The Spiritual And Science Connection

Since Einstein, science came to the conclusion that energy is mass and mass is energy. Some can even speculate that energy is all there is, matter is merely a construct of energy.

It was the first science fact in history that started connecting science with the spiritual paradigm of understanding the universe. It opened the possibility of the relation between energy (not physical= spiritual) and mass (the things we see in the “real world” with our own eyes).

But what is matter and what is energy. I believe we can find it easier to explain this issue by considering relations on the way the universe works. I mean, such as there can´t be light without darkness, love without lack of love, spiritual without physical, so there can’t be mass without energy. We simply can’t have one without the other. Could you know what happiness is without sadness? It´s just the way the universe has to balance itself. From a scientific perspective, though, matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. And energy is anything that has no mass and doesn’t take space.


Matter Magnification Levels

Matter Magnification Levels


Another thing you might like to know are some facts about particle theory:

1. Matter is made up of tiny particles (Atoms & Molecules)
2. Particles of Matter are in constant motion.
3. Particles of Matter are held together by unyielding electric forces, and the space between them are colossal when compared to the particles themselves.

Doesn’t this look similar to something else? Remember the solar system? Round pieces of matter (electrons) moving through space around the (nucleus). It sounds like the planets going around the sun. It’s the fractal theory at its best.

Let’s segment the levels of magnification of matter shown in the image on the right.

Matter Magnification Levels

1. Macroscopic level (Matter) – At a macroscopic level, we have the things that take up space like the rocks, you, me, a chair, whatever that takes mass.
2. Microscopic level (Matter) – At a microscopic level, we can see cells, molecules, etc.
3. Atomic level (Energy) – Protons, neutrons, and electrons
4.5.  Subatomic level – Electron, Quarks
6. String level

While we’re at the level of matter (1 and 2), matter can change, but they have a determined and fixed properties in a particular time and space.

On a quantum level, inside the atom, we’re dealing with energy only. The paradigm of the state here is not fixed by time or space like in the case of matter. Here, at the level of energy, we enter the paradigm of all possibilities. That’s one of the reasons why electrons are always in constant movement inside the atom.

That’s why scientists are finding empirical experiments with particles at a subatomic level that have no connection with time or space, like for example with string theory and the entanglement theory.

What Does This Mean Spiritually Wise

Here’s what the spiritual and scientific connection means.

Darwinian science has been focusing on the material level of science only. But the latest scientific advancements have been taking place on the energy level part of it only. It is now a scientific fact that the material and the energy standards of the universe are only one thing. One can’t be fully understood one, without the understanding of the other,
When we think about any spiritual paradigm, any reality that is not on the physical side of knowledge, we’re in fact at the level of energy only.
For example, when we meditate, we’re at the level of energy, our thoughts, understanding and intuition resulting from that state aren’t bound by any space or time limitations. That’s also why we feel enlightenment when we meditate. We get aligned with the energy part of the universe, and that part is revealing as an energy paradigm of things, a universal knowledge.
By intuition, feelings and emotions are the way we can inter-operate with universal energy. When we operate at that level of universal intelligence, so do we resonate with the spaceless and timeless knowledge on that paradigm of perception.

That’s why when we think about something and that happens, it seems like a coincidence, but in fact it isn’t. That’s why some spiritual phenomena like ESP, channeling, and many others have interesting facts to it. It’s because they are tapping into that energy part of the universe.
Our minds have the ability to do just that, to connect to that energy part of the universe. Heck, we’ve been doing that since the beginning of times, look at shamans, ancient knowledge, ancient cultures. Still today, there are unsolved mysteries regarding some of our ancestors about why or how could have they done what they did.

Some people wonder how the Mayans could have such a profound understanding of the universe, regarding the movements of our solar system, and the accuracy of their calendar. Well, part of the answer could be that they had a deep connection to the energy of the universe. Therefore, they could “see”.

So here we are, humanity with a range of new possibilities of knowledge and understanding at the spiritual level, but many still wonder what’s next, what should I do?
So how can we tap into this spiritual paradigm? And how can we know it exists?
We are aware it exists because we feel it. We can only perceive energy with our feelings, our emotions, our intuition. That’s our doorway into understanding and come into contact with the energy part of the universe. We’re part of the universe, we’re energy transmitters and receptors of it, we just need to make this paradigm of new knowledge available to all.

Spiritually speaking, the implications of this regarding humankind’s evolution are impossible to foresee, the range of possibilities is so immense that our brains aren’t ready to grasp it all.
What we can do is take one step after the other and open our minds to the wisdom of all this new point of consciousness, so we can step forwards in our evolution and be happier.
This kind of knowledge is spaceless and timeless. We’re closer to understanding the essence of the universe, ourselves and evolve as beings.

Welcome to this whole new world, a new spiritual paradigm for humankind.

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