Consciousness Warfare

The consciousness warfare is a natural humankind evolution process, and it’s been happening since the beginning of times.
It might seem a bit far-fetched at first glance, but humanity’s evolution on planet Earth is the result of a consciousness warfare, and consciousness has total higher level control over physical repercussions.

Every life form participates in the conscious realm, and it happens regardless, meaning that not being aware of it will make it work just the same.

Most times, people can’t grasp the importance, or existence, of the consciousness warfare phenomena, mainly because normally we’re not “wired up” to notice this kind of interaction. The reasons for this are:

  • We’re too busy running our daily lives and human activities to make room for this kind of phenomena awareness raise.
  • The consciousness warfare events are transversal to many life forms and different generations, which makes it difficult to understand it fully during individual limited lifespan and, in humanity case, being limited to human body awareness.

Individual consciousness tends to take global consciousness “sides”. The side choosing may be entirely unconscious, but the choice gets usually made for pleasing the self, as it’s comfortable to obtain a “warm” feeling of belonging.

Consciousness Warfare Interactions

To what individual and global consciousness are concerned, some will relate to particular knowledge “side” and will play out the consequences of that in the physical world. That creates awareness segments that will play out in a “game” of consciousness power struggle. That consciousness warfare will play out, interact, shape perceptions, reality and life.

Regarding unconsciousness warfare participation, mind shifting is operated by individual and global interaction. Some will act in a more conservative or passive way while others will be the peak of the consciousness paradigm shift. (Leaders and followers) It’s the greatness of the existing consciousness “factions” that will determine the form and direction that the paradigm shift will take.

It’s this consciousness “battle” that originates decision processes and the making of new paradigms.
The same way, evolution happens for concrete reasons, even though we might not be acutely aware of them. All the participants of global consciousness processes will be subjected, knowingly or unknowingly to the changes it operates.

Directly or indirectly, different life forms respond and are responsible for various things, consciousness-wise, and that will determine the decisive factors of change. As in everything, some will lead the events, some will follow, and others will not get accomplished by understanding the changing process, but nevertheless, they all play a role and none, on a higher lever of things, is more important than the next.(maybe)

When Are Consciousness Shifts Taking Place?

The real paradigm shift will only happen when consciousness “factions” goes through significant changes. The conditions needed for a shift to occur is the unbalance. Only when different consciousness “factions” become unbalanced will a shift take place. Once this event occurs, the consciousness “winning” faction will be made more active. It gains the ability to feed itself further, have more influential powers over individual consciousness and cause an even bigger consciousness unbalance state.

The changing process is, at this stage, due to happen at any time, because it has already happened consciously, and the physical reality will follow just the same.

That’s why understanding the consciousness realm is so important, and it’s a defining tool in the global structure, process and the future of life, including, of course, Mankind.

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    Nothing is older than Yesterday.

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