Disappearing Objects Phenomenon Explanation

The disappearing objects phenomenon (DOP) is a somewhat known type of event that has been having a large number of reported cases.
I had no previous knowledge of these type of events, nor regarding the large quantity of people reporting things mysteriously disappearing.
Most times, people tend to forget about DOP events no matter how strange the situation was. They forget about them ever taking place, don’t giving it much thought and discarding it as unimportant. This could also be happening because the DOP appears impossible to the person experiencing it. Also, the mind could be trying to justify itself to what it knows, since the mind constantly finds correlations as a means of making sense of the world. People find themselves dwelling over Darwinian DOP explanations such as being victims of robbery, memory failure, or just prefer not to talk about it to avoid being seen as crazy or anything similar.

What happened to me

In my case, it happened when the kitchen knife disappeared while I was preparing lunch. I’ve searched everywhere, all the logical places like trash cans and kitchen drawers, as well as unlike places like under furniture, outside the house and places no one would have thought of. The fact is, even though I thought of and search everywhere, the knife was nowhere to be found.
A few days after the event, I still couldn’t wrap my brain around the strange disappearing knife act. There seems to be no “logical” explanation as to what have had really happened. At some point, I thought of searching the Internet for any reasonable explanation to it or to find similar phenomenon experiences.

I searched the Internet for answers and found many interesting things, but no DOP (Disappearing Object Phenomenon) explanation I could resonate to.
No matter how accurate (or not) my conclusions and beliefs on the matter may be, I decided to put it out there so to share my thoughts, but mostly to get others to share their experiences for everyone’s knowledge’s sake hoping for a glimpse of understanding over this phenomena.

6 days ago I was preparing lunch, but I wasn’t prepared for what followed. I was using my favorite kitchen knife to cut food, at some point I went to the fridge to get vegetables, when I came back the knife I was using, simply disappeared. The whole thing happened in about 30 seconds or less.

Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Disappearing Object Phenomenon

Why is it Strange?

Yes, I know that by now many of you might think that, I or someone else, took the knife elsewhere and can’t remember, the dog buried it, it’s under the sink, inside the trash can or a group of ants took it away while singing “your knife is ours, now go blog about it”.

Let me tell you a bit about that. Currently I’m on my holiday house, which means I have very few things here, including other knives or similar objects. My furniture’s very minimal, by choice, so things aren’t cluttered with many unusual places to “accidentally loose” things to.
I had no dog at the time, no one was visiting me or anything out of the ordinary happened. What actually happened to me was going from preparing vegetables with a knife, getting something from the fridge and coming back to a disappearing knife. The whole thing took no more than 30 seconds.
There and then I started a mission to recover the knife, but haven’t succeed thus far. The knife had simply gone missing, with no Darwinian explanation whatsoever to be found.

More than 6 days went by (as I’m writing this), with no clues to the knife’s whereabouts or any possible reason to explain it.

This could be entirely unrelated, but it might be worth sharing another fact, so people can find possible relations that will help us all make some sense out of DOP.
Before the DOP happened, I was preparing lunch while having thoughts about the fact that we’re merely vessels for ideas. Basically, I was thinking that we’re merely dressing up ideas, but they already exist and we already know them subconsciously. They just strike a vibrational cord (hence they get our “attention”) and we become entangled beyond a merely Darwinian way (more spiritual like). To me, ideas are, in essence, already existing in some energy form, waiting to become mass through us.
This might also explain, on some level, why ideas come to mind, instead of coming from the mind. Many musicians report this kind of events, where they say great songs came to them out of nowhere. So we could just be borrowing ideas that already exist and many factors might make us aligned with them and help “transform” them.

But why am I telling you all this? I think the fact that this thought process was happening while the knife disappeared could have some relation, or maybe it doesn’t, but it could be a clue and some people can relate with it on some level to get us all more knowledge about the DOP.

DOP Theories

I don’t think to know what the DOP really is, I understand that truth might always be a relative definition, but at least I would like to have a clearer understanding of the DOP phenomenon.

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some sort of non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event triggers some action that might make objects move or disappear in the physical world, or maybe in our heads alone. Bermuda triangle rings a bell?

Many things have been said about the DOP, some talk about spirits, parallel universes, aliens, spiritual alignment and many other things. For me, they could all be true, but no one yet really knows what it is for sure.
The latest quantum physics theories point out to parallel universes, it might make sense to see the disappearing object phenomenon as some kind of different universe interaction, making objects shift position or dimensions.

Also, science still needs better understanding on how the inner works of the mind operate. It’s scientific common sense that we may have mind abilities beyond our current understanding, specially when regarding to quantum or other non-Darwinian paradigms. Maybe new spiritual abilities are being born to mankind, and the disappearing object phenomenon might be the result of that.

It might also be yourself saying something to yourself subconsciously that triggers these DOP events. The mind could be playing tricks on you. This kind of memory “glitches” have been studied in witness testaments where the mind might “see” what wasn’t there. Maybe these “glitches” might have caused you to actually displace the object, but since you’ve made up a version of reality in your mind, the “real” reality isn’t real anymore to you. Basically this means that somehow you forgot a few steps of what happened, so the thing gone missing doesn’t make sense. Sure, it doesn’t make sense to you version version of.
Can we really fully trust our mind? Maybe subconsciously we’re making ourselves aware of something when experiencing DOP. Maybe a needed shift in life direction, new dreams or aspirations or something your subconscious mind knows about something that’s about to happen, but our conscious yet doesn’t.

Maybe it’s some old family ancestors trying to make a message across. The “truth” is that, in fact, no one knows what DOP really is… Yet.

My Own Theory on DOP

So what are my conclusions on what the disappearing phenomena really is?

First, let me say I have no physical proof so it’s really just my opinion based on my own experience and other people’s reactions and comments. I think the DOP could be an eye opener, something to widen our perception. In a way, it’s some sort of “not seen” reality event which interacts with the physical world. I believe it might have to do with the yet uncharted mind abilities. We, or our subconscious-we, might know more than we think we do consciously, and have abilities beyond our understanding.

A few days after my DOP knife disappeared, something important happened with a close relative of mine, and that alone was special in its own way. Maybe my subconscious was trying to “communicate” with me, or jolt my awareness into making me do something about it before it was too late. I don’t really know, but I fell strongly about the connection between DOP and something strong enough that our subconscious detects but our conscious doesn’t.

The Disappearing Object Phenomenon might be some sort of non physical event with repercussions in the physical reality that we can “see”. When it happens, the event triggers some action that might make make objects move or disappear in the physical world, or maybe in our heads alone. Bermuda triangle rings a bell? Maybe even the multiverse theory has something to do with DOP. Are somehow physical things materializing and shifting universes?

What does this mean for someone who had contact with DOP?

We’re interacting with the universe on many levels, but we’re consciously filtering reality by our 5 senses alone. Nonetheless, our body, feelings and interactions with the nonphysical are happening still. Just because we can’t see electricity, doesn’t mean it’s non existent. The DOP could be a ripple effect giving us signs of something happening in the “background” that we definitely should look into for knowledge sake.

So the DOP could be a sort of signal of what’s about to happen ahead in the future. It could be good or not so good, because nothing yet points towards one side alone. Good and bad are hard to define because they only exist in comparison being a relative concept, besides, bad things can turn out good things in the future and vice-versa.

DOP could be a way for you to evaluate the “seen” and not “seen” realities and prepare for change or notice something.

As a side note, always get suspicious if the thing disappearing was somewhat valuable. The non physical event should not have a monetary agenda. If what disappeared was valuable enough, take the extra time to rule out a “police case” from DOP.

Tell us your experience. Did this happen to you? What was happening in your mind or life while the DOP happened? Did something important happened in the subsequent days? Maybe your input can get us all a bit more closer to what the DOP really is.

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119 Responses

  1. jkiel says:

    I have complained for years that my wife throws items if mine away! Underwear, food and sometimes even valuable items, all if which she denies! Several days ago, my ceiling fan controller disappeared. I last placed it on a folded blanket at the foot of my bed next to the TV controller! Later that night it was gone! I searched every inch around the bed and could not find it. My wife remembered seeing it in the same place when she came in to touch up the room before she left for work ! She insists it was there! She searched for two days with no luck! Last night I was hungry for a snack, so I went to a fridge we have in the garage where we keep extra items! I had recently purchased some large apples which I had viewed several times in the drawer where I keep fruit and vegetables! I remember thinking that I had better eat them soon before they go bad. I went to get one of thev3 or 4 I had in the drawer, but they were all gone! I accused my wife of throwing away perfect apples, which she denied as usual ! Thus has become so bizaar that I decided to look up this problem online and found this site! I am truly baffled!

  2. Alex says:

    Now I know I should stop one of these anyway, but I need the other one.

    My cigarettes keep going missing. I have to keep count to know how much I’ve smoked since I’m trying to cut down.

    Also, I have a medication that has been going “missing” since my dad died.

    The strange thing is – my dad used to “steal” mine and my mom’s cigarettes while he was alive. But he told everyone he didn’t smoke. But we had proof. When he was alive, he stayed in the basement on his computer. He’d come upstairs to use the bathroom. That day, mom and I got back from the store and the basement door was locked. It could only be locked from his side, and there was no key. I went to use the toilet upstairs here and there was a half smoked cigarette in it, floating in the water. We asked dad about it and he said “oh, well, someone probably broke in and put it there”… that’s just weird.
    (My dad was very sneaky, and I hate to talk about the deceased, but it’s just true! Now that I look back, his whole life was like he was walking on pins and needles hoping no one would find out about all his secrets.)

    Anyway, dad used to also mess with my medications. I have many because I have quite a few illnesses. I had an RX sleeping medication, which I believe he messed with but I never had proof exactly.

    Things between us have been back and forth, just … all bad.

    So now, after he died, I’m now missing medication of a different kind. It’s only myself and mom in the house. I keep it locked up tight and I’m totally in control over the medication. But pills still disappear.

    This month, I’m missing about 13 pills!

    I take them as directed; there’s no reason for me not to. I count them as soon as I get the RX filled.

    What’s going on?? The cigarettes that go missing… the medication? What’s next????

    After my grandmother died, there was a deodorant on my desk that flew sideways and landed in my dog’s bed the moment I stepped foot in my room and turned on the light.

    I understand things can fall down. But be THROWN SIDE-WAYS?

    What’s going on? Am I possessed? My house? My cigs and meds?

  3. Eva says:

    similar things are happening @ our house. my 70~80 dollar swim jacket just disappeared after Friday, last week. my mom and dad are very unhappy about that, and says that I lost it, although I put it right there near the stairs in our house. my mom also thought that I had left it outside after swim, but no way I could have done that, because I was wearing my swim suit out in the cold just not wearing it, and she actually thought I would even sit on our car’s leather seat with a wet swim suit on me. but back on to the topic. I wonder why things just disappear and later on when you really don’t actually need them, they mysteriously appear again.

  4. Bobbi says:

    I have concluded that there is a “hot zone” in my house where this happens and it is about ten feet by fourteen feet, from top floor to main. Short descriptions: keys disappear off dressing table put there by an extremely OCD person. One year or so, appear on the kitchen counter that I just wiped off (after briefly stepping away) and the keys are TARNISHED. Today, laundry room in the same area and yes, I know about the “parallel world” for socks joke. But I put a pyjama set in the wash with only two other small items and the pants were not in the washer when I went to put them in the dryer- I remember them because i spilled nail oil on them and that is why I washing them. Big bright laundry room, easy to check spaces and other areas, but pants gone. Husband can not climb stairs due to disability. No one else in the house. Happened in the space of 2 hours. I feel for everyone on this blog. I am a health professional and very rationale.

  5. Vidhisha says:

    As everybody else, I have experienced such thing… I had my own DOP experience. It’s the first time I have found some logical relation with my problem.
    It’s not just one particular thing that got disappeared, there are a collection of things that suddenly went missing. At first it would be just pens and pencils (well this time the ones I use more often) and I would not give much thought and considered them to be misplaced. Then, my money went missing, though it was not a huge amount but whatsoever it was money. Then, my expensive pens and lead pencils would go missing. I still think that these objects could perhaps be misplaced, stolen, borrowed and I would always blame my younger brother for it, but he isn’t so naughty or a thief to take these objects every time. But a recent object, a highlight marker, actually went missing just the previous night and I unforgettably remember that I was using it. It was kept in the mug where i keep my pens on the study table. Yes there were lots of books kept on it, but how can it be lost between books on a 2 ft by 4 ft desk. I never keep the stationary objects outside my desk nor do I take it out of my room, and again, no one else came into my room. I only take a pen to my classes so no question of taking a highlighter or losing it there, and not just one but to new disappeared.
    This time I vividly remember everything and cannot be imagining it. It has to disappear.
    Glad it’s not something that’s just happening with me.

  6. cecilia silva says:

    Something similiar to this is happening at my house. i dont lose or misplace a certain item. The first time this happened it was @20 bras belonging to myself, my niece and sister. The bras were under the bathroom sink between the two bedrooms. It has happened @10 times already. The other times it has been ramdom clothes belonging to myself and my niece, sometimes the clothes is clean that was hanging in our closets and dirty clothes from the bedrooms or laundry. My niece says she hears random noises coming from the bathroom at night or even when she is in the shower. The only other thing that has gone missing but reappered was a cellphone that was in one of the drawers in my bedroom. It disappered and reappeared in the corner that same day. nobody was home

  7. Steve says:

    So today January 15,2016 we have the same story. Cops didn’t find any thing wrong but all our knifes are gone after a family dinner. Scary

  8. Apple says:

    Hi, I have lost my $30 notes which I remembered vividly I have placed on the table and 2 days later, my ear rings disappear too. I remembered I have placed back to the usual spot where I always kept my ear rings. This morning, I wanted to wear it and it was not there. Then I told my husband, I find it really very strange. Suddenly, I slipped my hand, the glass shattered on the table. I was shocked. I used to do meditation and I sit down to recall that moment where I last placed my items, that scenerio somehow cannot be flashed back. Usually, I can recall things vividly when I quieter my mind. How do u feel about this ? Regards, Apple

    • Apple says:

      And the strangest thing is yesterday in my heart, i have a random thoughts that say this ear rings cannot be lost as i really love it so much and suddenly it was gone this morning…

      • Nhung Nguyen says:

        So glad that what im keep experiencing is not just random. I used to lost tons of things in my childhood, so i pratice a habit of always checking twice everything before i leave. Of course i dont have good memory on everything but in reverse, i do remember lots of throwback infos that sometimes when i remind it to my friends or fellows, they could not even remember. This year seems not good to me ( im vietnamese so i believe a lil bit in lunar calendar) since i lost 2 lipsticks, a bra, and the lastest things happened is my not found hairpin. I have just seen it this morning and thanks some fckin mistery power it’s gone now. Sometimes i think i have a unidentified fan who keeps taking mine secretly

  9. Angela says:

    I know this blog is old but I came across it after doing an internet search about things that go missing randomly. A few weeks ago I had a piggy bank go missing. It was my grandmas piggy bank that was given to me after she died and I gave it to my one year old daughter. This piggy bank was sitting on her dresser which was high enough that she couldnt reach it. One day I was hanging up a shelf above the dresser and removing things so I could stand on it and after I hung up the shelf I realized that the piggy bank was not up there anymore. I was very confused at first. I searched the whole entire house. Its a small house too and it couldnt have gone far. I never have anyone over so I know it couldnt have been stolen. One night I couldnt sleep and I got out of bed at 3am and started searching again. I went into my daughters room and was just staring to see if I can notice anything from the corner of my eye. I was starting to freak out and then randomly one of the doors to her toy kitchen opened( this would have been a better story if I could say the piggy bank was in there, but unfortunately it wasn’t). I just stared at and whispered to myself “Nana?” I went back to bed after that. Well the piggy bank is still missing and then a few days ago a red box movie went missing so now I am paying for it every day until eventually its mine. I am so confused by what is going on lately. And to make things worse we did experience some paranormal activity the first week we moved in. The ironic part is that it was with one of my daughters toys that was also my Nanas. It was this toy with a bunch of different buttons that you can push and it did different sounds. Every time my boyfriend would walk down the hall it would say either the number 5 or 7. ( I’m just glad it wasnt saying 666, I would have been out of there so fast!). That was the only weird thing that happened, other than sometimes I would get this weird feeling like something was watching me so I would say “In the name of Jesus leave this home”, and then after a while I felt safe again. And other times I would be sitting in the living room and out of the corner of my eye I would see a blue dot in my daughters room, but I just thought maybe it was my eyes(I do need to get my vision checked). All this just seems really weird. Another story about the missing piggy bank is when it was first given to me we didnt know where my Nana kept the key that unlocks the bottom. one night I had a dream where we were all at my Nanas house and she was there and I asked her about the key and she told me it was in a drawer in the kitchen. I can still remember this dream like it was just last night, it was as if I was awake and remembered that before the dream ends I need to ask her about the key. The next day I was telling me mom about the dream and I asked her if they looked in the kitchen and she said yes, my aunt had actually found it in a drawer. It was by far the weirdest thing ever. I keep having more dreams decently about my grandma. I think tonight I will try to contact her or whoever might be in my house and see if they can give it back. Or maybe it was my own mind losing things in parallel universes. I guess I will never know for sure unless they turn up or until Im dead.

    • Kiki says:

      I have for years had a problem with TMJ, which is a jaw disorder resulting from a poor bite resulting from bad dental work.
      Eventually I found a specialist who gave me a splint to wear over my teeth at night, and which was supposed to help.
      This treatment would last several months.
      I wore the splint at night, and during the day, after being cleaned it was put back into its case where it stayed either on my bathroom shelf or my bedside table.
      This specialist’s treatment however was not working exactly as expected as it still caused some pain on one of my teeth.
      I however persevered with the treatment as the specialist would in any case make regular adjustments which was supposed to get things right (but didn’t).
      Then halfway through the treatment the splint just disappeared. I looked absolutely everywhere for it, turning my home upside down in the process, but it was nowhere to be found.
      I found the case, but the splint was not inside.
      As I was searching for it I naturally was now looking for the splint on its own (without the case).
      As the splint was made of translucent plastic I not only looked with my eyes, but I moved my hands around everywhere to see if I could feel it somewhere.
      My bedside table was ransacked, but it was nowhere.
      I cancelled some appointments with the specialist as I could not return to him for a ‘splint adjustment’ when I no longer had the splint.
      Eventually after about three months of it having been missing I suddenly saw it on my bedside table like as if it had never been gone! In fact I was not even looking for it then…it just appeared!
      I then made another appointment with the specialist. I told him that the reason I had not been back to him sooner is because the splint just disappeared.
      He made a small-talk joke and said “Hm, it must be a poltergeist”.
      I said ” Yes, I suppose so, ha ha!”
      The splint however now had to be replaced with a new one as the three month break from wearing it made it no longer fit.
      I got the new one made, but the problem of it causing pain in one of the teeth returned. I was quite clearly not supposed to be having this treatment. It was not agreeing with me.
      The splint was hitting on this one molar and the pain got periodically worse and worse so that eventually I had to have it out.
      After this molar was removed my ‘bite’ which had been causing me so much trouble for such a long time now seemed to right itself.
      The tooth that was causing so much pain and had to be removed was in fact playing a large part in my ‘bite problem”.
      The splint therapy was not the right treatment.
      So why did the splint go missing???
      Was my subconscious sending me a message in ways which we cannot as yet fully understand the workings of?

  10. Jazz! says:

    I’m glad and relieved to find this site. I googled this “disappearing object phenomena” in the hope of trying to get an explanation of what I have just experienced. I completed a color pencil drawing on 8.5 X11 black card stock paper a number of weeks ago and left it on my dining kitchen table among the other drawings that I am currently working on. Earlier today, I go and sit at my table to arrange my completed drawings and that drawing was NOT there where I am convinced I left it. Like so many others sharing their testimonials here, I doubted myself and rationalized that I must have misplaced it. So I looked once again among the completed drawings on my kitchen table but didn’t find it. Frustrated, I rationalized that I may have had an absent-minded moment maybe a day or week ago and mindlessly placed the drawing among the heap of printed advertisements that I piled up to dispose of later, so I carefully and precisely sorted all of the pile hoping to find it and the drawing was NOT there either. I rationalized further, thinking that I must’ve carried the drawing to some other location in my bungalow so I began to look where I imagined I may have placed it, although I confirmed in my visual memory that that drawing NEVER left my kitchen table. Even doubting the memory, I continued to rationalize and search for the drawing. With no clue and no other rationalizations, I entertained the notion that I am might be losing my mind and “believed” I did that drawing when I did not. And before I could even latch onto that notion, I remembered that I used the camera on my mobile to take a picture of that drawing in an acrylic frame protector, I still have my mind , because the drawing was documented in that digital photo within the acrylic display frame. Again, like one of the contributor’s here, I acknowledged that there may be a greater or extraordinary reality existing that I am unaware of and so I addressed it and expressed that I wish to have that color pencil drawing returned to me. As I type this, I have to confess that I am greatly disturbed because I cannot explain or account for a physical object, a sheet of 8.5 X11 black card stock paper with a vivid color penciled sci-fi illustration on it, could just literally vanish…”disappear” from the physical world.

  11. Susan says:

    This has happened to me, several times. I have gotten some of the stuff back. For instance, $ I had been saving to go to NY and when I went to get my money it was gone. I had put it in my closet. So I took everything out including the clothes, shoes everything. I kept looking other places, thinking I imagined putting in there. I even looked through the trash. It stayed missing for weeks, I had a friend of mine use a pendulum and it said it was in the closet. Looked again, no…..
    I got angry, I demanded whatever energy took it to bring it back it was mine. A few days later I returned to my heart, and said if someone in another place needs this more then me, you are free to have it. I gave it from my heart. Two days later, I went to get my shoes out of the closet, that had been searched thrice completely. There on top of everything, out of place was a shoe box I opened it, and my money was in it. I was amazed and bewildered, but it defiantly happened.

  12. MaxTone says:

    I’m glad I came across this website and found out I’m not alone in experiencing DOP. I had never heard of DOP and thought I was going crazy! In fact, my husband and friends I’ve told about my experiences think I’m crazy and just being forgetful or absent-minded. I thought so too at first, because I’ve always been absent-minded. But in the last 6 months, at least 3 things have happened to me that were more than the ordinary forgetfulness and I started to get concerned enough to research it on the web, and came across this site.

    Incident #1: About 6 months ago, I was riding home from the gym with my husband, and he asked me what time it was. I didn’t have my watch or phone with me, so I reached into my gym bag to get out my Fitbit and another exercise tracker, ActiveLink, which both tell time and which I had forgotten to put back on after my shower. I was sure I put them back into the pocket of my gym bag after I checked the time, but when I got home to get them out to put back on, there were both gone! My husband didn’t see me put them back in the gym bag, so he thought I might have left them somewhere else in the car. We both searched the car and my gym bag thoroughly; nowhere to be found and not found to this day.

    Incident #2: About 3 months ago, I was making meatballs for a party. After I washed my hands, I decided I better take off my wedding rings because they would get all greasy from rolling the meatballs. I distinctly remember placing them in a bin on a kitchen counter, but nobody saw me do it. I didn’t remember not having my rings on until the next morning. When I looked in the bin – gone! My husband thought I might have placed it elsewhere, so we looked all over the kitchen and in obvious places in the house, particularly the catch-all basket in my nightstand drawer where I usually put the rings if I ever took them off. They haven’t been found to this day. This is the second time they’ve disappeared, see below for the other time when I eventually found them.

    Incident #3: Just last week, I changed wallets so that I could fit it into a smaller purse. My regular wallet is a large one that holds about 15 cards, a checkbook, bills and coins, and that I keep in a purse that I regularly use. In this instance I couldn’t rememberexactly what I did with my regular wallet. I took out only my driver’s license, a credit card, a debit card and some cash to put in the smaller wallet, and I thought I returned my regular wallet to my regular purse. I could have just left it on the dresser or put it in the purseholder in my closet. But it certainly would have been somewhere in the bedroom. When I wanted to switch back from the smaller wallet to my regular wallet a week later, the wallet was nowhere to be found. My husband and I both turned the bedroom upside down looking for it. Then we searched the entire house just in case I absent-mindedly carried it somewhere else. No luck. We even checked the car, because sometimes I’ll change wallets/purses in the car if I’m in a rush – although neither of us could remember me doing so this time. I’m really concerned because the regular wallet has my medical insurance card, loyalty cards, gift cards, credit cards, my checkbook and cash. I’m afraid I’ll have to go to all that hassle of calling the bank and replacing my cards and making stop payment s on my missing checkbook. My husband thinks it’s a possibility I may have left it at one of 2 stores I went to after I switched wallets but I can’t imagine carrying my switched purse with the switched wallet AND my regular wallet into a store. And I do distinctly remember taking cash from the smaller wallet to pay for a purchase. Where could my regular wallet be??? Both my husband and I have searched high and low throughout the entire house, garage, and car. It’s a large enough item that it can’t “hide” like my exercise trackers and rings could.

    There’s another instance where I was out shopping with a friend, and she distinctly saw me put my sunglasses in my purse before we went into a mall, yet I could not find it when we left a couple hours later. Never found that either.

    There have been a couple other instances when the item *was* found later. My husband handed me a key to the ski rack in the car, so I put it in the passenger door pocket, where another set of keys already was. When he asked for it later, I told him where it was, but all he could find was the other set of keys. I searched my pockets and purse just in case, but nothing. A week later he asked me again, as he needed it to go skiing. I looked in all the same places, and lo and behold, it was in one of the pockets in the purse, where I had looked before but found nothing. Another time I could not find my wedding rings in the catch-all basket in the drawer of my nightstand, where I always put them before I go to bed because my fingers swell during the night while I’m sleeping. The next morning I couldn’t find them, along with the watch on which watchband I secure the rings. I looked all through the drawer but they were gone. I couldn’t find them for about a year, and my husband was just about ready to buy me new wedding rings. Then when I was rummaging through the nightstand drawer looking for something else, there were the watch and rings hiding behind the basket. I could have sworn I had looked there before, in fact I had emptied out that entire drawer.

    What explanation could there be? I don’t think it’s sleepwalking because I have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP machine that I would have to consciously disconnect if I were to get out of bed. I can’t relate the incidents to any particular or significant event in my life as others have talked about. A friend said that a passed loved one could be trying to communicate with me. My parents have been gone 15 years and no one close to me has passed since then. What could they be trying to say if that’s the case? This is starting to alarm me.

  13. Heather says:

    This happened to me couple days ago; I dropped my tweezers and when I went to pick them up, they were gone. I don’t mean they bounced underneath something, I mean that I saw them on the floor, and went to pick them up, and they weren’t there. It’s honestly pissing me off because I need them. Jeez.

  14. Cookiecrumble says:

    This happened to me just the same when a kitchen knife went missing as I was preparing dinner and it happened when my sister put her glasses on the table ( I saw her do it ) and when she came back they were gone and I really regret taking my eyes off them. They came back out if nowhere in weird places. 🤔😑

  15. luci says:

    This happen to me couple days ago. I normally wake up at 8 to start getting ready for work. For some reason I woke up late and I rush myself to work. I remember grabbing my apartment key but not my car key. and I always put my car key to the same place every time i get Home. So the morning I left to work and I remember seen my key that morning and when i got home after work it was gone and no one has enter in our apartment if we got rob they could of taken my brother lap top, and other things but it was just my key. and I look every where I couldn’t find it.

  16. Kiki says:

    I have had a number of incidences which I will be reporting in future posts.
    I just want to say for now what sort of things I have found precede these incidences.
    This is not absolute but happens often enough to be worthy of consideration.
    Many times the missing items are small items which carry much energy from the person due to continual use.
    For example, keys, eyeglasses or similar very personal items.
    I believe that this energy that these items carry is significant.
    However this is not always the case.
    In addition I think that these items disappear when you are doing the most routine mundane things which you do so regularly that require no thought at all.
    You may be doing something in ‘automata mode’, and if so this makes you very vulnerable to the forces of other dimensions.
    To prevent these occurrences it is a very good idea to try to concentrate on what you are doing, however mundane routine and repetitive and boring it might be.
    A soon as you let go and do something ‘without thinking’ you are leaving things open.
    For everything to stay in our dimension we need to pay conscious attention to our dimension, i,e our reality.
    This of course is difficult to do when so many everyday things are done repetitively without conscious thought.
    Things usually disappear when you are putting these small items down somewhere without conscious thought.
    If you consciously watch yourself put the item down and make a mental note of it you have probably secured its position.
    None of this is an absolute rule but worth taking note. In addition I have noticed that sometimes certain thoughts that may be in your mind at the time may affect the disappearance.
    It is hard to define these thoughts but in my case they seem to be ‘deep’ thoughts, and often stressful thoughts.
    Thoughts do create energy, and the DOP is the result of energy discrepancies.
    My view is that as space is curved that when certain energy is displaced that the item ‘falls though’.
    The fact that it can come back in the same place, or a different place, or even disappear forever fits in with quantum theory.

    • Reah says:

      I have just had a DOP, my first, and found this site while searching for explanations. I unpacked a bag of groceries around 4pm today, including some Danish Royal biscuits wrapped in tinfoil that I had brought home from a friend’s house after Christmas. I put them in my kitchen cupboard on the first shelf next to the cereal. Around midnight I made a hot drink and feeling pecking decided to have a couple of biscuits. At the same time I had a small thought that I shouldn’t be eating them as it was late, and I was trying to watch my weight. I wanted them anyway and opened the cupboard door only to find the shelf empty! No biscuits in foil, anywhere! I searched the whole kitchen! Nothing. I hadn’t been in the cupboard all night. I still haven’t found them. I think I have either shifted or my consciousness has removed them. A few times, in my late teens, when I didn’t like a program on TV, the television would automatically jump to a different channel. I can’t really explain it, but my thoughts seem to be involved both times.

  17. Kiki says:

    I have several experiences I wish to share concerning DOP.
    The first one that I can recall happened about ten years ago soon after my mother died.
    I may have had some other DOP experiences before this but they were just dismissed by me as absent mindedness or being forgetful and then forgotten.
    However this incident was too puzzling to dismiss.
    Some previous years whilst my mother was still living I had given her a beautiful key ring with a real crystal ball attached.
    She loved this keyring and it was very special to her.
    Then after she died I started using it as my keyring.
    I had my house keys and my car keys on this ring.
    Then one day I went to my front door and opened it with the front door key attached to the key ring.
    The door opened but the the keys and keyring just disappeared.
    They seemed to fall out of my hand but I had not dropped them.
    I heard nothing fall to the ground.
    I was completely puzzled.
    Logically the only place they could possibly have been found would have been directly on the floor where I had stood.
    But when something so peculiar happens you start looking everywhere.
    I retraced my steps from my car to see if they had been dropped anywhere.
    In later days I started wondering if I had dropped them somewhere in the bushes and a neighbour took a fancy to the crystal and nicked it.
    This of course was just my ‘logical’ mind trying to find a rational explanation.
    It is obvious that they could not have been in these imagined places as I had already opened the front door with the keys.
    They had quite literally just disappeared into thin air.
    Perhaps this is where the saying ‘disappearing into thin air’ had originally sprung from.
    Did my mother in another dimension want her crystal back?
    Also could it have been a warning about something.?
    I had some spare keys and carried on with my life.
    Then a few days later my car was seriously damaged when I drove it into a wall by mistake.
    It had been in a parking space in front of a brick wall.
    The car needed to be in neutral when I turned on the engine (as it usually is) and then I had to reverse out.
    On this occasion my car was left accidentally in first gear, so that when I switched the engine on it went straight into the wall.
    This happened only two or three days after losing my keyring with the car keys.
    Perhaps it was a warning that I was not supposed to drive.
    One is always trying to find a rational explanation for the inexplicable.

  18. Tania Sands says:

    Just checking that this site is still working before posting

  19. Kraig says:

    Ok so my dop story seems way more intense an elaborate then most of the stories I’ve read so far. My clothes started going missing with absolutely no explanation except for my moms hypothesis which is very far fetched. She believes I made some sort of enemy that comes into my house periodically and steals ALL my clothes(more then 80% of my wardrobe has disappeared)they would need to know my whole families schedules if they didn’t want to get caught. My parents even installed a security camera to try and catch the “thief” but with no luck. I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with shrooms which has opened my mind to the spiritual side of our world and have been really trying to soul search and figure out what is my life purpose. I came to an epiphany on one of my trips that I’ve had such a blessed life and need I devote my the rest of my life to those suffering in developing countries and places in dire need. But when I’m back in reality I don’t feel this urge to help and I don’t act upon it. I feel like my clothes going disappearing is a sign for me to dig deeper inside my spiritual self and get out of the 9-5 mindless society we live in on the daily.it started around 6months to a year ago and is still happening. I just want to find out a way for it to stop. I’m honestly terrified of this phenomenon and it seems like it will never end. Please if you’ve had the same long term dop experiences
    I’ve had I’d love to talk with in much more detail.

  20. Lainie says:

    It’s interesting to read these stories, as I thought I was losing my mind!
    A couple of weeks ago, I was taking off some Tahitian pearl earrings that I had just recently gotten while traveling overseas. I put one on the jewelry hanger that I have, and as I took the second one off I felt it drop out of my hand. I didn’t hear it land so I thought it was caught in my clothes. It is NOWHERE to be found, I’ve searched everywhere. I even went so far as to stand in the same place and drop other jewelry on the floor, and always I can hear it land and always I can see it immediately – it’s like it disappeared before it hit the floor. A week or so later, a Tahitian pearl ring that I got on the same trip has also gone missing, this time out of it’s box. Now my sister has a couple of rings missing out of her jewelry box, so it seems to be escalating. However, a few years ago my niece’s wedding ring went missing when she was here visiting, and I found it 3 months later in the vegetable drawer in the kitchen. She cooks a lot while she’s here, so it never dawned on me it could be anything other than a normal explanation. This is getting weird, though! I have heard that poltergeists can appear not only with adolescent girls, but also with women going through menopause. As I have just gone through it, I wonder if that could be it?

  21. Emily says:

    I was brought to this website by a similar experience which I encountered just now.

    Last Friday, my college professor in Philosophy of Religion handed me a reading material for class, and assigned me to have them photocopied and distributed in class. The weekend passed by, and the material was tucked safely in my bag. It was a 13-page paper handout. I skipped my Monday and Tuesday classes. I have no school on Wednesdays, so that today Thursday was day I went back to school and have the materials photocopied. To my surprise, the first page of the handout was gone. The eerie part was that the title page says “The Death of God: An Obituary to Christian Orthodoxy.” Like God was the one who messes up with the time lines ha ha.
    The most logical thing when we lose things is to trace the previous events leading to the loss. Last night, Wednesday night, I took my handouts and read them page by page. But I remember putting them back together. I am very OCD with my stuff and I know I would’ve noticed last night if a page was missing, even more if the front title page was missing!
    I am shaking while typing this because I’m fairly convinced some spirit or force or entity was behind the disappearance.
    But it’s even more eerie to think we have crossed over to another dimension. A few minutes before typing this I saw the cap of the disinfectant alcohol bottle open. As I said I am very OC about my things, making sure things are arranged accordingly. There was no way I could’ve left the bottle open. I am alone in my room.

  22. Missing Second Hand says:

    Ok i had seen this website once, a while back, when my aunt was complaining that her spoon was going missing, a particular pattern which the family knew belonged to her and so they’ll never touch/use it. But it still went missing, 3 times, even the replacement ones. The rest of the spoons that the family uses is still there. Then it happened to me, not spoons, rather i was dismantling my broken quart clock to fix a new replacement kit, taking out the second/minute/the hour hand. After taking out the second hand i left the room and did not noticed and proceeded to take out the rest (minute & hour). Then realised the second hand was missing. Search everywhere even nook and crannies to make sure it didn’t slip or got blown away or something. Nothing. So now i have everything except the second hand of the clock. If i ever found it, then i will report back.

  23. Donna Scott says:

    I’ve had three recent DOP happenings and in fact, never heard of this phenomena before. My mother died in July of this year, 2015. The next day I was getting ready for work putting on my makeup, thinking about her. I wear false eyelashes. I had taken one off to put on eyeliner and just put it on the counter. As I looked down to get it to put it back on, it was gone. I looked on the floor, my clothes, under the makeup tray. Finally I cleared everything off the counter. Nothing there. Finally after about five minutes I turned to a drawer to get another one, turned around and there it was, all by itself smack in the middle of a bright white counter where there had been nothing before. Another time I was in a grocery store to get two items, a baking potato and a bag of salad. I had a reusable grocery bag with me with another little bag wadded up inside the big bag. I walked in the store and picked up a hand basket that I put over my arm and stuck the big bag with the wadded up bag inside in the corner of the basket. I walked over to the potato bin, picked one and went to put it in the basket and the big bag was gone. Only the small bag from inside of it was there. I looked on the floor. I looked in the potato bin. Nothing. It was a small market with hardly anyone in there. If someone were to steal the bag why would they leave the small bag. Plus I would have felt someone reaching into the basket I had on my arm. I walked up and down every aisle and it just vanished. I’m a singer and was on my way to a rehearsal and spent an extra seven minutes in that store before giving up and leaving. As I got on the freeway there was a huge accident that had I left seven minutes earlier I would have probably been in. The third one that happened happened a couple nights ago. I’m also a court reporter and took my laptop and software key out of my case to work on a job and put both on the bed. I went into another room to get a workbook. Came back and the software key was gone. Just gone. I tore the bed apart. Looked on the floor. Went through the laundry that was sitting there. Went through the trash. Tore the room apart because it was going to cost me about $700 to get a new one. Finally I gave up. My daughter and grandson came in because they heard me acting like a crazy woman and they started looking. I read a book. After they went through the room my daughter walked past a purse that was hanging on a chair five feet away from the bed and saw it in a side pocket. No one put it there. Having nothing to do with DOP, once I was watching TV in my bedroom and my keys were sitting on top of the television. Suddenly they floated off the TV, went half way across the room, stopped and then fell to the floor. The only thing I could think of was my deceased husband used to help me find my keys. Today when I can’t find them I holler at him and while my daughter and I are frantically looking over and over in the same places, after we yell at him — yes, we yell at a dead man — they appear, often in a place we’ve looked. I know all this sounds crazy but I swear it’s true.

  24. hawkley says:

    Never had this happen to me before (that I know of). I have had things go missing before without explanation, but never attributed it to anything more than misplaced.

    Last night, however, my fiancé and I were having a serious discussion about our relationship and whether or not to continue this journey together or call it quits. In a moment of emotional outburst, my fiancé took her ring off and gave it to me. I held it in my hand for a few minutes while we finished our conversation. We were lying on the bed, and when we finished, I got up and set it on the nightstand next to the bed where it remained. A few hours later, my fiancé asked me what I had done with it. She followed me into the bedroom, but the ring was no longer where I left it. It didn’t take us long to find it, but it somehow was moved from on top of the nightstand into the drawer on the nightstand, and the drawer was closed. That means that however it got into the drawer, the action had to have been deliberate. We are both at a loss for explanation and wonder if some force is trying to tell us something.

  25. Tina says:

    Well I’m only here reading these comments because the same thing just happened to me. I’m giving up smoking and using those puffer cigarettes. Not the ones that take liquid. I work late so got back about half 11 last night, without thinking I took my cigarette upstairs and left it on a cushion next to my bed. I woke up this morning and it was not there. I searched high and low even thinking maybe I had left it else where in my other safe spots. Still no where. Thankfully I had a spare one and kept it with me all day. I don’t use a bag just my coat pocket when I go out to work and I left it in my coat pocket until needed.
    I had the same one with me when I went to pick up my son. They are both slightly different in colour too so I know which one I had. I came back with my son hung my coat on the door as I would be going to work and taking out the same one I was using now at some point before work.
    I heard my coat move, it’s a glass door and I can see if anyone is behind. It’ if as I heard the coat material, I looked up and even went to my coat to check the sound but I thought no more of it. Before work I went to put on my coat and put the cigarette in my pocket. I put both hands in my pockets at same time quite forcefully and straight away found the other one in my pocket and pulled them out together, amazed and shocked as they don’t both fit in my pocket and the ends stick out. Plus, I wore my coat a few times that day and had cig in one and my keys in other and wasn’t in there earlier when I wore my coat.
    It scared me a lot my partner thinks I misplaced it and was in my pocket, but my pockets are not deep. But the fact that it was in the pocket that was on other side of the glass door freaked me out.

  26. Fait says:

    I don’t know if my incidents are DOP related but I’m still stunned by my recent; in fact just 40 mins ago, incident. A couple months ago I was making pizza I reach into the drawer looking for the pizza cutter it had disappeared it made me feel weird but i shook it off. Thinking rationally I thought my man had thrown it away since he was already using my knives to cut pizza. It was only a week later that he was hollering for me to find it, when I told him I thought he had thrown it away. A month later I decided to rearrange the kitchen, while doing this I notice my soup handle was missing I ask my man if he tossed it and he said “you know I never put things away, so how would I know where you put it?” Confused I let it slide figuring I must’ve thrown it away on accident.
    About two weeks ago I notice my cat playing with something under the stove he eventually pulled out a fancy blue fork that I had never seen before, again shrugging off that odd feeling I figured my man must’ve borrowed it from a coworker.
    Finally, at 5:36 pm yesterday I pulled money out and place it on the kitchen table under a box, for present shopping later the today. At 11:30 pm I fell asleep on a couch near the table at 1:25 am I woke up to my man coming home from work. I went to grab the money only to find it had disappeared…. again that weird gut feeling I felt each time before. We both tossed the kitchen apart looking for the money, my man wondered why I hadn’t just placed it on my wallet to begin with. The whole time i assured him I swear I check to make sure it was there before taking a nap… no one could’ve broken in other wise I would’ve heard they coming up the staircase into our place…. I hope it’s just paranoia and that I had unconsciously misplace it while cleaning the house… it’s just weird that all of these incidents have happened in the kitchen

  27. The missing drivers' license says:

    This is a phenomenon that has sometimes driven me to distraction and at times made me very angry. But after reading all your comments, today, I realized something: it might indeed be a clear message from a relative or friend who has passed on, warning you to or not to do something.

    In my case, so, I’m an American who left the US for Europe after watching some scary things that are unfolding there. There is a European host country that I’ve fallen in love with and has agreed to consider allowing me to immigrate and gain residency here. I live in that country now. But in order to stay for good, first I have to leave the Schengen then file a very specific permit request from their consulate in either (a) the United States, or (b) a different country that is not the US, so long as it’s their consulate there. This story relates to a missing object. Here’s how:

    Three nights ago, against better judgement, instead of deciding to file the permit papers from a friendly Asian country, I made plans to return briefly to the US to file it instead, despite America is becoming quite dangerous and I fear for my safety there should I return.

    Rumor is the US will try to arrest an undesired American for anything if we return. This includes parking tickets. So I thought ahead. I had a couple of parking tickets overdue and remembered them, and contacting the parking bureau in my US town to pay them from here in Europe. I had my drivers’ license in front of me, on my desk. So I called and paid the tickets. Easy.

    Within moments, that drivers’ license disappeared from off the face of the earth and I have not found it since.

    This has been infuriating! I know where I put it: it was directly in front of me on my desk to prevent exactly this type of “mysterious disappearance”! I’ve turned my whole apartment upside down but cannot find it. Then I began thinking about my grandmother and finding myself drawn to a nearby photograph I have of her.

    My anger and frustration about my missing drivers’ license subsided once I read all you guys’ comments on this webpage and realized my grandmother “misplaced” the license because she does not want me to return, even briefly, to the US. There must be something AWFUL about to happen there if she had to swipe my DL to prevent me going there. To me it is clear:

    Drivers’ license missing = wordless statement “forget about the parking tickets being paid, you are NOT to return to America. Please do not return to America, honey.”

    You see had she decided to swipe my passport that would have caused real problems. The drivers’ license is meaningless here because I have an international one.

    She didn’t take that one. :)

    To me, it seems clear.

    • UPDATE says:

      After taking the missing DL as a sign from my granny not to go back to America, I went to cook supper. Guess what was somehow in the GARBAGE?

      You guessed it: my drivers’ license. :)

  28. Rose says:

    My roomie is thinking we are all old people mentally ill or with Alzheimers! Well I can’t wait until this happens to him! Then he will know how it feels to be called crazy when you are not!

  29. Grant says:

    This morning I went to take a key out of the door… I key has a tag and a keyring with it..

    I took the key out of the door to place into another door..

    The key disappeared into my hand leaving only the tag… There Is no way the key could of disappeared from the keyring

    I have looked for hours for this key and no sign my only movements was three footsteps…

    I am lost for words

  30. Jewelson Noronha says:

    Make sure that you have not been shifted to another dimension, like me.
    I believe this to be the case. All dimension are 98~99% similar. I’m saying that you might have been holding the knife in the other dimension, while not holding the knife in this one. Meaning that when you were shifted, everything seemed similar except the knife. When the two of you were switched, one might have found a duplicate knife, while the other complained about it gone missing. You are not the only one. It happens a lot in my life, take it 2~5 years gap.
    For me lots of very small details have changed.

    yet the knife would have been swapped or switched. If you were switched you’re likely to find things gone missing .. because in that dimension you did not even bought that thing in the first place.

    • Grant says:

      This morning I took a key out of my back door to place into the front door

      The key has a key ring and tag with it

      The other door was three footsteps away the time I turned around the key and keyring had disappeared out of my hand leaving only the tag

      There is no way that the key could leave the tag without unscrewing it

      I have been looking for hours for this key within the three footsteps of the doors

      Don’t know what to do.. Scared me a bit

    • Evelyn says:

      I have lost a box of jewelry inside my home.
      I expressed to a friend, I had no idea how to live my life as I now must be in a different dimension aka parallel universe. I cannot function, knowing I must be in a different world where things can disappear, and who knows what else. I live alone, and am terrified. E.

  31. Cassie says:

    Okay, since April 2014 I have had items going missing, several, about 200+. I do have a ton of clothes, mostly clothes have gone missing, but several other items. A Michael Khors watch went missing for about 7 months and then turned up under my mattress. I JUST got my eye glass prescription, was getting the eye exam done, and I had an overwhelming gut feeling – then a voice – say, “I’ll be damned if you keep those eye glasses you picked out.” Sure enough, about 5 days later my eye glasses went missing. I hear the voice almost every single day, have self-admitted to a psychiatric hospital – been on every single anti-psychotic they offer over the last two years, and nothing makes the voice go away. I am NOT crazy!! Just scared!! More weird things have been happening, I took a picture outside and a ‘Grey Alien’ is in it clear as possible. I know two things, one, this is not ‘Human’ and two, it is either an Alien or a Demon. Going on two years with this Being now, I am finding it harder to believe it is from our believed spiritual world. I find weird things, these leaf-like-shaped things, with light brown hair on them. This whole entire thing has made me question what happened to Emily Rose – if it was even demonic possession or maybe another kind. Stuff I cant explain, only a few friends have actually “experienced” anything, but it “shows off” in front of me constantly. I don’t get texts/calls and I don’t receive certain calls/texts.. especially from certain people. If I read about possession, the Voice almost seems to copy what I read to “prove” it’s a Demon. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    • Julie says:

      Don’t let it affect you Cassie. Never let something have power over your mind. You have the power.

      I’m not saying I know everything, because I really don’t. But I feel I need to say something regarding this, so here goes.
      You hear the voice in your head? no worries, let it speak. Speak with it even and make the questions you want answers to. Release yourself from fear and things will clear up.

      Please forget the possession stuff, it’s not helping you. In Rose’s case I believe that If you treat a mentally ill person as if they have something strange, they’ll probably just follow along. That case has all the likes of mental retardation, plus her family were strict catholics, probably planting all those ideas in her mind because they had no other answers to her condition. Also, if you listen to the tapes, the priest’s questioning was way too suggestive and the poor girl just followed along in her own madness. Literature and even movies about this kind of stuff was already common back then. And about the fact she said some words in Latin, know that Latin was given in all European schools back then.

      It could be extraterrestrials too, sure. But why would they keep contacting you (for years) and have nothing important to say? Do you think an intelligent species is moving huge distances through space just to worry your mind? And if it’s really them, you’re probably not getting their message right, maybe you’re interpreting their message the way you’ve been seeing your world these last years.

      Sure It could also be your mind playing tricks on you, it could be a lot of things. But remember you’re the boss of your own mind so try to understand it and move on.

  32. chris says:

    I have a question,and hopefully someone can answer this. I live alone,and last night I went to bed,and this morning when i awoke I found a fork and spoon sitting on my night stand. Each night I go to bed I take my cigarettes,something to drink,and the TV remote. The small fork was sitting perfectly on top of the large spoon? I never touched it. It is still there as far as i know. Just want to figure out what this means,and why did this happen? Nothing strange has ever happened in the 5+ years I’ve lived here,but this is making me wonder. Thanks for any input on this matter.

  33. Irish says:

    I searched the Internet for similar cases of disappearing object phenomenon since I was so disturbed by my missing shoe. I could not understand how it happened or how it was lost. I got in the car’s back seat after hubby and I bought his new pair of shoes in a mall. The kids are seated at the back so I sat there also with my grandfather on the passenger seat beside my husband. When we arrived home, I couldn’t alight the car because my other shoe was missing! We searched the car upside down but the shoe is no where to be found. Of course the pair was with me when I boarded the car but when we arrived home, I only had one shoe. We didn’t have any stop over so I couldn’t understand where I missed it. My mind is trying to rationalize things by telling me that I must have dropped it before boarding the car. But i will notice it if that’s the case! Yes, I removed by shoes after getting in since it’s a long drive. But i can’t accept the theory that i dropped it just before I closed the door since I will know it. I will close the door first before removing my shoes. This bothers me a lot since its my favorite pair of shoes. Hence, i am searching for similar incidents to help me understand.

  34. Paris says:

    About 7 yrs ago I worked for a cell phone company as an in store rep. We were closing down for the weekend and upon leaving I realized I had not returned loaned money to a coworker prior to leaving for the weekend and we were closed the following day. I called my coworker and met up with her to give her the money. I left and sent her a couple text messages in my car. I pulled up to the grocery store and couldn’t find my phone. I tore my car apart looking for it because I had just been using it in my car and hadn’t gone anywhere outside of my vehicle. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I thought my phone was gone for good and figured on Monday when I get to work I would just cancel the line and get a new phone. Once Monday came around I arrived to work at the same time as my coworkers and we all entered in together at the same time. When I got to my register i saw my cellphone, sitting right on my keyboard. I checked to see if my phone was on, had battery life etc and to my amazement still had about the same battery life as when I lost it. I checked my messages/ calls and had not received/ sent out anything since I had lost my phone. we checked the security cameras and no one had entered the building since we left that Saturday night. No explanation to this day and I still keep the phone in a box in my closet. It found its way back to me for a reason I guess and I’m sure it had an interesting journey wherever it went.

    • Paris says:

      I also had another incident in my car with an eyelash curler. Only used it in my car. Always kept in same spot. Couldn’t find it for 2 weeks and then one day it’s in the spot I always leave it in. Somebody is F’kn with me.

  35. santosh says:

    my wife’s jwellery is disappearing in very mysterious way..its 5 times in a year..we are very disturbed..plz help us

    • sonia says:

      before two weeks i put comment here. after that incident the next day evening i approached a technician to open my locked car. evening he arrived home. he found the key in the keyhole in car, just as nothing happened. but i could not start car. the battery life was finished.i felt crazy. at least four times i came out and checked in car through the window and tried open the car when i could not find the key on table the last day.i was sure that i put key in my pocket to take things out from car,then i came back and locked car and then kept it on the table, from there only it went missing. how it reached in the keyhole.and i became normal again after my car started running. but yesterday i lost my room key in same mysterious condition. i really feel bore to explain my friends the series of missing keys. i locked room and put key near driving seat safely to go shop. within ten minutes i come back. the key was not there to open door. when i go somewhere near normally i don’t put room key in bag but in the car near my seat, no chance of slipping down. nobody believe but i take extra care of keeping keys. a couple of keys are safe with me for many years. but these keys i keep in my bag only. i understand one thing that don’t keep things in open place, even if nobody can take it or no chance of slipping, or no other things there to disturb it.

  36. Sandy says:

    I’m so glad I found this website as I thought I was losing my mind. The other day I was riding in the back seat of my friend’s car as three of us were going out to dinner. I felt the need to put hand lotion on so I took off my two rings and put them down on my sweater which was on the seat next to me. When I went to put the rings back on, one of them disappeared, never to be found. We tore the car apart. When I got out of the car, I carefully checked to see if it was on my clothes and had dropped to the ground when I got out, but nothing. We all looked many times, but to no avail. I am so upset as it was a $600+ diamond ring! I have had these experiences before with unimportant things, but most of the time they reappear. I did not have an emotional attachment to it. In fact, there was much guilt associated to it. My sweet husband of 45 years died a year ago, a week before I was to retire. During the past year I also lost three lifelong close friends. I am making a lot less money being on my pension and Social Security, so money is tight, but that didn’t stop me from buying that ring just one week ago. My wedding ring doesn’t quite fit anymore as I have gained weight, and I didn’t want to have it resized as I am working on losing that weight, so I bought the ring to wear as I will always be “married” to my soulmate!

  37. sonia says:

    i lost my both car keys in seven days. car is outside my house. I’m sure something unseen is behind this disappearance.my bed room, just near the parking, one small kitchen and bath room, no more place to hide the key. evenings i keep key on the table. before one week when i was to go office i found no key on table.after i used the second key. i started keeping it inside shelf. yesterday i took out the things from car and locked. i did the mistake by not keeping in the shelf. i put on the table and went inside kitchen.while arranging things i noticed something i forgot to take from car. i came to take the key from table, it was not there.within one minute i lost the key. i failed to keep inside shelf for the first time after losing the first key. something unseen was waiting for mind’s just deviation.

    • TjDetroit says:

      I have 2 vehicles a van and a jeep yesterday I walked to my van with the keys to the van in my hand I pushed the door unlock button and removed a work uniform and folder from the van. I turned around took 3 steps to my jeep open the jeeps door. While placing the folder in the jeep I herd the van doors lock. I turned around thinking that’s odd I didn’t press the lock. Upon inspection the van keys were completely out of my hands and nowhere to be found. They completely disappeared form my hands and 3 days later still no sign of the keys

  38. Tina says:

    Well mine is a simple one and for the life of me I can not find my car/house keys anywhere. (I live with my husband and son and they certainly were also trying to locate my keys too). I came home from shopping and was helping my son get the shopping items out of the trunk of my car. I remember I put my keys on a ladder in the garage along with my cell phone and then took some items out of the trunk of my car, picked up my keys and cell phone and then I proceeded to go into the kitchen and I would have laid my keys down on the kitchen table or kitchen island as I normally do. Well I have searched everywhere for them. In the trunk of my car, cabinets, refrigerator, all over the kitchen, floors, under couches, in the couches, desks everywhere and I can not find them at all. This is extremely strange. My husband thoroughly went through the trash can twice too to check if my keys were in there. Nothing there either. I went upstairs also and looked. This is baffling to me because I normally would only keep the keys in the kitchen and lay them down. I have never put them in drawers either. I checked my jewelry boxes, tables in other rooms, ect. I have no idea what happened. Nobody else comes into my house and my son has his own car and is trust worthy as my husband is. My husband is anxious for me to find my keys too. A few months ago I lost my expensive cell phone. I just thought I must have drove off with my cell phone on my car because I could not find it for the life of me anywhere inside or outside of my house and the last time I had it also was at the house just like my keys. Amazing. Any explanations would be helpful. This is confusing to say the very least. Thanks for any helpful suggestions. I do not have ghost hauntings because I am close to God and always pray for angels to come and God to protect me. I don’t get this at all. Thanks for any explanations.

  39. jas says:

    So this weird thing happened to me when I was a kid but it’s just a vague memory at this point. I was, I dunno, maybe 5 or 6? and I was sitting on the floor in my room playing with my toys when one of them, which I’m pretty sure I was holding in my hand not a couple of minutes ago, vanished completely. Now this happened to me a lot as a kid, I would lose something in my room and search for it endlessly getting more and more frustrated almost to the point of tears until I begged for it back from some invisible force (I believed in angels and fairies at that age so I would often ask them, I also went to a Christian school so I would ask God too) and without fail the object would be found at another point on my floor not 2 seconds later. This all usually happened in the space of around 5-10 minutes and my room was pretty small so not many places for them to go. Sure it could be argued that I absentmindedly kicked them across the floor when I got up for something or changed sitting positions or whatever, but I honestly can’t explain away this specific time. Now I can’t remember exactly what the object was but I remember it being hard and plastic, like a toy car or something. I noticed it was gone despite me having it a few seconds ago so it was the usual routine: look around the floor, under furniture etc before getting frustrated and asking out loud ‘can I please have it back?!’ and I swear to god, this thing dropped in front of my face and landed at my feet. It must have materialized directly above me or something because there’s no way it fell from a shelf, it came straight from mid air and in front of my eyes. I wasn’t freaked out or anything, I was surprised but I just thanked whatever I thought was behind it and carried on with my business. That was the only weird thing that happened in that house so it’s not like it was haunted or anything, just a weird occurrence.

    14 years later I had mostly forgotten the incident until I was hanging with my friend an she was telling me about this weird house she was staying in at university and how she and her roommates believed it to be haunted. She told me stories about objects being knocked off shelves on request and a loud crash in the kitchen while they were having a ouija board session in another room (moral of the story don’t mess around with f*cking ouija boards whatever you believe), standard haunted house stories really, pretty creepy stuff. She then told a story of how she lost a pair of tweezers in her room one night, and the sequence of events were exactly the same: she was sure she’d had them/saw them a minute ago, she searched the room top to bottom and found nothing and became more and more exasperated and asked out loud, ‘where the f*ck are they’ (or something along those lines), and they literally dropped right in front of her eyes and landed at her feet, she then freaked out and ran into her roommate’s room.

    Weird thing is, I’ve read that these “DOP”s (disappearing object phenomenons) can be a precursor to significant events happening in your life that the spirits are trying to warn/tell you about somehow, and this happened to my friend the same year she was physically assaulted in a particularly traumatic way and also both her sister and her two cats died, all events happening within a few months of each other. Can’t remember anything significant happening after my experience as a kid, but it could have been something significant to a six-year-old that I’ve simply forgotten. Though I’m partial to the theory that’s related to alt/parallel universes and someone’s messing around with timelines, but maybe I just play too much Life is Strange.

    Then again, it could all just be bullsh*t and coincidences.

    • John says:

      I thought I was going crazy… I experienced something yesterday I received my son social security card. I left the open envelope with the social security card on the sofa to fix something to in the kitchen.. When I came back the social security card disappeared inside the envelope I searched everywhere places I knew it couldn’t have… 15 min later I went to the kitchen and made a peanut butter sandwich I turn my back to wash the knife and realized that the top of the peanut butter was gone. I know I’m not crazy and min later I found the top somewhere wrapped up in a plastic bag like someone was hiding it from me. Remind you it was no one in the kitchen just myself. What happened to me made me realize all of my valuables things I lost that I can’t find anywhere like its in a another world. I don’t know what to call what’s going on.. Dop don’t know what the true meaning behind it maybe I’m in a parallel universe or what I don’t know

  40. annie says:

    A week last Wednesday evening I was finishing off some craft items to sell on a market stall. I placed them on a cloth on the dining table to see how they looked. There were about 15 of them – 2 inches wide and 5 inches high. When I came down in the morning they had gone, but the cloth was still there. No sign of a break-in, and no one else had been here. It’s causing me some distress. I’ve looked everywhere in case I was sleepwalking (never been known to sleepwalk before), and can’t find them. I kind of accept that there are more things in heaven and earth than we understand, but having this is making me uncomfortable. It isn’t possible to talk about it to many people. I keep obsessing about it.

    • annie says:

      I’ll post an update if the things turn up. I have to keep rational: which is that I must have moved them in my sleep.

      • annie says:

        The surrounding events should be noted. Someone I know had just taken their own life. My relationship with this person ended on a sour note, which I admit could have been my fault. I’m sorry about it. So the non-rational side is saying it’s something to do with this.

        • annie says:

          I just found 2 worse-for-wear woolly toys under the sink. They were stuffed with chickpeas. I presume it was squirrels.

  41. Gemma says:

    What about re appearing objects? That’s what I’m trying to find out about. In September of 2014 my nana passed away at the age of 95 and I was given her antique gold omega watch that she wore everyday since I’ve know her. I kept it in my house and wore it around the house from time to time. In January 2015 my house was broken into and along with other jewelry the watch was missing. I was devastated and felt so guilty and mad because my granddad asked me to keep it safe. We did a massive clean up after the break in a re organized everything. Now we have a baby on the way and have further sorted and cleaned up the house. Today when I woke up July 24 2015, I sat up out of bed and looked down on the floor and my nanas watch was just sitting there. I am still in disbelief. My bedroom has been gutted since the break in and put back together again. Months ago. How can it turn up out of nowhere like that??

  42. Gemma says:

    What about re appearing objects? That’s what I am trying to find out about. My nana passed away in September 2014 at the age of 95 and I was given her antique gold omega watch. In January 2015 my house was broken into and the watch disappeared. For sure

  43. Marsha Cleveland says:

    I landed here tonight researching the DOP and it’s boggling to see this happening to so many. We moved at the end of 2014 to an old property site. My daughter and I went to check it out and she had her camera with her. When we got into the vehicle to leave she couldn’t find the camera. We got out searched the property area we walked. Went to her home and searched to see if she somehow left it there. Looked under the car seats, back, front, everywhere. We then go back to the property site. We get out and look again in the yard. We gave up and got back into the car and low and behold the camera was in the floor in plain view.
    After settling into the new home on the same property, April 2015, we had company over. I wanted to take a picture of everyone and my camera had been on the computer desk in the left corner in plain view. I had emptied the memory chip prior to placing it there. When I went to get the camera it was gone. We all looked throughout the home and didn’t find it. Then a feeling or thought came over me to pick up some bills I had in front of the computer monitor. I couldn’t imagine why since the camera was on the left of the desk. The bills in front of keyboard and monitor. So I sit down at the computer and lift up the bills. I say out loud, “Ok, I’m looking at my bills now what?” Then it was like my eyes were automatically directed at the left of the desk. There was the camera sitting exactly where it originally had been placed. My daughter and I were both baffled by this experience. Hers prior to mine on the same property.

    Many other things happened too. I was writing in a journal and I use pencil and eraser. I had one of those kind that fit on the pencil end. It disappears. Again, left side of desk but by keyboard. I search on floor, under desk, on desk, under everything. Gone! Then I had another in the desk drawer. I get it out and place it in the same spot. Then I say in about 20 minutes or less, my eye looks at some papers in the top left spot where the camera disappeared. There is my eraser on the tip of a paper pointing up at me. Weird! Due to the fact I lifted up those same papers and looked under and flipped them no way this could have happened. The eraser didn’t just stick there! The weird part was it was balanced on the end and would have fallen off under normal circumstances. But it was firmly sitting there.

  44. Lorinda says:

    I had never experienced any suspicious DOPs until about a month ago when silverware (forks only) and plates started slowly disappearing, seemingly one by one, over the course of several days. The strange nature of this occurrence has caused me to yearn for some sort of logical explanation. Next it was cords and chargers mysteriously vanishing, and now it is my hemp jewelry that I make. Nothing of any real value, just random objects… just gone. I’ve ruled out every possible rational explanation. I whimsically joke with my mom and say it is rascally gnomes and faery folk just having a laugh. However, I would love to understand what is truly happening. It’s not scary, just annoyingly odd. Of all the possible theories I’ve ran across, the ones of a metaphysical nature resonates the most… Possible merging of realities? Is someone messing with the timelines? (as with the Bearinstein/Bearinstain Bear phenomenon) Spirit Guides getting our attention? (as with the recurring sighting of repeating numbers)… whatever the case, I don’t feel malevolence.

  45. Carlos says:

    I used my wallet while shopping and dinning last Saturday. Came home that evening and don’t remember exactly where I placed my wallet, but I believe that, as usual, I would have placed it either on the dinning table or the kitchen counter – live in a open concept townhouse, not many surfaces, no clutter. Did not leave the house for the rest of the Saturday. Did not use the wallet the whole day Sunday – stayed home, had 2 friends over, along with my partner. Monday morning I walked to work as usual; noticed didn’t have the wallet when trying to complete a online money transfer at work. No issues, did the transfer from my iPhone which has my bank card already saved. Got home late and tired Monday night and forgot to look for my wallet. Tuesday at work, I realized I needed the wallet as I had a haircut appointment that evening after work. Embarrassed, I borrowed cash from a colleague. When I got home, shared the story with my partner, and we both started searching for the wallet. It was bothering me as we live in a clutter free, relatively minimalist, open concept modern townhome. Went though the clothes I wore on the weekend, bathroom, laundry, and all drawers possible. We searched the recycle, the garbage, and the whole kitchen. I was really upset, thinking I could have lost it on my way home from dinner on Saturday. I texted my 2 friends, and one of them said he remembers seeing my wallet on the dinning table on Sunday when he picked up his own wallet and keys from the same very table before he headed out. I didn’t necessarily believe him, as he has been at my place many times before, and could have seen it from other occasions. I went to bed late last night, looking up online how to replace my health card, my drivers license, credit cards, etc. This morning I woke up extra early, and from bed did more research from my iphone about government offices near me and emailed my boss asking for a day off to deal with all the replacement of lost IDs. Finally got up to start my day, which involves walking my dog. Went down the stairs which ends right at my dinning room. To my total astonishment there it was: the wallet and all its contents on the kitchen table. My first though was my partner found it just before bed, or in the middle of the night (?) and placed it there? Impossible as he went to bed about 1 hour before me, and unlikely as he is a heavy sleeper. I was really relieved and somewhat angry he had found my wallet – although unlikely – and I proceed to walk the dog. When I got back he was up and in the kitchen, and I asked him if he had found the wallet and placed it there. He thought I had found in the extra hour I was up the night before. We were both extremely confused and baffled. There is nobody else living with us, and we have been together for 13 years, so no reason not to believe him. I immediately googled it, and found this blog. Made me feel better. I am still searching for an explanation, as I find it impossible we both did not see a wallet sitting on the most obvious location possible. We are both rational people, a physician and a lawyer, and the supernatural is not in the forefront of our lives.

  46. Ayla says:

    so, i think i may also be a victim of this phenomenon. i am absentminded and i do tend to displace things, once i was holding onto a bag of granola for my cereal and i opened the dishwasher to grab a clean bowl. when i went to put my granola in the bowl the granola was gone. after searching everywhere i opened the dishwasher again and the granola was sitting there where i had left it when getting the bowl. very mundane. just absentmindedness. however, about a month ago i lost my one pair of black formal slacks. i needed them for an event and i couldn’t find them, i asked mom if she had seen them and checked everywhere. im in the process of cleaning out old and not needed clothes and i checked every stack. they were just gone. however, two days ago something more alarming happened. i guess first i should say, I’m in the middle of this big project where im trying to get rid of a bunch of my stuff and ive been contemplating what is really needed and what is not. i have a lot of physical belongings and i think it would be liberating to just have less stuff because most of it is unnecessary anyways. i also meditate and have slight psychic abilities (such as knowing what someone will say right before they say it almost as if i put the thought in their head or somehow picked up on their thought). so im in my room and i have 12 dollars in my pocket and i go over to put these 12 dollars with the rest of the cash i have saved up, which is like birthday and Christmas money from past years that i haven’t put in a bank account because I’m a teenager who cant drive to a bank for that sort of thing yet, but when i go to put it there i realize that a lot of it is gone. I’m a little cluttered so i did have random bills laying about with my orphaned socks and hair stuff, but i generally keep the big bills in a binder clip or in a little blue bag in my drawer. the blue bag and the big bills are all gone. nothing larger than a 20. (and i just got a 50 not that long go for my birthday). i have searched everywhere and asked mom, looked in every corner under every piece of furniture. every unlikely box and in all my drawers everywhere. I’ve looked for it in all my bags and all my stacks of clothes. nothing, not even the blue bag. the weird thing is if someone stole it they probably would’ve also taken my gift cards and the 20s but those are still around. this is not something i ever really touch or move, i never take them out of my room or anything. however during my search, i did find those black slacks i mentioned earlier, so thats strange because I’ve been looking for those forever. i cant help but think that the reason why $200+ randomly went missing has something to do with my contemplation about the value of physical objects and how little there actually is. I’m still not sure that this is paranormal, but i do hope those bills show up. i was hoping to buy myself a new mandolin. even if they don’t show up, i wont be that upset. life will go on. i think this might just be some happening in the spiritual world that my subconscious interacts with, but you know. just another DOP story i suppose.

  47. Emma says:

    It is such a relief to read this article and its comments! I have always thought I misplaces things more than others. I suppose it was noticeable to my friends as well, but in then past 6 months things have been different. Items that I have in my lap in the passenger seat of my car will go missing. I will search everywhere just to have it show up later. I saw my work shirt earlier today and reminded myself to do laundry when iI got home. i searched all over my efficiency 605 sq. ft. apartment and nothing. My boyfriend also searched, and then WATCHED me search and nothing. Things are happening more often and I was starting to question my sanity!

  48. Desmond says:

    I have experienced this DOP and its almost happening on a regular basis now. On my home work desk i keep a small popcorn container with all my pens & pencils. I never take it from it normal place.. One evening i went to my desk to find it was gone? Where’s my penpencil container gone to? I looked around the room & there was no sign of it? I scoured around but it was gone… No one else would come into my workroom.. Something made me leave the room to try a search around the rest of my house but no luck…. When i went back to my workroom there was the popcorn container back in it usual place with everything intact? It scared the hell outta me! Hairbrush, combs, and nail scissors have all gone missing & mysteriously return? The most recent was a small contained that i keep memory cards in.. When it went missing i took a photo of the place where it was but i got such an urge to use the bathroom -that when i got back the container was back on my table.. Im now keeping my small video camera to hand to try and find out what is happening but lately the item(s) disappears so quickly & reappears the same that im being caught off guard. My dad died 11yrs ago. A few months after a few strange thing happened in my house… but then nothing for a few years — until last year (2014) when the Popcorn container went missing -this was the start of it…


  49. Kenton Ridenour says:

    I thought I had misplaced my sunglasses the other day. Looked in all the obvious places, retraced my steps, looked on my garage work bench 3 or 4 times. Actually stood there and stared at it. The bench is not cluttered, not there. I was getting in my Van today glanced over the bench and there they were dead center of the work bench! I was so shocked, because I am 100% sure they were not there , when i looked at least 3-4 times before. I live alone and no one else has been in my garage.

  50. sheila says:

    I am upset because something like this happened to me while I was at work. I clean offices for a living and have a set routine. I started on one side and continued to the other picking up the trash. when I got the last of the trash, I decided to take my i phone 6 from my pocket to look at the time. it was 8:15pm. I returned it to the pocket and opened the door to cross the threshold to the freight area to dump the trash. something told me to look in my pocket. it was almost mocking. I checked and the phone was simply gone. I had not gone back on either side of my floor. I did not need to return for anything. my work was done. I was just timing myself so that I can.sit down for a bit. I checked loading dock for trash bags, called my phone from others and retraced my steps and nothing. it was just gone. security guards think I forgot or misplaced it or blanked out. I would accept all those theories had I gone back to where I started working but the phone remained in my pocket while I worked until 8:15pm. I was told Mayne it slipped in.the trash can when intent down to pick up the cans. if it never happened before why would it happen now. I did not go back where I started nor drop it or black out since I am too young to suffer from Alzheimer’s and do not suffer from seizures or have brain tumors to cause any mental maladies. I also am not one to suffer from delusions or schizophrenia so I am at a lost….by the way this was on Friday…the phone reappeared in someone’s office right next to his computer key board…an office I checked thoroughly three times in which I know I only entered to pick up trash only and never returned once I was done and never took my phone out in there either. I can’t speak of this to anyone with out looking as if I’m insane. my water drinking reminder app alerted the guy the phone was there in which he gave to security to give back to me.

  51. Sara says:

    My friends and I have been experiencing this all week!!!! My purse has gone missing from my lap with all of my spiritual energies in it :( my soul mates precious gem and crystal collection disappeared as well as a liquor bottle we had purchased that day too! Sadly the only thing that has returned is our bottle??? Same goes for smaller things like my friends lucky coin, or my amethyst. Missing while we need it and returned to our pockets out of no where?!?!? Are we all three insane together or something? I feel as though when the four of us are together our energies and vibes cause us to flash in and out of another dimension or something. Upon the return of our bottle my friends older brother had pulled into the driveway, bringing us back to our own plane again. Thoughts anyone????

  52. B.M says:

    It’s a relief to know I’m not alone on this, I’ve been experiencing this on a daily basis, for the past years, I’ve actually tried talking out loud asking for the items to be returned, after a few days go by I’ll find my things in plain sight view.

  53. R says:

    This happened last weekend. I was in a store and took out some money. It was about $5, but in another currency. I took it out because I didn’t want to open my wallet and risk loosing the money. So, I put this money in my pocket. After a few minutes, I was going to pay for some items with this money. Reached into my left pocket(the one that I put it in) and felt around but noticed that I couldn’t feel any money. I pulled everything out of my pocket(keys, transportation card, change, etc) and took it all out. Everything was there except for the paper money that I had. I thought, “ah…must have lost it.” I searched this pocket at least 5-6 times..going through it and looking at the other stuff to make sure it had not gotten stuck inside. Nothing. I then turned the pocket inside out. Nothing. Completely empty. I was a bit annoyed by the whole thing and remember telling my girlfriend, “well..guess somebody will find some $5 today and it will be their lucky day!” We walked home, went into the apartment. I wasn’t even thinking at the time, just reached into my pocket and, despite there being all the other things in my pocket, I pulled out the $5!!! I mean, it also just seemed to appear in my hand..I can’t really explain it. It was like it just was in my hand without any effort at all. Almost like it just appeared there out of thin air! The thing is that I didn’t even remember sticking my hand into my pocket. It just seemed to “be” there. I remember just being freaked out at first. Total surprise.

    I just have a hard time understanding what happened. I checked the pocket 5-6 times, took everything else out of it..checked all of that. I turned the pocket inside out. There was no small inner pocket where it could have hidden. I just don’t know. Very strange event.

  54. DK says:

    Ok.. so I obviously found this blog because I jumped on the internet to see if people have had things disappear on them. I’ve lost my keys or a book or a CD through my life, never thought much.

    I live alone, so I can’t blame roommates or kids or animals. I have a red vacuum cleaner, I’ve had it for 4-5 years. I vacuum maybe once a month and today I wanted to vacuum. Normally I have it in my living room in the corner, if it’s not there, I’ve moved it to the second bedroom. So I went to the bedroom… not there.

    It’s your standard vacuum, awkward to carry, so even if it was a joke by a friend, I would have seen them carry it out. So I sent a text to any of my friends that have been to my place in the last month or so (last time I vacuumed). I got the jokes but then after they knew I was serious, none of them had taken it.

    I’ve heard of mentally blocking things out of your vision or temp. blindness. I’ve done it in the past, where I moved something and just couldn’t see it at first. I went through my entire place… I mean… it’s a vacuum cleaner, not many hiding places! I checked closets and my garage. Not there.

    Losing rings, keys, small objects I get but… a red vacuum cleaner? If someone got into my place, I have laptops, HD tv, all kinds of stuff worth stealing… it wasn’t a robber.

    I have a headache thinking about what happened to it, I tore up my place looking for it. I’m having my friends come over to look tomorrow, so if I have “selective” viewing, they won’t and will see it if it’s still here. I know it’s not here….

    • DK says:

      Also to add… I do not have an emotional attachment to this vacuum cleaner, as missing rings or photos would have such attachments. So weird!

      • DK says:

        My friends searched my entire place. They are as lost as I am… it’s not in my house anymore.

        • Cindy says:

          Never have I experienced something disappearing until today – this is why I landed on this site, looking for answers. I lost something big and relatively unimportant like your red vacuum cleaner. I was preparing to make a big autumn flower arrangement starting with 3 big artificial branches with leaves & berries – I had the 3 branches in my hand – I put them in the vase, then I took them out thinking of doing something different. I laid the branches on the counter. When I looked again there were only 2 branches. I have tore my house apart looking for the missing branch – even looking in odd places like the fridge, stove, closets, under beds, trash can, cabinets…I felt like I was losing my mind! The branch is simply gone.

  55. Ronda says:

    We placed a basket of laundry in our dining room that my teenage daughter
    folded that Sunday evening, next morning blue laundry just vanished from
    the basket. Blue pants, one blue sock, blue underwear four pairs all disappeared.
    We are somewhat perplexed as no one was in our house or touched the laundry after it was folded. We searched the house and the clothes are gone-very scary!
    We have lived here for three decades and have never had an experience like this.
    I have to admit I am afraid and pray nothing else happens. It defies logic entirely.

  56. samuel putian says:

    Last week, I wake up and noticed that 3 white poker chips were missing in my poker set. Now, I can faintly remember (80% sure) that I took 3 white poker chips and give it to my 1 year old to play with. I asked everyone if they found 3 chips and nobody have seen it. After some effort of searching furiously I gave up, so I thought, it must have been misplaced in a corner. Two days after, I saw the 3 white poker chips in my poker case. So I asked, who found it and where did they found it. And nobody knew, nobody claim of finding it. I have no idea who found it and put it there. I write this experience here so that it will be known and recorded.

  57. Angela says:

    I have more examples than time to write. A few important things. When I got married my husband and I experienced something disappear before our eyes. We compared stories and discovered we both experienced things all our lives. Most remarkable it’s not just disappearing things pictures have been hung or rehung. If I call back the object (often jewelry ) but keys and clothing too it will most likely return. Largest thing $1500 traveler checks returned six weeks later. Once when just telling someone about these things their keys disappeared and they had to get locksmith as they were from another state. Months later the keys returned in the state they lived. There’s a mind connection as well as something else. My husband is on his. 4th wedding ring. It disappears off his hand

  58. Bianca Mihut says:

    I cannot find my mug anywhere; no one but my husband was in our house and he also looked for it like crazy. First he said I am tired but then…,he got crazy not find it….and really started to ask ….really????

  59. Bianca Mihut says:

    Not yet finished story:
    Yesterday January 24th 2015 I washed my FAVOURITE coffee mug that I have and use for 3 years. (Ottawa, Canada)
    Back in Romania , my mom complained about feeling sick…liver something….since Friday.
    Today Sunday She was still vary bad and I have crazy asked her to go to ER.
    I called dad later to hear what is happening: SHE HAD A STROKE!!!
    now she is at hospital and ….waiting….
    A stroke since Friday…
    I believe that all people who wrote here must have something in common…I mean ….disappearing stuff with something /somebody happening in their live! Something MAJOR!
    If someone can only answer back and say…or make the connection….

  60. Robyn says:

    I was seeing a guy a few months back. We had a lot of chemistry, everything seemed amazing, yet my intuition just led me to believe that something was off. He gave me various gifts. Once I fully began to realise that there did seem something deeply wrong with this individual I stopped looking at the gifts he’d given me for a period of a few weeks.
    After the emotional attachment to this person had gone, I decided that I liked these gifts and sought them out. One was a t-shirt and one was a painting, there is another I can’t recall at the moment and one I threw in the bin.
    They are no-where to be found. They were in plain sight for a long time, but I live alone so there isn’t any explanation for this. I have searched everywhere. I wouldn’t have thrown them out as they have some value (the painting anyway) so I’m wondering if there is some emotional link to this phenomena or a warning as he turned out to be quite a bad man! Anyway, they still haven’t turned up despite several attempts to find them. Food for thought I suppose.

  61. Lloyd Kenny says:

    This has been happening in our house for several years now. there have been about a dozen instances the most recent was a couple of days ago when my electric razor wasn’t where it usually was i.e on the window ledge in the bathroom, so I went to the bedroom to see if it was on charge to no avail, popped back into the bathroom and there it was large as life on the window ledge. The first incident was stranger than that though. I was walking up stairs to the bedroom and on the way up I decided to check I had my keys as we were about to go out. The keys were on my belt were I thought they were so I was reassured. when I got to the bedroom I went to get my keys again and they were no longer on my belt. I though that’s odd they must have fallen off on the stairs or something. I later found them under a cushion in the back room downstairs. That gave me goosebumps. I have no idea what this is but sort of feel privileged to have experienced this stuff. Would love to know though. most of the items have returned either in the same place or a different place. With the exception of one item. This was a shell with the word smile written on it which was given to me at a spiritual retreat I went on last year. The shell disappeared from my bedside cabinet and has never returned. Nearly all the items have been associated with me, except for my daughters shoes when she was two.

  62. mark pullen says:

    MYSTERY OF THE VANISHING CAR KEYS I was driving my car, put in car park at block of apartments where i live, lock the car, put keys in pocket, have a bite to eat, sit and watch telly, have a beer, fall asleep, wake up, put hands in pocket to find keys maybe had grown a little pair of legs and somehow opened my door and locked it again and legged it from my apartment. I square searched the whole. flat, just searching every nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned, a thorough search of every room, no matter how likely or unlikely, even looking in the oven, on the principal that if it wasn’t somewhere logical it had to be somewhere illogical, no sign of them, looked all through other car, got AA to open car with screwdriver nowhere in car, looked all places like gravel and bushes between car and apt block entrance, asked neighbours if they ha picked up , no one had, door was locked at night, so no one could have nicked them. cops haven’t got them at lost property, but before i moved to my flat, some 18 months ago, some guy got murdered, hence place was empty. I was looking for somewhere to live in hurry so took it, could his ghost have nicked my car keys ?????? Really makes you wonder, this is just truly weird and paranormal phenomena

  63. Sharon McGregor says:

    Okay, here’s a good one! I’ve had these experiences before but none as blatant. I went to Costco and purchased king crab legs (2 of them) they were on sale and both of them weighed 1 1/2 lbs. I was going to treat myself to a fine dinner. I was going to steam them, so I laid both of them on a rack in a roaster pan with a little water on the bottom. I steamed both of them, but only took one of them out to eat, leaving the second one in the pan to keep warm. I just made some vegetables to go with them, but was full when I finished the one with the vegetables. I thought to myself that I could make crab dip, crab salad, etc. with the other crab I hadn’t eaten. Imagine my shock when I went to the roaster pan and found it empty!! The huge, cooked crab leg had disappeared!! I mean, that’s not something I was going to find that I absentmindedly put in a drawer, on my dresser, etc. It was just gone!! And my kitchen/tv area, which I never left, is not that big. Don’t know the answer to this but these experiences are weird to say the least!

    • Michele says:

      Okay! On Thanksgiving I roasted a turkey in a deep sided stainless steel roasting pan. I removed it fr9m the over to let the turkey rest and cool while I made mashed potatoes and removed the stuffing into a container.
      I took out of the refrigerator the gravy I had made a day and a half before from another turkey I had roasted(in another pan) for us to keep for ourselves. When I was ready to go and the food I mentioned was pac- ked in the car, I asked my hubby who was sick but he was going to drive me wherein this food was going and pick my up a couple of hours later. to help me by opening the lower over door so I could put this pan into it for making gravy from my drippings for our turkey the next day. so, the next day I went to removed the roasting pan and it wasn’t there and my husband was sleeping so I forgot about asking him for several hours where it was. I looked at obvious places such as our other refrigerators and could not find it.
      It was the next day when I asked him where he had moved it. He replied I haven’t touched it.
      We live on over three acres and I have walked every inch of it, I have lo0oked in our barbecue because in cold weather we may use it overnight as a barbefridge. Nowhere in my garage, my barn, anywhere inside or outside of the home is there any semblance of this really nice roasting pan.
      Except for taking me and picking me up he was here. We have our home surrounded by video and we have five dogs and we have ;and rely upon a security alarm system . I cannot think of anything else to mention.

  64. Susan Welsh says:

    I’ve had a few small things disappear over time when I’ve turned my back on them, but last night’s incident made me take to Google, and all these examples are very interesting and similar to my experience: What happened was that, as I was going to bed–not having had a drop to drink or anything of the sort–I noticed that my husband, who had just left to go on a business trip, had left behind “his” dental floss, which at the moment I actually prefer to “my” dental floss. I thought to myself, Oh, boy, I get to use the good dental floss this evening, and I took it out of the cabinet along with my toothbrush and toothpaste. This is how specific my thinking was. I then noticed that I didn’t have a towel and left the bathroom to fetch one off the pile I’d just folded. When, seconds later, I returned to the bathroom to brush my teeth, the dental floss was gone–nowhere to be found. Not in the cupboard, not in the bin, not by the laundry pile. (I can be absent-minded and thought maybe I’d unwittingly carried it with me when I left the room.) No one else was around. Since all this took place over the space of a few seconds, it really baffled and annoyed me. Could I have “dreamed” that my husband left his dental floss?? To the point of thinking I’d taken it out of the cupboard with the other things? I’d have dismissed it, no doubt, if it weren’t for the other experiences, such as a memorable one from years ago, involving a tiny plastic hairbrush that came with a My Little Pony toy of my daughter’s. I spotted it on the counter, thought to pick it up, turned my back when someone spoke to me for a few seconds, turned around again, and it was gone. Here’s the weird bit: Several years later, when we were living in another house, in another country, and my daughter had long since got rid of the My Little Pony and in fact any such babyish toys, I was taking a box of newspapers that had been in our kitchen to the tip for recycling. As I dumped the contents of the box into the bin, what should fall out of the box along with all that paper but a My Little Pony hairbrush, the same colour and everything. And, mind you, this was not a box that had traveled with us during all those years. That event bemused me more than anything, and I started to think about “wrinkles in time” and mischievous wormholes. You name it, I’ve wondered about it.

  65. Gwen Halar says:

    Was late Friday evening and went to brush my teeth and take my medication which I keep in a pill box. Couldn’t find the pill box, so I searched the drawer where it would normally be, if not sitting on the counter. I scanned the counter a few times, as I thought to myself – maybe I am just not seeing it. I even itemized the other items sitting on the counter. Checked the drawer at least three times. Checked the other drawer – thinking – maybe it went into that one by mistake. Even checked my make-up bag, again, thinking I may have misplaced it. Finally, I did one more check around to make sure I wasn’t missing it and then decided I would open up the prescription bottles that have the rest of the pills. I put them both on the counter as I had trouble opening one of them and thought I would come back to it after I turned the bed down. I walked back into the bathroom and there was the pill box, sitting on the counter, beside my prescription pills. That was sooooo weird. I was not drinking so I know I couldn’t have been mistaken. Told my husband and kids about it but until it happens to them, they can not understand it!
    November 14, 2014

  66. Ramonita says:

    I read a lot of interesting articles here. thanks

  67. JoAnn says:

    My adult son lives with me. For the last few months things have disappeared and reappeared. We have gone on archaeological expeditions and then find the object in an area already searched. Today it was bananas in a bag. We searched everywhere and minutes later they reappeared in the same place we searched. It is the same with lots of other stuff, remotes, keys, phones, and even important papers. It always shows up later in a diligently searched place..

    If I did not know better, I would think there is a mischievous entity in our house who likes to play jokes and pranks. It is driving me nuts and I don’t know what to do about it.

  68. dalriadane says:

    I just found your website and see someone else posted just today. I guess a lot of us are experiencing this phenomenon. Last week I changed shifts at work to cover for my boss taking vacation. This created a problem with getting enough sleep as I didn’t get to bed early enough to get full 8 hours of sleep. So the one day it was really catching up with me, I went to get money at the ATM and left my reading glasses behind at my desk. When I returned the glasses were gone. I searched everywhere and they are yet to show up.

    On a separate occasion I was reading a book about dogs and getting really interested in it, when I needed to go into the kitchen at my house. I had been reading the book laying in bed. Meanwhile, I carry the book with me and lay it down on the hearth where the fireplace is, thinking how much I was enjoying the book. I got sidetracked from the kitchen excursion and then a half hour or so later I went to the retrieve the book but it wasn’t there.

    I did find the book several months later under my bed in the bedroom. Weird.

  69. tomila says:

    Two my birth certificates mysteriously disappeared in different times by themselves and never appeared. One time I was doing something and used wrapping paper to wrap things. As it was late I had to go to bed planning to continue “wrapping” next morning. I remember I put wrapping paper on the small table near my bed just before going to sleep. But in the morning the surprise was waiting – there was no wrapping paper on the table. I was living alone and nobody could take it. I was devastated. I researched everywhere possible, spend 2 hours to find it knowing it was that “invisible hand” which I had already experienced in the past. I went to the shop and bought the new one. Next morning the old wrapping paper was sitting at the table. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And the last thing happened today: Yesterday prepared all the documents and cards for the government to apply for something. I always keep documents in files, all sorted out. In the morning I couldn’t believe my eyes my Medicare card was missing from the file. 100% it is not possible. Even don’t bother to look for this card now.

  70. L R says:

    I had an experience the other day. I have an unusual cat. She likes to play fetch with her toy birds. Anyway, I threw her toy bird down the hallway and as usual she chased after it. I saw and heard her toy bird hit the wall about three feet from the floor. As her birdie hit the wall, she jumped up and pounced on the wall, then she started meowing and scratching the wall. Next, she started looking around frantically toward the floor for her birdie. She has a keen eye and she never misses where her birdies land. In addition, to that, she was acting unlike herself. I walked over to the wall where I saw her toy birdie hit, and it’s not there. I looked up and down the hallway, I looked in my bedroom, under my bed, and under my dresser. I have searched the entire house, and I just can’t find it.

    The next day, my cat runs into my bedroom and starts acting weird. She’s jumping up and pawing away at nothing. It’s like she’s pawing at something that I just can’t see.

    I have never experienced anything like this before. To this day, her birdie is still missing.

    • Sue says:

      I’d like to share my experience with you.

      Two days ago I was preparing to go to work. I was holding two of my earrings in my hand and standing up. I put my left earring in. My right hand was holding my other earring. I looked at it to adjust to put it in, the earring has slipped out of my right hand but not dropped to the floor. It has simply disappeared in front of my eyes, it is as if it went through a invisible hole. I thought I imagined it and looked for it every possible place that it can fell.

      It was not a small earring I would hear the sound if it had hit the floor, I still can not believe that it has simply disappeared, , I checked everywhere around me but couldn’t find it. Today I started searching the web to see if there are similar stories and found this blog. I have never been a person who follows or believes in paranormal stories but after this incident I believe that there are things that we dont know. I will keep looking for my earring. I will post if I find it.

  71. Last Wednesday Oct. 16, 2013, playing my guitar I removed the capo that was on the neck at the third fret, and put it on the table in front of me, an hour or so later I went to put it back on and it was gone!

    It is the second time it has happened here in 27 yrs residence, on the previous occasion I was putting some shopping away in a cupboard and found a brush I had been looking for, so I put it aside for until I had finished putting the other stuff away, when I went to pick it up it had gone.

    It has not turned up in the six or seven yrs since, while other DOP stories on the i’net indicate it is not unusual for the phenomenon to strike after recovering some long hidden object!

    They say Pixies have a propensity to borrow things, maybe some Pixie dude wished to serenade his lady love and just had to have a capo, in which case he is absolutely welcome, maybe I can hope for some Pixie gift in return .. I would like my guitar playing to improve, I wonder if they can fix that up for me :)

    Others say the Pixies bestow gifts and if the recipient fails to return the favor things can go missing!

    Be that as it may, the day before the capo went west a dude came here to measure up for new window shades, he saw my guitars and told me he had seen a pile of broken guitars on the roadside, and that he had salvaged a broken Epiphone headstock with a full set of machine heads.

    As a non player he said he had no use for them, and just gave me the broken headstock before I could say no .. I thought about giving him a return gift, but did not want to precipitate an exchange on the basis of such a casual acquaintanceship!

    As well he pocketed a substantial $um of money as a deposit for the shades, so I did not want to spoil him ..

    • That is not the end of it all .. after the last round of posting, I decided to check the shopping bags one last time before they turned into garbage bags, in the off chance the capo would turn up there, and found 50$ I had withdrawn at the supermarket checkout which had gone in with the receipt :)

      Disappearing Object Phenomenon

      That which was lost has been found .. the capo turned up Thursday October 31, 2013, hanging on a lead that runs under the table to my workstation desktop, which had been installed after the initial disappearance. The guy who gave me the broken headstock came by here again and I returned his gift .. the entire disappearance and reappearance saga resonates with similar stories at the above website!

    • L R says:

      I had an experience the other day. I have an unusual cat. She likes to play fetch with her toy birds. Anyway, I threw her toy bird down the hallway and as usual she chased after it. I saw and heard her toy bird hit the wall about three feet from the floor. As her birdie hit the wall, she jumped up and pounced on the wall, then she started meowing and scratching the wall. Next, she started looking around frantically toward the floor for her birdie. She has a keen eye and she never misses where her birdies land. In addition, to that, she was acting unlike herself. I walked over to the wall where I saw her toy birdie hit, and it’s not there. I looked up and down the hallway, I looked in my bedroom, under my bed, and under my dresser. I have searched the entire house, and I just can’t find it.

      The next day, my cat runs into my bedroom and starts acting weird. She’s jumping up and pawing away at nothing. It’s like she’s pawing at something that I just can’t see.

      I have never experienced anything like this before. To this day, her birdie is still missing.

  72. lily bernard says:

    Many things have disappeared in my home. Some reappear in places I’ve looked several times. Here’s a shining example of what I mean:

    I was riding in the passenger seat of my car, and my husband was driving. I was addressing and putting stamps on two letters and we were driving to the post office to mail them out.

    I finished addressing and stamping them and left them in my lap while I spoke to my husband on the way to the post office which was another five minutes down the road.

    When we arrived, the letters had disappeared. We looked all over the car—every inch of the car because we just couldn’t believe it.

    They were gone, and since there was no longer a reason for our trip to the post office, we went home.

    We illogically checked the car again when we got home because we couldn’t believe it. You should know that at the time of their disappearance the car windows were closed.

    Because some similar incidences had occurred before but nothing as striking, I told my husband I was going to check all over the van, too. I don’t know why I decided to do this as it didn’t make any sense. However, I checked all over the van (our other car) and called my husband at work and told him I checked all over the van and found nothing.

    I went out in the van to the card store to repurchase the two cards (letters) that had gone missing. I came back and placed the bag of cards on the passenger side floor. Then I went to the grocery store to buy groceries. When I got back in the van, the two cards that had gone missing earlier had reappeared on the cup holders, sitting there in plain view. I checked the bag from the card store and the new cards were still there in the bag. Now, I had the missing cards and the new cards.

    I do meditate often and my meditations seem very real to me. They seem so real that I can cry or laugh over incidents in my meditations. I think it might be connected to the DOPs.

    However, and this is very odd, I read the woman’s comment who said that idolatry could be the reason for DOPs.

    When I used to meditate, it was strictly on the Lord Jesus Christ, but I had gotten away from that, even though I still have an active prayer life, and started to have creative meditations featuring other people and events.

    Here’s the crazy part, just today I said a prayer in church, realizing that I should be meditating with the Lord alone and this was my prayer:

    Please help me, Lord, out of my idolatry and back to loving You alone.

    I would not dismiss the woman’s comment about idolatry so quickly.

  73. Junn Dobit Paras says:

    When I was about to print some homework, I placed a lot of bondpapers in the cartridge. When I finished printing, I noticed that all the bondpapers in the cartridge are gone. I was thinking that it was just me who printed many stuff and didn’t notice that I ran out of bondpapers, but that was not the case. I conducted another trial. I placed alot of bondpapers again in the cartridge around 10-20. I just printed only one page, and after the printing was done, all the other bondpapers mysteriously disappeared. I checked both the insides of the printer and the ground, but I didn’t even find a single bondpaper.

  74. Karima Budiao says:

    A neighbor of mine encouraged me to view your site month or so ago, simply because both of us like precisely the same things and I need to tell you I’m certainly impressed.

  75. Venetta says:

    We absolutely love your blog and find nearly all of your post’s to be just what I’m looking

  76. JeSs says:

    I had a picture of a guy who i just started talking to 2 weeks ago. He gave it to me in high school it said “to my favorite girl, love “his name”. I had kept it in a scrap book since then. Now i went to look for the book and its gone… I always knew where it was.

    Why would something like this happen? Is it negative or positive?

  77. Austin Deane says:

    A while back, I was making up a recipe, and was using measuring spoons. I took one of the spoons off the ring thing, and used it for cinnamon. I then finished what I was doing, and was about to go onto the next part. And the whole ring of spoons, minus the one I just used, disappeared. I still have not found it. Just today, I was sticking a thing of babybel wax onto my car that I had completely molded together. It was kinda not sticking, and so my girlfriend decided to try and it on. After the second or third pound, it flew off in our direction, and went towards the ground. We looked everywhere for it, and it was literally no where. I even got her to take a close look under my car once I pulled out, and it just wasn’t there.

  78. Anne Eliah says:

    Hi. I need to share my story and will be grateful if someone would share their opinion with me or give me a piece of advice.
    For the last few months i have noticed money disappearing from my wallet. I started suspecting my husband as i have no other logical explanation. Noone but him and me have keys to our house and we never have guests come in as we are still in the process of renovating the place. A few days ago a paper bill of 500din /about 5euro/ went missing from my wallet,after i was calculating the paper bills in my wallet the night before so i know for a fact it was there.Then, last night i calculated my money in a different currency as i am traveling to that country this weekend. This morning one of the bills is missing /about 50euro/ The missing money is in a currency my husband would have no interest in taking or would not be able to exchange here. Also a few days ago i noticed one of my gold watches missing, searched the whole house and never found it. I am very OCD about money, keep all my receipts, write my expenses down and count my paper bills constantly and plan what money goes for what. So what is going on? Am i paranoid, forgetful, imagining things or shall i really be suspicious of my husband … Please help!

    • Sig Ra says:

      I just had a similar experience of missing money I have a wad of cash at home and in that wad are two big bills but now I only have one.
      The only person that has been to my house since yesterday which the last time I counted my money is a good friend that I trust.
      He doesn’t seem to have taken it as I confronted him and his response seemed truthful so that money seems to have disappeared into thin air or spirits is the only conclusions I can muster albeit a silly ones.
      Also to note a robber would probably take the whole wad and not one bill also my friend is probably smart enough to take the smaller bills as he’s experienced at stealing from his youth but maybe he counted on me taking that into account, what a devious plot.
      This is probably spirits trying to instigate contempt towards my friend and I think the same could be happening to you and your husband as I doubt your husband is stealing petty cash and lying about it that just seems more silly than spirits to me.
      Hope you get to the bottom of this as I hate not knowing what happened to my things it pisses me off.

  79. Anna G. says:

    Hello. I’ve had someone happen to me just a few days ago. I’ve experienced this phenomena before with smaller things but I didn’t think too much about them since they were smaller and could have been misplaced. However, recently, the same thing happened but with something so much larger, and something that I always leave in my living room (Which I’ve cleaned out since I am moving soon)is gone. It’s a Moroccan pouf that I always have on the floor, I usually move it around the living room but never out of it. I think this is confirmation that the other smaller things did indeed, vanish. But the stranger part is nothing has reappeared. No one has visited since I’ve seen it last, and I even looked around my entire apartment JUST in case I did something crazy like, I dunno, sleepwalking. Nowhere. Gone. completely. My apt. isn’t haunted, nothing unusual has happened and I don’t feel frightened, except for this instance. What on earth should I think of that?! :roll: ❓ 😯

    • Tob Williams says:

      Even after 6 months I never got my missing object back. And no Newtonian reason can be found for its disappearing.
      The so far conclusions I can get from my case is that it was sort of a “warning” to an important “displacement” that took place a few days later.
      I find that practicing meditation clears the way for some answers to reach our conscious mind.
      Thanks and fell free to share anything you might find relevant Anna G.

  80. Lady Unicorn says:

    I have an explanation for the disappearing objects. It happened to me too. For 15 years I’ve been experiencing this phenomenon. I found out why it happens. It is state in the bible that when you put too much emphasis on idols – idolatry, they will one day all disappear. This is what it said in Isaiah 2:6-2:18 in the bible. It happens when we live in a material world. When idols become more important to us than God: Friendships, dating, relationships, music, success, cars, clothes, food and appearance – they’re not always idols. They only become idols or false gods when we place more emphasis on them than we do on our relationship with God. We can enjoy all those things without guilt as long as God remains our ultimate priority. We can tear down any idols we find by confessing our sin and changing or actions. We can make the Lord number one in our life by spending more time with him. He’ll give us the strength to overcome the temptations idolatry all around us.

    • Brother says:

      I like this answer, Lady Unicorn. I think you are correct.

    • adrian says:

      that is very interesting. this has happened twice to me, both times it was my phone charger. I looked literally everywhere in the house for them and never found them. and by reading your comment I realized how much time I spend on the phone.

  81. Larry says:

    My ghost is friendly and helpful. Last night I went out into the kitchen for a moment. I didn’t bother turning on the light. I was reaching for a loaf of bread on the counter. I tried finding it with my hand, feeling a can instead. And then the kitchen overhead fluorescent lighting came on. The switch for the lighting is in the other room—the dinette area. I said out loud, “Thank you.” Then I got my bread and left, turning out the light at the switch in the dinette of course.

    • Tob Williams says:

      You got me laughing in the “thank you” part. Try to talk to it and please report your findings.
      thanks for sharing Larry

  82. Larry says:

    Nothing happened in my life to trigger this phenomena. Since I posted the above a couple more strange things have happened. The other day the TV came on while I was on the computer. The remote was on the coffee table when this happened. I turned around, startled, and looked at the TV. Within a few seconds it turned off. Then the following happened yesterday: I walked into my bedroom. Under a table there is a stack of books. The stack was knocked over. Could my dog(s) have done it? Yes…but here’s the rest: one of books from the stack was now sitting in the middle of my bed.

    • Tob Williams says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Larry and feel free to add any information you might find relevant.
      I’m also happy to hear your comment because you made remember of something I had already forgot. Once, I felt asleep while watching television and woke up later on with it turned off. Also, I felt asleep away from the remote, lowering the chances of me waking up at some point and turning of the television off, forgetting all about it later.
      I’m sure some other people might be having similar experiences that might help us all make some sense out of this phenomena.

  83. Larry says:

    I am a 75 year old male in very good physical and mental condition. And until now I have always been a skeptic toward the paranormal. Not anymore: I have a yellow plastic Swatch watch. At bedtime I put it on my nightstand. Two weeks ago I got out of bed and reached for my watch. It wasn’t there. I spent the next 20 minutes looking for it. It was not on the carpet. It had not fallen and bounced under the bed because I looked with a flashlight. I finally gave up looking for it. It is a $75 watch, so losing it isn’t the end of the world. Well, last Friday as I got out of bed I glanced at the carpet beneath the nightstand, and right there, neatly laid out on the carpet, as pretty as you please—was my watch. So now I believe in ghosts. But that is no the end of it: A few days ago I was using a cheap plastic strainer to drain some spaghetti. I put the strainer on the sink next to the toaster. I turned away for a few moments and when I turned back the strainer was gone. It’s still gone. It’s 99-cent strainer. I think my new live-in ghost has a sense of humor. BTW I live alone with two dogs.

    • Tob Williams says:

      Thanks for your important input Larry. I have to say an alarm bell went off in my head when you mentioned your both dogs. But anyway, I’m sure you know your dogs better than anyone. Also, I believe the missing strainer might have just ruled out the dog factor too.
      Did something out of the ordinary or life changing happened to you, or someone close to you, in the days/weeks after the event?

  84. Tob Williams says:

    Hi Gordon, in my attempt to help, I can say that you should rule out some possible reasons such as somnambulism. Sleepwalkers sometimes get up and don’t remember it. One way to be sure is maybe video recording your sleep to make sure.

    The events you mention are certainly somewhat strange, and they are more than one which makes it even more significant. It’s my belief (I can be wrong) that if something is changing aspects of your reality, that might be a sign of things to come, or an attempt to make you aware of something. From my understanding, trying to find ways of communicating with what happens might help. Maybe it’s something on your mind (conscious or subconscious) or anything else, but it’s important to always remain calm and focus on the positive.

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your mind or even to your house regarding the reasons for those events. If it’s on your mind ask your subconscious to guide you through and tell your conscious mind. Possibly you’ll only listen with your thoughts so you should be aware of the thoughts that come to mind when you’re making those questions (out loud or not).
    I find that meditation might help improving one’s awareness.

    It might be a bit hard to find external help for these matters, but don’t be too afraid to, help can be helpful, just be sure the “help” isn’t influencing you in the wrong directions. First, you should try to search for the answers within yourself before any other thing.

    Regarding my experience with disappearing objects, I believe that for me it turned out to be some sort of a premonition of what happened a few days later with someone close to me. I latter came to realize that another related person also suffered from a similar disappearing object phenomena in the same day, or close to it (we’re not absolutely sure of the day).

    Did anything out of the ordinary or life changing event happened to you, or someone really close, in the days after the event?

  85. Gordon Hawthorn says:

    I need help and advice. I just noticed a few hours ago my watch glass was missing from my watch and have looked for it in vain everywhere, retracing my steps very carefully.

    Strange things have happened here recently–an optician’s prescription nowhere to be found, a torch has gone missing, a TP toothpick missing from my coffee table which turned up under a place mat several weeks later, tucked under the side of the place-mat. 2 weeks ago, I found one of my refrigerator shelves was the wrong way round. I live alone and there’s no one else here or any animal to be the cause.

    Last year a TV remote control disappeared from my coffee table, turning up next day on my terrace outside the house. I have tried the advice of speaking sternly to whoever or whatever is causing the items to disappear and certainly the remote and toothpick turned up again.

    I am getting progressively alarmed. What am I to do? Who can I speak to without getting a stupid answer?

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