What Are Humanity Spiritual Possibilities

Using And Improving my Spiritual Possibilities
Humanity is constantly in a paradigm shift process. In practice, this means new opportunities continually expand and rise resulting in more consciousness points, which means more awareness.

For example, when people talk to each other, at least three levels of communication exist. The words are one, the natural language is another, and the 3rd one might be what quantum physics is now starting to explain as quantum entanglement or what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.”
That is measurable energy that interacts with everything and knows no locality. That the energy permeates every interaction, even when people talk to each other. Our conscious mind may, in fact, deceive us by making us believe we are completely in control of everything that happens to us, or through us, but we might not be fully in control. To a large degree, I believe that we’re masters of our destiny, but there might be a no-Newtonian influence.

With only this in mind, humanity can expand its awareness of what’s happening in different situations.
To my understanding, humanity’s spiritual possibilities are endless. Once we allow the mind to let it free from the ball and chain of constructing mind reality, which may well be dogma, we will open our minds to possibilities we failed to see before.

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