Meaning of The Number 77

77 – Master of Intuition. Universal Intelligence, Curiosity, Freedom, Researcher, Divine Wisdom

The Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, …, 99) possess a higher spiritual plane than single digit numbers. They are highly charged and harder to deal with on an ideological or personal level. They also require more time, maturity and great effort to become integrated and used. Things become harder to get/master, but might be made more rewarding than usual when obtained.

The number 77 is related to universal intelligence, intuition, inner study and higher plane wisdom.

Positive Traits

On the positive side, the energy attributes of the number seventy-seven resonates with divine, awakening, mystic traveler, seeker, inner-wisdom, detachment, universe as one and whole, expanding consciousness.

Numerology meaning of the number 77

Numerology meaning of the number 77

Negative Traits

On the negative side, the number seventy-seven resonates with too much detachment from the physical world or the mundane paradigm.

Seventy-seven is also a higher state of 5 and knowing its inner workings might come in handy.

5- Constructive Freedom, Variety, Change, Action, Restlessness, Life experience, Pioneering, Innovation, Adventure, Rebellion, Opportunity.

Positive Traits

On the positive side, the energy attributes of the number five resonates with multi-talented, independent, free-thinking, freedom, unconventional, non-attachment, change, empiric, abundance of talents, variety, adaptability, travel and adventure, sensuality, conflict and competitiveness.

Negative Traits

On the negative side, the number five resonates with irresponsibility, rash, anti-routine, inconsistent, wasting or misusing talents, unreliable, thoughtless, restless, get lost in physical desires like food, sex alcohol or drugs, lacking vitality or foot-loose mindset, scatter potential and frustration.

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  1. Avatar Donna says:

    I am seeing 77 repetitively. These numbers have been appearing for many months. I’m very detached these days, losing my husband 21 months ago. I’ve lost so much ..a best friend, home and many relationships. I’ve never quite experienced such changes in my life. I don’t have my feet on the ground and its a wee bit scary.

  2. Avatar harendra srinevas says:

    i changed my name one month back,
    i honestly asking your help, my birth name srinivas muppidi, now i changed my name harendra srinevas is it good to me.
    my date of birth : 15-01-1987, time : 2-45 am

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