Mankind Information Warfare Phases

i) The first information warfare phase is called the “Chemical Era”. In this first phase, life on Earth was in its early developing stages, and the “information” exchange was a chemical information type. All living beings such as molecules, cells, or little organisms shared information on a chemical and subconscious level, where life “battled” on a chemical warfare elimination or developmental process. The chemical information exchange sets the pace for the continuous information development throughout most of Earth’s existence so far.

ii) “The Intelligence Era”. The Information Warfare second phase started when information became a tool that intelligent beings used to organize themselves better in an information structured society. It might have begun when humankind first started using agriculture.
When humans started using the information to their advantage, some important information was kept in the hands of some and released on a need to know basis only to the ones down the information pyramid levels. As a visible example of this, we can point out the ancient Egypt, wherein a Pharaoh government type people down the social pyramid had no privileges, in contrast with a minuscule part of society that were the exact opposite. This information asymmetry sets the ground for the birth of secret societies, and that first appeared as a way to manage informational gaps. This kind of structural vessels allowed stronger groups (i.e. the Information Holders) to define strategies to defend themselves against weaker teams, and vice-versa too.

iii) The third phase is the “The Global Digital Era”, it’s the phase we’re currently in. This third phase has begun with the global information network by excellence, the Internet. Much have happened since then, and the ramifications of a wide information tool in the global consciousness and awareness fields are yet to be fully understood, but no one can downsize the Internet importance over humankind development. Since information warfare is the result of information asymmetry, it seems only logical that a digital information warfare can indeed become a reality in a near future.

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