Using And Improving Spiritual Powers

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re finding yourself new spiritual power possibilities, or are already using them and want to improve at it.

A spiritual realm is a powerful tool for anyone willing to use it. It’s a not physical (spiritual) force that can significantly influence our lives for the better. Let’s go a bit crazy here and say we can even massively change the world with spiritual power alone, as energy serves large and small purposes alike.

Read The Spiritual And Science Connection. It will give you some background on the quantum physics phenomena and its relation to the scientific realm, regarding the “latest” discoveries in energy and its effects on the physical world.

Why Are People Finding Spiritual Powers?

Humankind is naturally always moving towards perfection, constantly finding new ways of improving itself. It is what evolution means, and ultimately, the outcome of that means we’re alive. Humankind’s natural history is resulting in a spiritual shift paradigm, were thought and awareness is catapulting humankind into a spiritually developed being, more spiritual and intuitive awareness. And both natural evolution and quantum science are factors to prove it.

Humanity is aware of the existence of a spiritual paradigm, or at least it’s been feeling it, reading about it, or getting taught by ancient and contemporaneous culture, religion and history.

The spiritual paradigm isn’t new, the feeling of spiritual energy is getting sensed from the beginning of times. It was never really well explained, due to its unphysical nature. But it’s been widely used by ancient shamans, wizards, military and all spiritual cultures. People need to understand the spiritual realm to test the implications and possibilities of influencing the physical world.

How To Improve or use Spiritual Powers

It’s easy, everybody has them, so it’s only a matter of perception (that you got them) and of practice.

To improve or use spiritual powers you only need three things. Meditation, affirmations and to ask for it. It’s as simple as this.

Since energy influences matter, you only need to apply energy to change matter.

  • Meditation- Meditate at least 10 minutes daily. Even if it’s only for 3 minutes daily. The important thing is that you do it every day. Feel free to increase this period, as you feel for it and your enjoyment. To meditate always wear comfortable clothes and seat yourself in a quiet place to focus on your breathing. The slower you breathe the more you’re entering into a meditative state. Do this every day, even if you feel stupid doing it. When that happens, that’s a sign that you don’t get it yet, but if you keep on doing it, you’ll soon enough realize it. While meditating, you’ll notice your mind will wander off with spontaneous thoughts. Let those thoughts arise and go, do not force yourself into not having those thoughts, and don’t judge yourself, just go back to your breathing and your breathing only.

    Meditate with your eyes closed, half-open, or completely open. It’s up to you. Do what suits you better. I find it easier to meditate with my eyes half closed, and more complicated, but more real in terms being in a meditative state during daily situations. When you reach higher in your meditation technique, you will not need to focus on your breathing anymore. At that time, your meditation was about being nothingness. No ego, no thoughts, no locality, no body, no mind, just a “nothingness of being”, which is where all pure essence rests.

  • Affirmations – Do you want a spiritual power, whatever it is, just say you have it. -” I have the power of…”. Say it whenever you feel like, especially when you’re feeling good.
  • Ask for it – The universe will give you exactly what you ask for. Whatever you want, just ask for it. – “I want to be able to.” Do this only when you’re feeling good.

What Are The Spiritual Possibilities Of This?

The possibilities are endless, including more wisdom (points of consciousness) that will help you get what you want, as well as becoming more aware to ask for wiser things, including becoming happier and self-fulfilled.

Getting smarter and more aware of things you didn’t notice before. There are hidden factors that influence our lives. And mostly they are hidden to the ones who are not enlightened or aware of them. Knowing, understanding and making use of the hidden factors allow us to take advantage of its potentialities. This unknown factor is not all that hidden. It’s called energy, and it’s all over the place in our apparently only physical world.

For example, have you noticed that when people talk to each other, there are three levels of perception regarding what that interaction conveys?  The words that get spoken is one, the natural language is another, and the 3rd one, since we understand quantum physics now, is the energy transfer regarding that interaction.

A lot is being said by emotions (energy), a lot is being conveyed and transferred from one person to another. On the subconscious levels, the information is flowing, even if the conscious mind is not parsing it.

The untold information is what we call the 6th sense or intuition, proved to us by our subconscious mind. And regarding what we understand about the many flows of information might prove later on to be right and other times wrong about what our conscious mind is perceiving. The times we’re wrong might not be because the energy flow isn’t real and this whole intuition was a product of our imagination. It was because you only “listened” to part of the information, which was the part parsed by your conscious mind. Maybe you didn’t have enough enlightenment or point of perception (consciousness) to be able to listen really to the complete information your subconscious mind perceived.

The molecular scientist Ph.D. Bruce Lipton said that the subconscious mind is responsible for more than 99% of all the information received.

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