Who are the Spiritual Entities Surrounding You?

Firstly, the spiritual entities are not here to help YOU per se. They are here to promote the ideas you’re in resonance with. So they might not be here to assist you in your physical life exactly, they are here to make certain things happen on a spiritual level.

Also, it’s not frequent that the spiritual entities that might be surrounding you are spiritual leaders, deities, or even loved ones that have already left the physical world. Although this might happen, generally it’s not the case. The spiritual entities might be here because either they have left the re-incarnation cycle or having ascended / become enlightened in some way.
The deceased loved ones may be with you during the limbo period after they died, but they should, in normal circumstances, get into the re-incarnation cycle after a while.

Spiritual Entities Surrounding You

Spiritual Entities Surrounding You

It is my understanding that spiritual entities don’t necessarily have always to be the same during your life. They may change as some of your ideas might change.

The ideas you’re in resonance with might not mean the same to you as to the spiritual level agenda. Meaning that what seems important to you (a spiritual being on a physical level) might not be important to the spiritual world. The same way, ideas you might not think as being important, might be imperative on a spiritual level.

Also, the spiritual entities interact with you in a very down to Earth way(even if the use of this expression might not seem all that appropriated). They were all here in the physical world at least once, so they understand your physical needs and sometimes your unawareness regarding the spiritual world. Usually they “speak” in a down to Earth stance, resulting in some of the ideas that spawn to mind at certain times.

So be more aware of ideas that spawn into mind, missing objects, and “strange” things that might be a communicative way of telling you something.

So who are the spiritual entities surrounding you? Only you can find that out. Be open to communication with them, be aware of your goals and make your life, thoughts and actions in agreement with what you need and want, especially if that means something good for you and humanity in general.
That way, you’ll attract by resonance the spiritual influences that will help you achieve your goals. It happens not because they are here to help you, but because both you and the spiritual entities goals match, allowing a strong spiritual/physical interaction that benefits both.

Tell us your thoughts on the matter, or any experiences that might help us all better understand the spiritual world.

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  1. Avatar Sharon McGregor says:

    Last night I made two king crab legs for myself for dinner. I put them in a roaster pan, on a rack side by side, to steam them. When they were done I took only one of them out and left the second one in the roaster pan. I ate the first one and realized how much crab meat they contained, thinking I couldn’t eat the second one also. I thought not to worry, I would take the meat out of the shell and make a crab salad, appetizer, etc. out of it. Imagine my shock when I went over to the pan on the stove and saw it was empty!!! The crab leg had simply disappeared! I know I’m not crazy; this actually happened. I’m trying to fine an explanation for it by searching the web, and I guess there are some theories. This is not the first time something strange like this has happened to me.

  2. Avatar caroline says:

    Is there any way to get them back…that’s what i want to know. My ipod nano vanished off the kitchen table a week ago. I had just found it inside the lining of my bag (a whole had appeared) after losing it for two weeks, I was so happy and put it on the table at 9pm but in the morning i got up and it had completely vanished ..searched the whole place including trash …gone. Has anybody ever found a way of getting a disappeared item back ?

  1. July 11, 2013

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