What Happened on 11-11-11

November Eleven 2011 (11/11/11) came and went, and many are still wondering -“What happened on that day?”

It’s a very honest question. Because for some, it was a day of revelation, while others it was a day like any other. And this is perfectly alright, we should not fight this fact, it is the way it should be.

Not all people are engineers, or politicians, everybody has its task and abilities. That’s the way things are, and the way they must, and should be. If we all did the same things, there was no space for innovation, for progression of multi-culture, it’s the way “life” functions, and that’s why we’re all different, it’s a natural way.

So what really happened on 11/11/11 ?

Don’t get influenced by the hype of miss information from the media or terror movies referring to 11/11/11. This date is something completely different. What it represents was another step towards humanity’s inwards discovery. For those who are in tune with the essence of being (Starseeds, visionaries, and all those vibrating at similar frequencies), the experience might have been overwhelming,

Humanity as entered into the second phase of our path to enlightenment. For the ones sensing it, 11/11/11 was a stepping stone, a day of revelation. There are many reports of people discovering something extraordinary for them on that exact day (I was one of them), and we can easily find some examples on this very same website, and on other references all over the Internet.

One of the theories supporting this fact is that we’re getting influenced by entering the galactic plane. That means the beginning of a burst of gamma rays, and other sub-atomic particles, bombarding us coming from the galaxy center.

Some fringe (And not so “fringe”) scientists support the fact that the increased Gamma rays exposition may have the power of affecting our DNA, in a sense of enhancement. It might be similar to what has happened to planet Earth before. That could explain the historically missing link in the unexplained improvement of our DNA genome. According to the Center for Radiological Research, Columbia University in New York, the study about the Effect of gamma rays on the DNA  gene came to the conclusion that gene mutation could occur.

“Ionizing radiation induces a number of molecular changes in cells, including DNA damage, mutation, genetic recombination, gene amplification, and chromosomal rearrangement.”

What now?

So here we. On the verge of a transformation, and not many people see the same as we are. I can understand why they are not, they are not in tune with the essence, with the spirit particles, with the discovery of self.

The period beginning on 11/11/11 represents another level of perception, and you may feel more uplifted, find yourself having more understanding, more wisdom, more consciousness about everything, including humankind’s evolution.

As for myself, this day was a no-turning-back time. I perfectly felt that day was special, and not just unique because of the particularity of the date, but also because it was stepping stone for so many people experiencing the same thing. We were all, at the physical particle level, entangled, and sharing the power of raising our collective consciousness. And with more knowledge comes more understanding, more wisdom, more connection between us, and between us and our vision.

And visions are ideas, they have no owner, they are ours to use, not ours to keep. So it’s our shared ideas that are making this reality of evolution coming true.

We are the seeds of a new perception, and it’s our job to help the ones in need of help, not the ones that can’t understand the truth. Though we love them just the same, we really can’t do much for them.

Keep on sharing consciousness, my friends.

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