Life Path 6 – Balance, Responsibility, Love

A 6 life path person must learn the profound pleasure of handling responsibility. You’re born with the innate ability to give help and comfort whenever needed, to support those too weak to support themselves. Others quickly recognize these capabilities and come to the 6 for help. You’ll find yourself responsible for far more then his fair share. You must accept the responsibility and and learn to serve family, relatives and friends.

Positive Characteristics

  • Responsible. Always there to pick up the burden.
  • Loving and appreciative. Always ready to help.
  • Sympathetic and kind. Generous with all one’s personal and material resources.
  • Usually loves children. Makes excellent teacher.
  • Capable of rectifying and balancing situations.
  • Probably the person in the family to whom others come when things are not in balance.

  • One of the focuses of the life is usually family, relatives and friends.
  • Rarely too concerned with material needs.
  • Artistic, emotional.

Negative Expression

There aren’t many negative 6’s around. Sometimes a person accepts and is overwhelmed by responsibility, and becomes a near-slave or doormat for others. This negative 6 will feel unhappy but will usually feel that this is his role in life.
Occasionally, the individual confuses responsibility for a situation with dominating a situation. Occasionally, too, the negative 6 is far too exacting (of himself and others), extremely critical and fussy at the same time.
The rare 6 who abdicates responsibility will feel tense and uneasy, always realizing he is not accepting the share that belongs to him: He may be laden with guilt and have difficulty continuing satisfactory relations with others.

General thoughts

6s often accept responsibility so readily that advantage may be taken of you without you being aware of it. At some point in life you might get tired of the burden. Part of the lesson of responsibility is clarifying when and where the sense of responsibility is to be used. 6’s are very exacting of themselves. Often they’re willing to sacrifice themselves (or their families) for the welfare of others. They may have to learn to tamper their dreams of perfection. Sometimes, they have to learn to express their own individuality despite the burden of responsibility they carry.

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