What Is The New Spiritual Shift About?

A more contemporaneous definition of the spiritual is far ahead from a religious sense. It is rather a new beacon, aiming to rebuild humankind as a single being, more intelligently, a real community, no longer spiritually scattered, rather a stronger, renewed and reinvented spiritual paradigm.

Many fringe scientists suggest the new Spiritual shift we might be about to witness is considered the new order of things to come. On the public arena, several factors seem to suggest that people are raising awareness about a “smell” of change that can easily be sensed by our spiritual noses. Our global consciousness process seems to be getting stronger, and more people are finding causes and reasons to justify their expecting to wake up on a spiritual level. The repercussions of the spiritual influence the physical realm, which can get seen on the global geopolitical and economic arena. Some factors seem to suggest some new awareness that can get seen in modern revolutionary processes occurring all over the world in Lybia, Tunisia, Egypt, or even Greece.

Consciousness is the primary weapon of any spiritual being. It is a decisive factor in any spiritual warfare process. Since consciousness can be defined as a source of linked information, the more you have it, more connections, relations and answers you’ll be able to find and understand. The ever occurring consciousness warfare seems to be getting stronger and evolving more rapidly than it ever did before and this evolution appears to be happening no matter what. The coming brave new world of a new spiritual paradigm, similarly to previous humankind stepping stone evolutions, will be preceded by some warning signs that will set the changing ground towards the next stage.
What the new stage will be, no one knows, we can only speculate. But one thing may hold true, we may well be on the verge of witnessing, with our own eyes, the big humankind spiritual shift of our times.

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