Lifting The Veil Of Illusion

Neuro-linguistic programming

Neuro-linguistic programming

If we were to tell you that the world is not at all how you think it is. And if we were to discuss the reality of what is really going on, it would be so far away from your belief system that you’d probably do one of three things:

  1. Shut down, click off this article and move on – not even entertaining it for one second.
  2. Feel slightly intrigued and read on.
  3. Wisely nod in agreement because you are already ‘awake’.

Whilst there is no correct answer, it is unfortunate that most people will take option one.

Here’s why;

This new information will have compromised your belief system, and is something that appears to be so illogical to you that in less than a second, just as though your mind operates with the most advanced security system, it will shut down, pull up it’s iron walls and delete all, or anything that was brought into your conscious awareness surrounding this topic.

This is how our mind operates naturally.

If anything seems illogical, or is psychologically uncomfortable for us to bear, and we don’t know any different we will shut down. Most of the time we won’t even realise that we are doing this.

Deception Is Easy When You Know How

If somebody knows what they are doing, it is absolutely possible to hold back information, and to change it to make somebody see the logical as being illogical, and vice versa. This would generally be achieved through conditioning that occurs mostly in our childhood and adolescent years, or through hypnosis as an adult.

So you could say that if somebody understood how the mind works, and if they had the power, they could condition a society, nation, race, gender, or even the world, over the passing of time into becoming less aware of the reality surrounding them (by making the logical illogical) and then they could teach them a new reality (by making the illogical logical).

It sounds like a tongue twister but this is just one example of the term known as ‘The Veil Of Illusion’.

The Veil Of Illusion

When one ‘awakens’ they become more accepting of the seemingly illogical, or uncomfortable nature of what is presented to them, and they start to explore the concepts (hopefully, and ideally by discerning, and researching well) and as a result, they broaden their mind and start to ‘wake up’.

In less dramatic examples, this is why they say that ‘travel broadens the mind’ because new ideas, experiences, challenges and uncomfortable situations are brought to us that we have to face, and which then shape our reality.

Here’s how it works based on an NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) model.

The NLP Model Of Perception

We receive ten to the power of eleven bits of information every second into our minds (this much; 10,00000000000) but our minds can only process around one hundred and fifty thousand bits of information every second (150000).

To process this information, our mind needs to work fast, so it batches it by deleting all information it deems irrelevant or unnecessary. Next it distorts the rest of information so that it fits into a belief system that you already have (or creates a new one), finally, it generalises the information so that you can make sense of it.

The filters that our mind uses to delete, distort and generalise information is based upon our own personal conditioning that occurs through our parents, family and friends, our schooling, our upbringing, our experiences, our understanding of life, our country, our learned biases (anxiety, trauma, racial and gender issues etc.) and what we understand to be logical and illogical (all learned through our conditioning).

For us to develop these ‘filters’ we must first convince our conscious minds that a concept is logical and acceptable. The conscious mind is like the doorman, deciding what from the external world can enter into the unconscious mind, and what cannot. Once it is in the unconscious mind it will stay there forming new belief systems.

The doorman is not present in children immediately, for it needs to develop just like everything else is developing in a child. It needs to learn what beliefs, and systems to develop, and what is logical and illogical to the child (as per our conditioning, explained above). This is why, as a child, we often believe most things until we learn to consciously discern.
As an adult, new beliefs can still be created, this is achieved via our own personal intentions, external hypnosis, or repeat information frequently sneaking into our conscious awareness (so that it starts to become familiar). The sneaky information is usually delivered via the media in the form of adverts, repeat messages in films, social media and songs etc.

Have you ever noticed that when your government is trying to steer the masses into a new concept, the message will be repeated over and over in an array of media until finally, it becomes accepted as the norm.

As we grow and develop, we will have formed biases that are unhelpful to us, or that are not in our best interests. We will delete information that we should know, and we will accept information that we should challenge.

The first step to overcoming this problem is in becoming aware of the messages surrounding you in the media, and of your own beliefs and opinions. This is easily achieved by comparing your beliefs to the beliefs of others, and without judgement attempting to understand exactly why another person thinks that way.

If you believe a new piece of information to be illogical, try to prove to yourself that it’s logical, if you succeed you might find some useful information. If you think a belief is absolutely correct, try questioning it and attempting to prove it’s wrong – this way you will learn to challenge what you know so that you can stand with more conviction, and you might just broaden your horizons by learning a few new facts that you had decided were not relevant too.

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