often protects himself by givmg out little about himself. He may appear aloof and cold. sometimes even hard. This is a surface veneer, but it is difficult to penetrate.

  • Introspective
  • He is usually turned in on him—self, often appears reserved and thoughtful.

  • Depends on self primarily.
  • Whether confident in his own abilities or not, he relies on himself. He seems afraid to trust others, doesn‘t ask to be trusted by others.

  • Not too adaptable.
  • He does things his own way, is not especially interested in other approaches. Since his view is often so different, it is difficult for him to see the advantages of others’ ways of thinking and acting.

Negative Expression

The negative 7 sometimes becomes so introspective and self-centered as to be a virtual recluse. His lack of contact with others will make it difficult for him to grow and develop.
An occasional negative 7, finding the path too difficult, will try to ignore his own character and
live in the material world without tuning in to his inner resources. He will find that little works for him, that he is beset with problems on all sides. Only if he can move onto his track, will life begin to have some meaning for him.

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